Best Study Motivation Speeches Of 2021 – Motivation Compilation

why are your grades average why arethere parties in your class friends acquaintances they’re getting bettergrades than you why what are they doing that you’re notare they studying more than you are they getting more sleep than you are theyworking smarter than you are they attending class more than you stop feeling sorry for yourself you gota problem with your gradations with your studies do something about itlife goes by so speedy don’t trash these years get the most out of them no wastingtime no stall no watchin TV nopartying no Netflix the earlier you decide you’re going to give iteverything you’ve got the better being you’re gonna have healthier wealthierhappier smarter better those great a students the ones with the 4.0 GPA weall know them the ones you can walk into an quiz and then walk out still smilingyou just see the end result you just see the outcome you don’t see the hours inour sitting at home alone until late at nights with time a table lamp on youdon’t see the parties they didn’t attend or the Tv they didn’t watch or theNetflix subscription they never bought it’s behind the scenes where the grindand hustle makes situate you need consistency hard work is just not enoughyou might grind on Monday and grind on Tuesday and grind on Wednesday theThursday and Friday off then you do a little bit now on Saturday and a littlebit there on Sunday you participate someone else will be grinding from Monday rightthrough Sunday and they’re gonna catch you and they’re gonna pass you the truthis you have the ability you have the willpower you have the knowledge and thediscipline and the support to climb through the top of the class or whyaren’t you everything good and being begins with the challenge everythingworth achieving is at the end of an uphill battle it’s not gonna exactly happento you you have to make it happen so there are people in your classgetting better points than you good observe them learn from them study themthis is your time this is your moment it’s your dream no one else is gonnamake it happen only you you’re in controlsome days of course you’ll get tired you’ll get beaten down you’ll want tothrow in the towel but you don’t get this far you don’t get to where you areright now and just stop any course you to be undertaken to get where you want to be if thatplace is worthwhile it’s gonna be hard struggle stress frustration those aresigns you’re on the right path you have where you are now and whatever it is you want tobe and there’s only one street that will take you there that’s good old-fashionedhard work work hard work smart be consistent seven days a week no excusesno delay you have it within you you just have to find it and when you get to the end when youfeel like giving up and closing your notebooks and going to bed you can do one oftwo things that will determine who you’re going to be you can do a give upor be when you’ve had enough you start to take productive action and the wayyou need to go we all have a choice and that preference defines who we’re going tobe someone who addressed their whole life or we’re gonna be the supporters andpeople who set standards and become role models it’s what we do when we feel likegiving up it’s a give up or B do the damn direct what you’re doing now whenyou’re studying at university at school wherever it is this is where you’regoing to learn the skills that will dictate which road you’re gonna gowhether you’re going to be like the 99% of specific populations and tell life only passby or whether you’re going to be in that top 1% and winand that’s the distinctions between wins and losers losers do just enoughto get by whereas wins do whatever it takes toget it done if a win requires an A on his next exam he’ll do it if a winnerwants a 4.0 GPA he’ll do it if the champion wants to become somebody he’ll doit and it’s this mentality that you should be perfecting right now it’sliquid Jim Ron says the first step is to imagine what’s possible second step isto believe that what’s possible is possible for you now here’s a third stepit makes the punished pleasure to turn nothing into somethingstudy hard-handed and make it real there are occasions where you seem to be doing a lotbut things precisely don’t work out when you run into one difficulty after anotherafter another you time want to give up you feel like it’s never gonna happenand let me tell you something yeah it’s gonna be hard and so what it’s gonnatake time it’s gonna take blood sweat cries but we get one opportunity in lifeone shot at life to do whatever you want to do so now’s a chance right now inthis moment do not waste it and when you don’t even need to think about itwhen the winner’s mentality is just a way of life for you that’s whenbeautiful things start to happen clarity is dominance and the clearer you knowexactly what you crave the more likely you are to end up achieving it theeasier it is for your brain to got to get there and eyesight exactly what you wantenvision exactly how it will feel “when youre doing” lastly get there and make it socompelling that when you wake up in the morning it’s the first thing you thinkabout when you do this with your studying and you start focusing andyou’re clear on what it is you want and you know exactly how to get thereyou’re going to have incitement you’re going to have the drive and you’re goingto start achieving a lot of people don’t study they don’tachieve the points they could achieve because they think they don’t know howto do it they think they’re not capable and they’re not willing to stumble andfall again and again they’re not willing to placed themselves out there ask for helpwhen they need it