Study Hard AND Study Smart! – Motivation Video

Do you know what spawns someone successful? Do you? Three things Three things will originate you successful A incessant interest in improving yourself Being self-aware And wield And I make lots of it Improve yourself Improve yourself continously Never stop developing yourself Develop a resentment for improving yourself Develop a indignation for teach Improving yourself begins right where you are Yes, improving yourself starts with an education Improving yourself starts with school You did not come to school to slack off You did not come to fail Instead you came to learn To learn how to be great To be the best leader To be the best academic, to be the best at whatever you wanna do Don’t let your friends deter you Don’t give friends amuse you Develop yourself Show them that there is better Show them that you’re different Improve yourself, study hard-boiled, study long, utter it your all, open it everything you got Successful people don’t get to where they are by following their friends or pleasing them Instead they result, they result and committed themselves to self-development They practise their head They learned, they studied, they elapsed their quizs No body will do it for you Merely you can do it for yourself Exclusively you can put in the effort If you’re not prepared, if you do not work, you will lose You will never earn You will always be behind and you will never be great To is to be effective at anything you have to get to know yourself you have to know who you are you have to know what your fortes are you have to know what your weaknesses are you have to get to know what you like what you don’t like, what you’re good at, and what you’re not good at What your read wordings are, where you study best Learning about yourself will improve your confidence It will change your practice Studying will become easier Passing your exams is increasingly becoming easier, it will get you places where you’ve never gone before Getting to those locates and remaining there will take determination it will require that you never give up Never give up on your dreams never give up on your goals life will throw things at you, educators will throw quizs at you No one promised that lifetime will be easy What is promised is that you can do it You can do it You can win You can extend your exams You can be the best, you can achieve your goals You can become whatever you desire to become But you have to be determined You have to want it bad You have to want it so bad that you will never give up You have to want it so bad that you’re willing to lose sleep for it You have to want it so bad that you’re willing to lose friends over it You have to want it far worse that you’re willing to work hard for it And never, ever, give up Giving up is not an option If you can dream it you can do it, if you can think it you can do it Just believe in yourself Believe in your dreams, and fight for it Tell yourself that you are in it to earn it Tell yourself that still continues trying You will continue trying even though they are you flunk And when you neglect, you get up and graze yourself off and try again You will continue even if you’re laughed at You will continue even if you lose because guess what Life is not always about where you end up It’s about the journey It’s about the attitude It’s about the determination It’s about never giving up Subscribe for more study motive videos!

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