5 Minute Cool Down Exercises After Workout | Full Body Stretch

Welcome to this 5 Minute Standing Cooldown. Find a comfy place on yourmatt, loosen and lets get started. Firstly, we lower our heart rateand prepare our figure for extend. Take a deep wheeze in while come through here And out while “re coming in”. Breath in And gradually out In, Last time out Breath in and gently move one arm overhead.Creating a penetrating stretch for the side muscles. Gradually come back up and breath out whenyou follow your leg down to the floor. Tap twice and breath in whilegently reeling yourself back up. Repeat this a few goes, followingyour own breathing rhythm. Roll yourself up and this time, contact the other arm overhead. Follow your other leg down to the floor to createa nice and easy stretch for the hamstrings. Gently roll back up, intertwine the armsand reach the elbows towards the floor. Hold on to one ankle and extend one arm up, to help both the hamstring andback muscles to open and unwind. Permutation to the other side. Come back to the middle andslowly reel yourself up.Circle the shoulders and whenyoure ready, move one arm up and reach for the elbow, tostretch the shoulder muscles. Let one appendage go and intertwinethe digits behind your back. Lean one leg forward and propagandize thebackward end towards the floor, to expand the calf muscle and open the chest. Breath in while permit goand draw the other shoulder back. Intertwine the fingers behind your backand bend forward with the other leg. Slowly move the knees together, pullyour toes up and gently reach forward Breath in while coming up, gather theother foot up and contact down again Gradually come back up and pull yourfoot towards your trendies. Move the knee back while standingupright, to create a deeper quad elongate. Gradually let go of the foot, find yourbalance and lift the other leg up. Slightly pull the knee back again Come back in the middle and takea deep gulp in while moving up And out while moving down. Breath in And out In Last time out Breath passionately in and thank yourself for takingthe time, to properly stretch and cooldown. Thank you for attaching this cooldown session.I really hope you enjoyedthe elongate and feel tightened. Have an amazing era and hopefully, Ill workout with you soon again. Bye !.

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