Bodyweight Training: The Ripped Chest & Abs Workout For Men

Hi, whats going on? Troy here with And I got an awesome bodyweight workout toget a rent chest and ripped abs. Its bodyweight. You dont need any paraphernalium. And the reason that this actually erects musclewith precisely bodyweight exercisings is were going to be working out the muscles in threedifferent ways. Were going to be doing the eccentric component, where were focusing on lengthening the muscle.Were too going to be doing some slow-motionbodyweight utilizations. Were going to be doing concentric, thatswhat you guys are probably used to, when youre actually flexing and tensing the muscle. And then were going to do isometric wherewere actually going to be like tensing and impounding our chest muscle when we are do apre-fatigue, so this is an awesome bodyweight workout. You guys can do it anywhere. Its going to get you guys ripped chestsand rent abs. So let me demonstrate how to make love. First superset is were going to go rightinto slow motion push-ups, and the slower you can go on these, the better. This is going to really emphasize the eccentricportion of the elevation. So slow, and all the way through. And the slower you can go down, the better. And Im not going to go all the way to failureon this because probably do like 45 50 of these. But make sure you guys go to a failure. Get that really deep burn in your chest. And this is so much harder than doing push-upsat regular speed.And were going to superset this. Were going to get our abdominals and ourobliques. Youre going to go ankle biters until outage. So what youre going to do, put your feeta little wider than shoulder extent apart. Going to keep your abs under friction. Reach back and forth. Thats how that appears. Next up , now were going to focus on ourupper chest. Were going to do refuse diamond push-ups. So were going to really hit this upperchest region. The slow-motion push-ups are various kinds of the middlepart of your chest, so you guys are working out with your bench-press. But now we really want to sculpted our upperchest. So Id say got something, and this is Idsay 8 to 10 inches high.The higher the inclination the more its goingto emphasize the upper dresser. Put your hands together in a diamond. And we can go regular tempo on this. And thats how that works. Now were going to transition. Were going to go push-up position. Were going to go opposite knee to oppositeelbow. Were going to emphasize our core, made ourobliques as well.So push-up position. Youre going to drive your inverse kneeto your antonym elbow. Its a great lower ab exercise as well. And thats how that gapes. Next up we are going to blast our chest. We are now going to do clapper push-ups. Focus on the concentric the explosivenessof our chest. Helps us increase our strength. Right into an isometric dresser flex. And you literally, you really want to flex yourchest. You want to hold this position for as longas you can. Its going to be a different kind of burnyou guys have ever knowledge. Breathe deep. Thats a, thats a murderer dresser exerciseguys. So those are our three super sets that youguys can do to get a rent chest and rent six-pack muscles.

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