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Hi and welcome to”Fit mit SWR Sport”. We prevent you fit, even if you have to stay at home a lot and sit on the sofa a lot. But you are able to n’t rust, we want youto stay healthy and fit. And that’s why I have: Gaby Peter, fitness trainer forevery target group and Dr. Martin Runge, our geriatrician.We will do usages with you that you can really do at home, right now, on thesofa.Today you need a few things for this, but you areguaranteed to have them at home. Thats once: a broomstick. He doesn’t have a broom on it now. But it’ s not a problem at all if you still havea cleaning device downstairs. You are genuinely just take whatyou have at home. Just have two more water bottles ready. This is a liter. Plastic water bottles, and if you like it a littleheavier, you can also use glass water bottles. We have now make two of them, plus a jug or a glass, because we likewise pour out a little bit of water subsequentlies. So, find the things together and then we can get started.What are we going to do today, Ms.Peter? You can already introduce that.To mobilize what exactly in the body? Today we muster the shoulder muscles and try to impel the shoulder and thoracic spine most flexible. And strengthen thedeep “core muscles”, which we will train afterwards with the water bottles.And the really great thing is that everyone can join in. We are directed at every age group. Anyone who is currently sitting on the sofa at home and who wants to keep fit is withus. I think you’ve got the things now. And then we can startright away, dear spectators. We ever startwith our little fitness test to see what height you are at the moment.What we can expect of your body today. And it travels like this, Mr Runge … We get up as often as possible for 30 seconds, and the number of terms we can get upis a certain measure of our muscular performance.So: down on the sofa and then straight up again.Stopped for 30 seconds, we count, let’s go! So what exactly do I have to pay attention to, Mr. Runge? That you hold out for 30 seconds and don’t forget to count. But now you’ve confused me and I don’t know how many times I’ll make it.That doesn’t matter, Ms. Peter counts for all of us. The good report: The 30 secondsare up again. What would you say If you’ve made it to 15, what should you expect yourself to do today? Depends on senility. If you’re 70 like me, 15 is mediocre. And what did you do? I anticipate I was over 20. If you’re over 70 and you’ve made it through 20 …… that’s very good. Then you can expect a little more with the exercises today. And you have more muscles.Great. What do we start with today? We start with the water bottles. We enhancing the back extensors, the great, long back extensors. And at the sametime our biceps, our two-headed upper arm muscles.Now you need the water bottles you just got.Rotate your hands outwards, that is, grasp the bottle from below. Thenwe go into a downward squatting. That the back extensor can work a bit. Which is also the symbolize and purpose of the thing.We take the shoulders very close to the rib cage. Then weslowly was down. Do not fully lengthen your arm. And then we slowly go back upstairs. Slowly because then the quality of the exercise is much betterand the muscle is better drilled. Mr. Runge, if you haven’t done quite as many stand-up forces in ourfitness evaluation, which we ever do at the beginning of “Fit with SWR Sport”, how can I start theexercise so much easier? By letting a little water out of the bottle.So just take a sip.Why shouldn’t you straighten your weapons? Because the contraction can be resilient for the joint and this can then strain the bursa in the elbow joint. It is of paramount importance to lift the sternum. So just imagine that we havea medal on our dresser and face-lift our sternum. We’ll do two more … one more … and then come up. Mobilize briefly, shake briefly.Are you still there? Then it can go straight on, right? Accurately. We go to the next place. Stand shoulder-width apart, turn your toes a little outwards. Do not fully push your knees. Unlock, that is, bend a bit. And then we take our weapons up sideways. But the handsstay under the shoulder. And then back again. Lift your sternum, smile, pull in your tummy. Now, Mr. Runge, shoulder mobility often lessens, especially with age.You still get very high, I can see that.I likewise drawn in my tummy. Very well. You are still very fit.But if you can’t get that high-pitched anymore, what do you have to take carenot to overload yourself? One should listen to the body and not go beyond the grief threshold. If it hurts, simplyreduce the compas of gesture. And for our muscles at home? They put one across weight. They either take a weight plate or just …… a entire can of irrigate. In goes of hamster obtains. Maybe some have that at home. Who knows !? Go on. Now we have to drain some water.So at home: have a sip. If you are not yet thirsty, pour yourself a glass of liquid. About a third out per bottle. The exercising probably isn’t boozing the glass, is it? The emptying comes at the end of the training. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t alcohol anything while rehearsal. Drinking is extremely important because we also lose sea. So, we stand shoulder width apart again, turn our foot a little outwards. We conjure our forearms again, our hands are under the shoulders. And then we shake it softly back and forth.And then you can tell whether you’ ve closed the bottles properly.And now you should feel a modest tension in the deep muscles.In the abdominal muscle, in the pelvic flooring, on the small muscles near the joints.Is that likewise for going your winking forearm into shape, Mr. Runge? The brand-new salute instead of the handshake? It clearly helps.What should I watch out for so that I do “nt got anything” strainings or muscle grief? The push should come out of the abdomen. The belly is firm. Tense your abdominal muscle and shake well.I can already feel it in my forearms. How numerous redundancies do you recommend? I can’t say anything about the repetitions. It’s so intuitive. Merely shake it for about 30 secondsand then stop and make the terminate. But I too have something elsefor the deep muscles. We positioned our hands together in front, the bottles touch. The utilization is called “wood chopper”. We’re going up.We stop before our thoughts. And then we restraint again at the levelof the bellybutton. You can tell right away how it goes into your tummy. We do that 20 seasons, and again three sentences.And who doesnt get that high-pitched anymore? Half way up, and not reach so hard.Just handiwork more gently. And next time alittle more than before. You have to increase that slowly.Great. I remember the soda has been shaken out by now. We still have our broomstick. Ms. Peter, what is happening in it? First and foremost, we have to clear our stool again. Because wedo the practice while sitting. We sit down, make the stickdirectly to our sternum, cross in our hands, straighten up neatly, display our award again. And then with your breath go to the left, and with your exhalation again slowly towards the center. Inhale to theright, and evaporate to the center.How does this exercise help me? This strengthens our oblique abdominal muscles. And the rod work towards ensuring that we always stay upright and do not come into internal rotation.If I still have a lot of sigh left at the end of the unit – how can I make it alittle more demanding? By doing the leverage.I take my arms up, pull my shoulder down, and then usethe leverage to go up.And that’s what the rib cage remembers – especially important in these times. Thank you, Gaby Peter and Dr. Martin Runge. I am pleased that you are with us. AndI am happy that we are staying “Fit with SWR Sport” together in times of the coronavirus. And if you still have power, you can make a video with us: “Fit with SWR Sport”. You can find the other episodes here. Andif you don’t want to miss any more video as soon as a brand-new one is available, you can see ithere – if you expressed support for our path ..

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