because it’s just not worth it to them well you got to learnhow to make it worth it to you you got to learn to affection studying to bepassionate about it you’ve got to find it within you some method because it’s thatlove and that passion that will get you through it will drive you and continue yougoing when everyone around you is struggling most people go through lifenot wanting to deal with their failing when you flunk an exam when you get yourgrades back and you’re disappointed it’s unpleasant we’ve all been there nowremember that pain remember the hurting when all your friends achieved a bettergrade than you remember the deep disappointment you felt within youremember that feeling now here’s the important partask yourself whether you are flunked ask yourself why you’re disappointedand the person or persons around you your friends your teaches they look at you in totalamazement they anticipate how to do and you’re gonna show them that you’re atotally different creature because when it’s worth it you’ll time whatever ittakes you gotta question yourselfhow much ever you’ve been putting in because struggle is the only thing comingbetween you and your quizs and if you don’t think it’s worth putting in theeffort that means you’re okay with being average and no one should be okay withjust being average and if you’re really honest with yourself it’s you it’s notyour teachers fault or your parents fault your best friend descend you’re thereason you disappoint now if you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror andsay I’m neglecting because of me then you’re going to do something about ityou will change you will improve you will start getting better evaluates at theend of the working day if you embrace los and learn from itthat’s how winners move I remember Tom Bilu once said whateverit is that you’re going to do in your life if you have any interest in doingsomething extraordinary if you have any interest in performing better than yourclassmates if you have any interest in getting better points this is thetakeaway for you the only method you’re going to push past the mountain ofobstacles the late darknes studying until 2:00 in the morning the multipledeadlines that exactly keep coming and comingyou need to have amazing focus to know exactly what you want to haveclarity of purpose to have a crystal clear vision of exactly it is thatyou’re trying to achieve whether it’s getting that a point or 4.0 GPA orgetting into the most prestigious university in the country when you havethat and you stare at it all day and you think about it and you think exactly howyou’re gonna make it happen and it’s the first thing you think aboutin the morning when you wake up it’s only then that you have a chance becausethen my friends when that procrastination starts to slide intoyour life you will muster the force that you need to destroy that hazard ittakes such a heartfelt roughly obsessive focus to get to the topyou really got to situate everything into it while your classmates are sleepingyou’re studying while they’re eating you’re studying while they’re partyingand you’re studying it genuinely will take everything you got to climb to the topof the class but it’s achievable it’s definitely achievable and they’lllook up at you and think how did he do itmost of us aren’t overcame in one deciding battle were overcome one tinyseemingly immaterial decision at a time when we decide to procrastinateinstead of studying and it unexpectedly becomes a habit and it gradually chips awayat who we should really be that’s how we lose it’s in those little minutes thequiet moments when no one is looking when it seems like it time doesn’tmatter and so we take the easy move we don’tworry about propagandizing back each bad decision you determine every one of them bythemselves is nothing but when you take them as a holistic thing suddenly youstop coming the gradations you could achieve you stop progressing the quizs youcould overstep you considered being the person you could be ifyou are willing to muster the force the determination to see yourself through tothe end of your exams it is not going to be easy in fact it’s going to beincredibly hard it will challenge everything about who you are but if youcan do it at the end of that excursion you will be a fundamentally different personin fact that is the point of going on a wander the passage is never the pointit’s always about the ego transformation it’s about becoming thebest possible person you can be right now to you they’re just exams you haveto pass but the purpose of determining and the office ethic that you acquire and developand refine it’s these skills that you’re going to take with you and carry youthrough live that is what you’re working for the soul transformation it is withinyou now it’s up to you to find it what’s thesingle most important thing that will determine whether you get the evaluates youwant it’s hunger if you have enough hunger inside of you you’ll educate dayand night study day and night and no exam will be difficult you’ve got tokeep taking your studies to the next levelyou gotta achieve there’s another level to this thing to studying to educationto the effort you’re putting in right now there’s another level that youhaven’t fairly reached more and there will be instants when you get tired and beatdown and you’re gonna feel inhibited maybe even chilled and it’s good tofeel intimidated sometimes because when you’re feeling discouraged that’s whenyou’re being put to the test seeing how bad you really want it it’sonly going to build your person if you want to stay at home on the sofawatching Tv feeling sorry for yourself well that’s up to you but there will besomeone else