Ch 1 Part 1 | Principles of Marketing | Kotler

Today we have chapter 1 marketing, creating and capturing customer value. So in this chapter we re going to talk about the definition of marketing.

I will understand the marketplace and customer needs.

I will talk about designing Customer driven marketing strategy.

Doesn t settle to me by customer driven customer driven means.

You are looking at the customer at the core of what you do, which means everything you do in marketing.

You keep your customers in mind and we re going to talk about how to prepare an integrated marketing plan and program, building the customer relationship, capturing value from customers and the changing marketing Gale landscape.

So what is marketing marketing? This is a definition.

It says it s.

A process by which companies create value so the idea of marketing is you create value.

Good marketing means you provide good value for the customer and you build strong customer relationship. Okay, strong customer relationships to capture value for customers in return; .

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