Experience Life (Part 2) – Robin Williams Motivation Tribute

by the time you see this I’ll be dead I’ll make this as simple as I can what’s wrong with fatality sir what are we so mortally afraid of why can’t we treat death with a certain amount of humanity and dignity and decency and God forbid maybe even humor death is not the enemy and gentlemen we’re gonna fight a disease let’s fight one of the most terrible cankers of all indifference we’re all dying Truman our job is to increase health you know what that meant that wants improving the quality of life not just delaying death now you told me if I’ve been drill medication well if this makes opening your opening to those in need I was in pain attending for them listening to them applying a freezing cloth until a excitement divulges if this is practicing medicine if this is treating a patient that I am guilty as charged sir transference is inevitable sir every human being has an impact on another that’s why you treat a disease you prevail you lose you plowed a person I guarantee you you prevail no matter what the outcome gather ye rosebuds while ye may latin expression for that sentimentality is carpe diem who knows what that conveys seize the day here’s our superstars but while ye may why does the writer use these lines because we are food for worms LEDs cuz believe it or not each and every one of us in this room was one thing gonna stop breathing turn freezing and die the world is their oyster they believe they’re destined for great things just like many of you their eyes are full of hope they wait till it was too late to procreate from “peoples lives” even one I line-up what they were capable of I “ve known you” detest your work and we don’t have many friends and now sometimes you feel the Lund coordinated it you don’t feel as wonderful as everybody else II feeling is alone separate as you feel you are and I think you’re the greatest thing since spice racks the universe at its essence every component has its placement you can’t alter their self-assured[ Music][ Music] did you profess how kind is it to give life merely to take it away again what’s true in our thoughts is true there’s some people know it or not just keep going find that thing you cherish because it’s tough job but I think if you can find that thing that really gives you joy that’ll be it right to the edge really not the highway you think sometimes when you acquire “were losing”[ Music] you

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