out there that’s caused and motivated and we’re gonna go outthere and we’re gonna go and get onto and when you get to the end when youfeel like giving up and closing your notebooks and going to bed you can do one oftwo things that will determine who you’re going to be you can do a give upor be when you’ve had enough you start to take productive action and the wayyou need to go we all have a choice and that alternative defines who we’re going tobe someone who aggressed their entire being or we’re gonna be the champions andpeople who set standards and become role models it’s what we do when we feel likegiving up step forward do not wait go to your table and study and establish every dayevery minute every second and make it all countand become the person you want to be and you become that person through one smalldecision at a time be strong be strong be aggressiveinstead of letting their goals and your studyingslide out from beneath you it’s definitely all those bides slime use thediscipline within you to make it happen don’t be meek shut down all thosepathetic excuses and make it happen it is within you you just gotta find it sowhen your alarm clock goes off you have a decision to make and it takesdiscipline to do this to really commit to having a fertile daytime to get up andto conclude every single minute of your daylight and you’ve got to do this every day nomatter what it takes no matter what hazards get in your direction no matter whatyour friends say no matter what your classmates say you are going to do thisyou’ve got to time the act no one’s gonna come slapping on yourdoor with opportunities if you haven’t put into work in the first place and if you are interested in it that bad youbetter get used to being unpleasant what you concentrate on is what you getyou got to concentrate if you concentrate on studying you get thegrades you want if you concentrate on improving your work ethic every day anincredible employ ethic is what you’ll get if you concentrate on success success iswhat you get it’s not a difficult concept to understand if you just wanted to dosomething in your life whatever it is it’s going to take absorption don’tstop obstacles challenges distractions keepmoving forward success is right there in front of you you save studying no matterhow rough the sea you retain studying no matter how many parties are telling youyou can’t do it you maintain studying what if you can pull this offwhat if you can become the very party you dream of it starts as soon as youralarm clock goes off you have a decision to make and it takes method to dothis to really commit to having a productive epoch to get up to utter everysingle minute of your date weigh and you got to do this every single day nomatter what it makes no matter what obstacles go into your method no matter whatyour friends say no matter what your classmates say a constant fighting thatjust doesn’t stop against a weakness againstprocrastination and laziness it’s awareness-raising campaigns of hard work and dedicationit’s waking up early and going to bed late and studying every second inbetween its implementation of your dreams lies within you and you alone whetheryou surpasses your quizs or outage exams is yours you need to be persistent aboutwhat it is that you want to achieve you have got to make a declaration that thisis what you stand for you want it and you’re going to give it everythingyou’ve got to achieve it I didn’t say it was going to be easy if it was easyeverybody would be doing if you just wanted to a points and the 4.0 GPAif you really want it if you’re not just saying but deep down you feel it withinyou there’s gonna be sacrificed there’s gonna be act and you’re going to haveto shape tough decisions and you’re going to have to be patient but if you cancombine those three things that’s what attains great things happen that’s whatbuilds singular long create the highest grandest vision possible becauseyou become what you believe no matter how crazy it might seem to the otherpeople think about it carefully who do you want to be what forms you happy keeppushing because you believe in yourself and your vision it needs to be clear toyou you need to know exactly what you demand you know what it appreciations like andsmells like but you’re never going to be able to do it if you save realise thewrong decisions if you preserve procrastinating and wasting day doingthings that don’t align you with your result point you want to achieve exceptionalgrades from now on it’s on you you can make it happen you’ve got the power todo that you can change things for you it doesn’t matter what grades you got inthe past it doesn’t matter see when you be recognized and say heyit’s me I’m the one that determines the outcome I’ve got to do this I have someobstacles in front of me I know it’s not gonna be easy but eventually theseobstacles are not gonna slow me down just when you feel like you’ve done yourlast hour of studying or speak the last passage in the textbook and your brainis telling you you can’t study anymore you say yeah I’ve got to do time alittle bit more make this year the year that you is under an obligation yourself that you’regoing to make progress it just takes train and outrightdedication if you can commit to winning every single day for the entire year in365 days your life will be drastically different I don’t care who you are orwhich country you’re from or how old-fashioned “youre ever” it’s the same for everyone if you’regoing to have the exertion and the passion to drive through the day working at 100% attempt you’ve got to wake up every single day and start with that visionbecause right now while you’re quitting the next being will be studied whileyou’re