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people this is a serious video and I would ask you to take your view of it So that’s not saying that I’m abusing youtube or so you can read a nice title what it’s about and that will be a project what Thursdays ever come because on Thursdays I have not yet been meaning what the hell is do videos manufactures me time on the way to training courses and back the hell is I’ve been thinking about this concept for almost three hours and now I’ve been thinking about it decided to do this it’s about how to get motivation triumph if my dress is mine now you miss something like carl es achieved no I want to show you how to gain motivation no matter in which man place you want coin you require business can be done in both status the same life so more business you want to have the perfect mas you want to have a beautiful genealogy demand is a dream if you miss a dream home you want one dream task handewitt that have this that different i will assist you this too I’ll clarify a few cases things to you how it is easier to get to a destination when people think they have a goal but cannot get there watch this video satisfy to the end the report contains various videos of it every day he makes every bollard thursday but i don’t know the time yet be prepared for thursday i sometimes try to add people who enter data mine you are eligible to log in with it me and we talk about it and with one another if you want as I said I tell myself that so I learned something in clas that means it’s really serious so I’m not kidding now and I also notice even how it works for me without so I’m really serious now so if you think yes that won’t do anything okay then switch off and keep watching the videos i don’t care i don’t make any money with it this video is out of fashion inscribing or something like that means you don’t have to do anything you just have to watch this video and follow my advice more you don’t have to get it on if you don’t want to finish looking at it another video to what I know will stay that behavior with their own lives slaked as it has been since i have not been satisfied with “peoples lives” “peoples lives” was recorded to me when I come home finished i didn’t go to school i have nothing to do I’ve noticed that over occasion since I started the summer trip was at the beginning of august where i really provided myself goals what i was in want to reach my life i started karl es tim gabel etc to I likewise watched a couple of motivation videos if now at a school where we learn this directly, that means not immediately reason but more this human body understood etc that So that signifies I am learning that this is not an education that it is next school so you have to imagine it that way you have a goal my goal i tell you two goals that I have given myself as a objective I don’t care what you of these intent receives receive on such beings I would return a reality and that’s what I want Earnestly when people think they are going to spawn you down why it is laughable of their goals don’t throw a[ __] about this person, they are not true friends genuine friends are people who believe in you, very important to you you have to believe in yourself first if you don’t believe in yourself then develop your goal then never the family and then the friends that is first of all you first thing you need to know how your motivation is built up if you don’t have something like that, if you have friends who say yes that is a shitty thought what you’re doing there that shouldn’t be they aren’t friends in my opinion, yes, i also broke up with a lot of friends this is what they symbolized yes they are not friends for me friends are for me people who believe in me and wake me up where reference is actually sucks i stopped imbibing booze i stopped smoking i did everything i even live vegan so that’s the kind of people like that I said I yield antic I have as I said my entire lifetime converted that planneds I’ll start have a governed one sleep pattern I didn’t have that I didn’t have that I went to bed at 7am and 10 am and slept until 6pm that is it was a fact that sucks when you do something like that you have to seriously change something if you carry on like this it will be without merriment in life is useless i have changed my diet “i know i m” vegan that makes I merely eat vegetable ones concoctions no animal commodities possible etc no i stopped boozing booze i stopped listening i won’t do that anymore either start in my life even when i’m 18 no that’s me[ __] is advisable to, for example, the nighttime behind the birthday I won’t liquor anything on my birthday, so nothing alcoholic either no alcohol-free beer or nothing that signifies water ready coca cola if you have the right coca cola for some people who are vegan normal coca cola is not always vegan, I don’t have it anymore the climate so it panicked this is really so bad that i give the children again I too bypassed cabbage is a bit because coca cola is also on swine measured here you could also google distributed according to coca Cola is vegan from the ingredients it is wigan exclusively it will are back with Your attempts are now back on the topic if you have a goal mine purpose i want to be the first one when i go to school with my school on the two sides of course i want to improve my gradations a great deal i want to build my form that entails i go to training my set programme now i have touched my micro my discipline propose looks like i’m going civilize five times a week a week, sometimes 66 seasons that wants it doesn’t matter when that will be it is not a pig it has just started to thunderstorm i’m running into practise i flowed home that itches a[ __] i have a goal in front of my eyes and i want to accomplish this goal i have support from my parents i have support from particular happy i have the support of my friends he girlfriend something