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I’m not afraid to neglect I’m not afraid to fall over, make a mistake that often time debilitates parties on the onset of get into anything the first time I ever picked up the DJ floors was horrible atrocious now, but I’m not afraid of that, I’m not afraid of that feeling it actually propels me and labours quite the opposite I’m like an energiser friend, like I can do 18 -2 2 hours a day readily and that’s crazy and if you’re watching this video right now, and if you crave it even worse as I hear you demand it and if this is your year, and if 2017′ s gonna be your year and if this is your moment, and if you’re sick and tired and it’s your time, then my friends, you need to understand that these 31 dates when you triple down, when you 4x, 5x down on your bustle while everybody’s at the pool drinking ros, this is when you put in the grind hours and get ready for your master plan it’s not like I’m so super human, it’s like when you hear someone who’s the best in the world at what the fuck is do they’re being rewarded in public for what they’ve practised millions of terms in private for me you know what, I conclude hard work pays off you know, when you say it’s been my time, and it’s my age, Hollywood has a way of representing everything seem like an overnight success oh my God, where did this guy come from? Oh this kid, who is he? Look, he’s a big hotshot I’ve 18 years in the business you know you’ve put in your 10,000 hours I’ve put in my duration, you know, I’ve got owings that have been paid and paid again, and paid one more time after that I stand true-blue to my dreams, and by doing that, eventually they came true listen y’all we have control of hour minute our hour our period our week, our month, and our year you got 24 hours in a era when you go to sleep at night, how are you gonna feel about your date? so how do you feel at the end of your light? stop running around acting as if you don’t have a choice you do have a choice you do have a choice! stop playing the victim stop running around acting as if you have nothing to do with the people, things and situations in their own lives I love you, I’m tired of ascertain these enlarge servicemen running around acting as if they don’t have a choice you have a choice! I’ve never met a person who is not successful that didn’t have a great sum of self-discipline within their life self discipline and being able to perform and being able to keep your life on schedule and being able to keep commitments and promises and congregate deadlines is essential to success I learned many years ago that there are two kinds of people there’s the type of person that says, I’m going to wait until I feel like it before I do it and there’s a person who says I’ve got to get it on so that I feel like it one will never get anything done because they’re still waiting to feel the moment to move and the other person says no I need to move and then I will begin to feel the moment self-discipline is imperative for your life and in my life if we’re gonna get things done I can tell you right now if you talked to me and I was into football, and I was a football player and you would have told me I’d be doing what I’m doing I would have said no you’re crazy, leave me alone.Get outta now this is why life is, you can’t predict what you’re supposed to time and I tell people, never to be killed. Never because you don’t know what your future is, you precisely don’t, and that’s the thing it’s like for me, I never would have supposed I would be doing this, but I decided to try things I merely decided that I didn’t have to do what everyone else said I needed to do, it’s like you know, when you’re a football participate everyone tells you this will be the best route to do after you’re done well I decided to go another way and parties reputed I would miscarry, I recollect when I moved to LA and everybody was saying, what are you doing? you are familiar with, you’re an old football player they don’t care and, it was hard, I was actually doing protection for a little while and we started stone-broke for a little while the amazing thing though, as I restrained trying new things, new openings kept opening and I never concluded I would be an actor, but here I am most people’s dreams have been evened down the bathroom like a decade ago it didn’t happen, they watched video, and they sleep, and then they drink on the weekend okay, and that’s most people’s life now, at a certain point what you have to do is you have to look at your life and you have to say do I accept this? or do I not accept it? okay, you have to look at that and you have to make a decision so look at their own lives , now ask yourself what counseling is my life going in? like if I look at what I’m doing right now what counseling is this gonna lead me in? how do you make love? One, obsess about what you want, right? focus on it continuously, have so much emotion about it that you make massive action retain altering your approaching, simulate someone really great and then with some prayer go some charm extremely some call it luck, and some call it God because I remember when we look at the people who achieved greatness, they weren’t only kind of half-assing it you know, they were really into mastery of service, you know they wanted to create the best business and they preoccupied about it, they wanted to create raving supporters because they preoccupied about the service aspect of it, they were out to make a great difference in the world and get it on with greatnes in live it’s a very simple principle but all success comes from completing tasks it’s not from working at exercises, it’s from completing tasks it is only when you end tasks that you are successful subscribe for more study motivation!

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