quitting and giving up while you’re saying alright that’s enough it’stime to rest the next person is just getting started somebody’s gonna win you or him it’svery simple the person who winsthe person who wants it the most the majority of people tolerate theirdreams to die it’s hard living your dream it’s hard taking the pressureduring the exams it’s hard taking the heat with deadlines tower moststudents won’t do that most people don’t have that decision and starvation aboutthem that kind of courage and fearlessness about soul it’s hard yeschanging your life breaking bad practices making new practices starting all overagain that’s hard when you’re in charge of your own life and you really takecontrol and take being on “youre telling” I won’t allow this to stop me so what if it’shard it’s gonna be worth it it’s worth it to me to position international efforts for my nextexam it’s worth it to me to show my friends family schoolteachers that I canbecome something that’s when I positioned my knowledge to something I can achieve whateverI want it’s worth it to me to pay this kind of price it really doesn’t matterwhat you’re going through how you deal with it that’s all that mattersdo you think like an A student or are you falling back into that C mindset doyou believe you’re an A student I recollect Eric Thomas saying he said ifyou exclusively have 24 hours in a daylight your success depend upon how you useyour 24 hours when I was stony-broke if you looked at my planned you’d see that Iwoke up whenever I felt like waking up that’s what you’d see first nowI studied the crest millionaires in the world and I have found that they allwake up at 3:00 3:30 in the morning and how did I is my finding that out because theywere all talking about the 3 o’clock report I didn’t even know information came onthat earlier I’ll to start being honest with you and I’m thinking if they wake up at 3:003: 30 and everyone else is getting up at 8 and 8: 30 the reason why they’resuccessful is not because they’re smart-alecky it’s because they just got a five-hourjump on the world if you want to get a grades then make it happen if you wantto have it then you gotta act like you have all the energy in the world becausetoday is yours but it’s no good just thinking you’re going to make a changeit takes action everything that you ever dreamed of is nothing without actioneverywhere you look take a look around you you’re surrounded by beings thathave impressive dreams but they stay as dreams because they didn’t take action one of the most expensive things thatyou will ever experience in your lifetime is a missed opportunity this isyour time you have an opportunity right in front of you right now your family iscounting on you to do the right thing your friends are counting on you to dothe right thing your teachers your brothers your sisters are counting onyou to do the right thing to cash in on this opportunity it’s on you you’re theone that has to do this the universe will step aside for the person who knowswhere they’re going what did you do last Monday what’d you do last-place Tuesday what’dyou do last-place Wednesday you got to be honest with yourselfhow much of that time did you deplete studying and how much of that time didyou devote watching TV used to go with the friends stalling the amount oftime you put into studying everyday will determine what points you get at the endof it all and the amount of time you put into hustling will determine whetheryou’re going to be successful or not it reminded everyone the speech by Walter bondand it departed something like this sharks are hunters and piranhas theynever stop swimming in fact if a shark stops swimming it will die if a sharkgoes backwards it will die contemplate like a shark act like a shark and react like ashark and if you hang around sharks long enough it will change your mindsetand I promise you you will be like a shark and you will think like a sharkyou can’t go backwards and if you stop swimming you will die success is allaround you really given attention merely look around you there are parties in yourclass going a’s so why aren’t you you need the mindset i’m gonna sink i’mgonna execute and i’m gonna win i’m gonna think i’m gonna implement andi’m gonna triumph i’m gonna perform what i’ve been trainedto do can I ask you a question right now can I ask you a real question not yourneighbor I’m talking to you what kind of student are you right now you’re incharge of your study if you’re getting B points and you want to get an A you’rein charge in order for you to rise up you better go your recreation to the nextlevel your mindset needs to go to the next position you’re studying needs to goto the next height your discipline needs to go to the next level you need tobecome somebody different and when you get home you’re going to becomesomething different in the words of artistry Williams what does the a grade studentdo that the C grade student doesn’t do he compensates the premium a little bit morehe works hard a little more he bleeds a little bit more he studies alittle bit more he predicts a little more if you want to be on the top ofyour class you’ve got to be tough and you can’t cease if you go out there thisweek and think you’re supposed to be somebody and you’re gonna do somethingbig and you study hard-bitten and you prepare well for your exams and you yield iteverything within you you’ve got a chance it’s usually not just one hugedecision that you construct that establishes the biggest impact on your life it’s oftenall these small decisions that you constitute throughout the day the ones that areseemingly insignificant but they all add up when it’s time to go and study areyou gonna study or