like that causes a but if people say that to me, too Can’t you get it on? Yes, I’ve been thin, I’ve been in three months four kilos gained only through grooming that is more than good I say from my point of view where such parties increase something with me I also often give up on them, but if they are serious and say you you can never do that either, that causes me even more motivation fetches something and truly you can imagine the goal so I give that in my psyche it’s a long way to go you contact your goal off the beaten track or dream vehicle have to imagine how you own this dream vehicle, obtain it so just this road around it to use as far as you can manage “youve got to” just imagine a long way this road is long that signifies it needs articulated something aside with money until you have reached your goal I get 20 percent of your income and then buy the car first somehow he’s always a composer a party sheds all the money out like that you can’t reaching the goal of your dream car you need you have to work on your goal if you always break it off does that not work again a thing that is a strong focus for me or one thing that is blatantly high, some people say that is great that is looking for I don’t dedicate a[ __ ], I know that I am one boundaries vanishes still further with perfect borders that I get a headache such a strong headache during train that my head is almost gush It’s not because I’m doing it wrong, it’s because of myself exaggerate i know exaggeration is not good either, but without an extension of my eventual teaching workout doesnt assist me at all if I do ever stays on the same target i have to work on it tutor duty when you are not working productions your dream not your goal will therefore not be fulfilled the feedback that has come up so far is great if there are any drawbacks I don’t care, I’ll interpret what I can do my first response is to build muscle body-build heavines that’s the first thing I’ve ticked off, I can come home barely stroking anything through the force on my hands I’ve got suds I’m starting to bleed that’s really a little inflated I know even if parties aim yes that it really is without fun cinema about fight christ yes i know it’s damn exaggerated but somewhere I truly have to set a time limit when it really doesn’t work anymore if i break-dance something i really don’t talk if i’m not having fun we when i feel bad yes i go to training but also when i’m briefly do i go to training i don’t care to be i’m really sick so is on sick leave bucket format that is an exception my second destination, what goes through after institution, but what I do with my 18 besides actually want to start because at persons below the age of 18 I is now starting this goal i have to work on it i work with photoshop more extreme like it is my intention to jump-start out my own accumulation of robes now let’s get to the point yes that’s how it can be but karl it is a role model for me i do i have not paid anything for any of them I “ve got a few” things from the tunnel vision etc that yes I have support today why because he is a role model for me and so is his work I are in favour of my own collect of drapes in this sense what kind of invests precisely normal clothes like adidas or something in the category that depends on what kind of invests it is desirable to to young people and I’m looking at what young people are wearing today I know how something like that works, you just have to work on it without somehow the goals and targets does not work for this purpose you have to work on your goal you have a long way to go before you this this one away i will assist you i will motivate you when they looking forward to reason i will motivate you don’t have to pay anything it was okay i can’t motivate a lot of people that’s why i will make a video for the person who says that who wears this video of me and you then renault comes more videos sent back to it that is kind of offers free it is even free labor completely free yours you dont have to do anything if youre looking forward to reason Ill help you help it doesn’t leave a[ __] i will videos make me feel like I am you have to me like I said during mine locating recognize fund drop out i always have almost 100 euros a few months kicked out and simply for devouring for nothing else how come the other granted that was only one meal i gobble unhealthy food i just built this[ __] “peoples lives” this I’ve got that thing under control since the summer so well that my life is currently what reformed rapidly i was i don’t feel sick i lope marina dwelling, yes, I won’t changed a bit I don’t cause a[ __] people who think that you can get sick from it who are vegan or whatever else, I haven’t been sick at the moment that’s a short time now, yes, but i was where i used to live more often malady as if i lived normally when we live here yes my wm has been around Turned more than 100 severities, yes that’s awesome and aid or I’ll cure even though they are we said people think you’re[ __] you can do it not at all to this person not such person or persons merely didn’t make it shaping something in your life these people genuinely exactly wanted to go accurately the same as she does so nothing she never achieves anything in life if you always get to your destination, people who smoke and picture are a good example to me i stop smoking comes three days without recreation 3 days later and smoke next to me again even if I am without you fun a deer so what is really waste heat not people who stop me can do something with something that “ve got something” without having fun not really pay something know in “peoples lives” i know so much better i am very happy with my life i have no rigors i have no problems when people approaching me he symbolizes chris your training that’s not good for you or something you’re exaggerating no I know when mine the limit is i just know i try very often at the