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Hello and welcome to Andreas Trienbacher, personal instructor from Karlsruhe. The topic: machine-oriented training The difference between machine-oriented and free dumbbell training. That was an exciting topic and there were still a few questions unanswered. We want to go into that again. Go into a little more detail because I conclude videos that don’t last-place that long. For the simple reason that most of them don’t have the time to watch long videos. So I “re going to have to” made to ensure that I compress all the information I go far as little time as possible. So that you stick with it. And don’t turn it off again after a time, because you don’t feel like it. So again something about machine-oriented training. I’m talking very quickly again today so that you can get a lot of information. Machine-oriented training in relation to free weight training. What is better? I won’t say better or worse now. There is no better or worse here. It depends on the person. If we are a person who has never had anything to do with strength training, then it is very good if, in the very early stages of starting out in fitness, one is more pay great attention to machine-oriented training.And after 6/8/ 10/12 weeks of machine-oriented training 2-3 times a week, ideally every now and then under the supervision of a coach who shows you exactly how it labor, who also ironed out the error can creep in with machine-oriented training. And after a certain time, when the manager has good sight, he knows: ok, he’s ready. We’ll take it out. We are now doing free weight training with him. Because free weight training is much more interesting, much more intense, and above all: it is crowned with greater success. Why this is so – we’ll come to that in a moment. In return, nonetheless, it does not mean that no one is the beginner and can even start straight away with free weight training. He can do that extremely. It depends on how agile that person is. And now comes the most important thing: does he have an accomplished trainer on hand? Who proves him that right from the start.Then there is nothing wrong with confront yourself immediately with free weight training. But only under the condition that the person is appropriately furnished with basic engine talents. There are just differences from person to person. And whether the person has a very good and knew teach who indicates him exactly how to do the free weight employs. Why? In machine-oriented training, the string of gestures is predetermined by the machine. Thus, the resources of wrongdoing, doing something wrong or coming disabled, is much smaller now. So my recommendation: Machine-oriented prepare: But if I have a good coach who has a clue, he’ll say: Ok, I’m on my hoof here.We do 5/6/ 7 hours sometimes even 8/ 9 or 10 hours of free weight training together. Then the instructor shows you the largest part practices: doodly-squats, deadlifts, lean over rows, pull-ups, flat workbench presses, incline terrace pulps, military press, abdominal workouts. The very typical exerts that have been around for 100 years. He’ll demo you. And depending on your talent in moving, depending on how well your motor skills are, how well your coordinative arrangement occupations, you will learn it either faster or less quickly. It is important that the teach is there. Then you can do free weight training freedom at the beginning. But if that is not the case, you do not have a good tutor, you may not be able to afford to pay a personal trainer either, then you should start with machine-oriented training in the gym and vow in the gym that you do the exercises not just once register, but shown several times. That is of paramount importance. I am in a great deal of studios. And there it is – there are managers running around. But they are often at the counter. But the customer is not responsible either. And says: I would like to have information.It too meant that I am skilled enough to say: Watch out for friends. I’m paying here in the studio. I compensate a body cost. And for that I would like to have a decent briefing. I would like to be shown how to use the device and how to perform the exercise correctly. Now there is a small exception: If you are in a gym where you pay 14.90 per month. 19.90 or 5.90 per week Marketing technically packaged in such a way that it sounds like very little, then you shouldn’t be surprised if the manager who is there either does not have the proficiency you are interested in, or that There is no trainer there who can show you anything at all. That’s because such a inexpensive studio can’t open a coach. How is that supposed to work? Open 24 hours, and 14.90 per month. That is not how it makes. That’s why the services offered dies flat now. So it’ s up to you to say: stop! I sign on in a reasonable, good studio. Why? Because that’s an investment in me.And I am important to me. if of course I exclusively care about 14.90, then I shouldn’t deplore if the studio doesn’t have the quality that I would like. Then you don’t complaints about the gym, then I can look in the mirror and say: OK, you miser. You haven’t wasted fairly, so none really shows you how it operates. So I think we have discussed something important again. I explained to you. How you should act. Now it’s up to you, friends. Below are notes. If you have no questions, if you do not write any comments, I will not capitalize on them. Why? You have to challenge me a little. If “youre asking me”, delight too constructive commentary, I have absolutely nothing against it. If it is productive. I do not allow myself to be insulted! you can remember right away. All jokes aside, friends. As “youre seeing”: I am sometimes a little bit more instinctive in my videos. Very impulsive today. My God. Structure of the day. So I hope that I explained to you about machine-oriented training and free weight training.That there is a bit of light in the dark again. If you have any questions – write it in. Until then. Soon it will continue with part 6 on the topic: Fitness over 50. That’s it. Andreas Trienbacher, personal manager from Karlsruhe. My motto: Your fitness, even over 50, my job !.

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