are you just gonna spend another ten more minutesscrolling through Instagram are you gonna go study for your exam that’scoming next week are you gonna watch one more film on Netflix it’s these littledecisions that you impel that impact your life when you shape your decision makethe right decision it’s one hoof in front of the other one little victory ata age that’s the only way we can do it that’s all it is you really begin yousolve one problem then you solve the next trouble animation gives you what you fight for lifedoesn’t give you what the hell are you miss everybody would want to pass all their exams allthe time right everybody wants to be successful the life gives you what youwork for if you want to acquire you need to show up to your classifies and demandsuccess and require happiness want and finding is everythingit isn’t Talent it isn’t brains it is in luckits want and decide you’ve got to have the will and the emptines to studyhard and be somebody this is your life this is your legacy this is who you areyou’re writing your own history right now don’t put off your studying untiltomorrow because tomorrow will become the next day and the next and then thenext get your studying done today decide to be better than “youre gonna” the previousday attain the decision to get better tiers than you got yesterday become thedecision to be a better person than you were yesterday and everything there is starts bymaking one seemingly unimportant decision at a time a lot of studentsthey they think they can’t get the same evaluates as their friends that are gettingbetter points than them they think that going an A position is just too far outof reach but there are some students that decided within themselves I’m gonnamake it some people aren’t waiting for the perfect moment some people aremoving out on their own since they are feel within themselves I got what ittakes to make it they’re not afraid about what their friends will think ofthem or what their teachers or mothers will think of them because they knowwhat they deserve they know what they can create for themselves because thesepeople have decided as they look into the future good-for-nothing can stop them if youwere write a book based on your life and give it to somebodywith that work be worth reading if not you better do something about it youhave the opportunity right now to change that we’ve all come 24 hours in a daytime allof us Bill Gates has 24 hours Barack Obama has 24 hours Elon Musk has 24 hours “youve had” 24 hours but what are you doing with your time you’ve got to behonest with yourself are you let term slip by consumed nobody’s gonna bedoing the studying for you nobody’s gonna be reading the books for you orrevising the quiz for you “youre gonna have to” do all that yourself so what are you doingwith your time are you studying 9 10 or even 11 12 hours a day because that’swhat a grade students are doing that’s the part you don’t see you only seetheir evaluates you don’t see the hours they invest grinding behind their deskI remember what laughter we’ll look once said my majesty doesn’t happen in front ofa crowd it doesn’t happen in a stadium on a stagethere’s no awards handed out it happens in the darkness of the early morning andsolitude where I is an attempt now try and I’ll try again you have to try witheverything you have to be the best you can possibly be better than what yourfriends thought you could be better than what your teachers and mothers thoughtyou could be and when you contribute an a score in your next quiz no one can takethat away from you and the next exam do the same in the next quiz the samebefore you know it you’ll be on the road to win a victory of will anddiscipline a succes achieved because you will not stop generate the highestgrandest vision possible because you become what you believeno matter how crazy it might seem to the other people who do you want to bekeep thrust originate Monsieur the year that you committo yourself that you’re going to make progress focus on what you’re going to do aboutit today focus on what you’re going to improve on today that did you failyesterday focus on who you want to become and start telling yourself whatyou want to be I am huge I am a great student I am a great son or daughterwhatever you want to be start their day off with I am because what follows her Iam is going to shape your daytime your year your life you demand those good scores youhave to work hard to get them you want that large bank account you have to workhard to get it you have to work hard to get itit’s all about situating yourself for greatness you need to believe you canachieve it and then go out and achieve it too many people out there have dreamsof being a millionaire but have a $ 100.00 head if you’re gonna dream thatyou have to have the bustle and the grind that parallels big dreams big hustlethey go together and they can’t be separate you want to be great you wantto be special you is intended to be affluent you want to be a billionaire you want to bethe best surgeon the best doctor the best lawyer whatever your best is goingto be you gotta get up and you gotta change you got to do something that younever thought that you do you got to go ahead and rewrite your own history yourmind is everything if you don’t believe you can do something then you can’twhatever your goal is you have to get there even though beings are going tosay that you can’t do it even though beings are going to throw all kinds ofobstacles your practice even though your friends are going to go out partying allnight while you stay at home and study you need to go in deep you need toimmerse yourself in school all you’re doing every single day is studying youcan