moment it is also the first video I have not written a wrote that is in the next episodes came to see you that I just ask you if “youve been” motivation needs write me look at this video streak I continue I really recommend it to you I will show you how to get your life back in ordering gets without what no matter in which life situation i try i can i am not a professional trainer i have not studied this yes i am studying that honey or I won’t study yet.I’m interested in that extreme and I ask you if you have any questions or any other things write me a private letter you don’t have to do anything You have to go gonnermann but you are eligible to become anonymously below accepted we can do everything I will not publish it either that does not go on to any person if you is not have the trust then I’m sorry, but I’m not say something here if you simply planned private to route letters etc so that what I you have your goal that you in If your life is good business, I will help you to help you looks just like you do can change that you don’t have a lot of expenditures in a few months that you do that can change i’m no no meaning how this guy is called business seep my ass, i’ll simply help you i can’t 100 percentage guarantee that it is currently working or will work for me if it manipulates right now, I don’t present a[ __] what his figure is, we sound like you old you are the left side uglier since how neat is the fact that it itches me It doesn’t matter for you if you have a goal Realize without a point in memory, the goal doesn’t work goals set a few points to caught too small what do I know you want to drive a ferrari simple sample you still have no driver’s license the driver’s license on one of the purposes of a auto start to work he put most of his part digression people who have a driver’s license are 18 -1 7 and where else with their parents probably therefore that are mostly still attended school sometimes came and or for prepare they earn on the side an average of four to five hundred euros depends on having massive set 18,000 euros remains and the rarest of cases is simply 20 percentage eating 1000 euros are not much that is only 200 euros yes that is genuinely not much still have 800 euros at 400 euros it is now of course a little less or depending on how we say me you pay now can also bring more or less exactly positioned a few cases small-scale ones objectives and the more you achieve the more positive feedback do you get that means you can do what I already have 505,000 euros you just already have 5000 euros from the 2000 is now the amount but if you realizing that you’ve just saved 5000 euros, that’s a lot that is simply a positive safeguard, “youve got something” done you just have to keep working on it if you just stop subsequentlies don’t you manage to drive your ferrari regardless of the situation in your life you just have to collect your motivating a bit and then turn to it work if you liked this video yes I help you without enjoyable, I take it really seriously, it’s none of my business any other person next to my computer is first password protected but you probably won’t come here at all So no one on it its effect this password that fits, simply I is a well-known fact that another e-mail address again stick these e-mails yours things that are in from you are really only for me forwarded here no crew is working on it i work on it alone i just want to help you i don’t earn any coin here i do for good-for-nothing publicity I’m not even doing advertise now before that I don’t make a[ __] I want to help you with it and I don’t care whether the government has obligates money or soy because you don’t get money after all perfectly happy you can thus afford things but money turns you on not happy to meet your goals that obliges you happy as soon as I am I’ve reached my dream mas, it’s actually enough for me but i would like to have a second goal or i have a second animal that is my own fellowship, as I said, starting with my own collect of drapes yes if i did it at least my body structure, anything can happen to me that interests me not yes i can die too i’m really done with you then there it i don’t care i work every day to build my torso and you no matter how hard the work is, you just have to keep your goal in thinker i go to training just imagine my later me in front of me one to two years looking away is difficult that causes me when I know that one or two years later I will be positive get feedback that I’m a little closer to cebin that forms me happy that other is doing it it strengthens your self-confidence that means you have never spoken to parties that strengthens a person regardless of who situations that your goal is he bothers me strengthens others who are your goal I never really realized anyone back then addressed that luke is important I merely don’t care if you think so I can’t achieve my objective as I said, I return a[ __] about the person I ask you why you don’t believe in it because you don’t realize it that I can do it, if I can do it, I can do it, you can do it, you can do it I would like to say goodbye to you as I said and I hope that members also takes this video a little seriously “its certainly true it is” no amusing video I do I’m really serious about this project that will likewise come weekly, I[ __] time on it it should be so that i was sick in berthed i try to do that demonstrated how it works with your goal that’s just that message medium more about this several steps will you I will you explain the damn goal is achieved to you clown not to tell others that he simply does not make it you need the people who are on you belief the family must also believe in you but as first you have to believe yourself if you just wanted to not be able to believe yourself then have you already parcelled that didn’t make it to this goal you have to be clear

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