be what you want to be if you work hard at it you can be where you want tobe it’s so sad to see so many young peoplegive up on the life they want to live time because they’re scared of failuremost people fear failure so much that they don’t even trytherefore they fail merely by default achieving incredible grades will neverbe easy but the only way you can guarantee to get good points is to noteven try in the first place don’t fear set yourself out therethere’s too much influence to fit in fit in with friends fit in with society tooafraid to dream about what you are capable of and then going out there andgrabbing life by the trumpets believe in yourselfif you can dream it then you can be it if you believe it then you can achieveit and it might not happen straightaway it might take you longerthan expected an F grade student doesn’t transition toan A grade student overnight but if you’re committed and maintain beliefthat in the end you will achieve the results you are chasing then there’sabsolutely nothing getting in your behavior oftentimes we make excuses as to why weare not where we want to be why we’re not what we want to be why we’re not whowe want to be and there is no excuse to not let yourgreatness shine through there is no excuse to not give your very best youhave two preferences in this world you can make excuses or you can study and guesswhat apologizes are what separates you from owning the life that you want you’ve gotto make a decision to stop manufacturing excuses and get it donethere’s nobody in this world that’s going to got to get what you require you’regoing to have to go out there and get what you want by studying hard beingtalented is not good enough you’ve got to study hard and you’ve got a work stop waiting for somebody to come inthere and form your life perfect clear their own lives huge you’ve got to do you’vegot to acquire the change in your life that you want to happen you cannot depend onanybody the only person I’m ever going to bet on in this world is myselfbecause I know that’s the one thing that I can ascertain my position and mymentality stop doing what you’re doing every single dayunless you’re dedicated to being great now get out there get outside and don’tmake change happen for you and your family right here right now todayEddie Gordon’s say you can do the easy things in man life is going to be hardI promise you but if you go out there and do those hard things I’m talkingstudying when your best friend are partying preparing for an exam one month inadvance when your best friend are leaving it to the night before if you go about itand do those hard things those things that no one wants to do then life willbe easy it’s a pick that you have to become you have to step up and move thatpath make that street that lonely dark cold artery that street that so many peopledon’t want to take that’s when you’re going to truly ascertain yourself why is itthat you don’t want to grow why is it that you exactly settle for thegrades that you’re getting why is it that you simply shy away from challengingyourself and making live on like you’ve got another hundred periods after thiswhy is it because doing well at academy at university it’s hard it’s hardgetting good scores but we are in charge of the life we live and when you’re incharge you say if it’s hard then do it hard don’t allow this to stop you thereis no easy state in this what is the easiest way to turn your scores aroundyour posture about it that you decide that you are not working at your fullpotential that you decide your gradations is not represent what you can achieveCharles Wendel said he said the longer I live the more I recognize the impactattitude has on soul posture to me is more important and knowledge it’s moreimportant than the past than education than fund than circumstances andfailures than achievers than what other people contemplate or say or do it’s moreimportant than forms giftedness or skilland we have a choice every day the position that we’re going to come atlife you cannot change what grades you got inthe past you cannot change the quizs that you disappointed you can’t even changewhat you did yesterday but you can change how you will attack tomorrow those moments that you think you don’twant to do something when you want to procrastinate when you think I’ll do ittomorrow that’s exactly when you have to go for it when things get hard don’tever ask why me burrow deep down and say try me because I’m stronger thananything you can throw at me because I’ve been down that dark footpath I’ve beenalone and I rose up above it all if you neglect it’s because you’re reaching forsomething that is worth miscarrying for if you neglect it’s not over if you neglect fallon your back and look up if you can look up you can get up and if you learn thenit’s not a failing you don’t lose if you learn seizure lifetime by the tusks and go for itstop waiting stop looking for other people’s approval take a chance take arisk there’s nothing worse than regret in thinking what could have been how baddo you want it are you talking about it or are you studying for itgreatness is no Joyride greatness is full of adversity and handicaps how baddo you want it how dedicated are you to achieving amazing points when youget up in the morning don’t look at your emails don’t look at your phone don’tthink about yesterday’s trouble and yesterday’s skirmishes centres you gottamake a decision to stop stimulating excuses and get it done there’s nobody in thisworld that’s going to get you what the hell are you demand you’re going to have to go outthere and get what you want by studying hardbeing talented was not enough

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