AI Marketing Why My Robot Is Off (Part 2)

Hello, my name is bright david welcome to my youtube channel in this video. I M going to show you the reason why your robot is off.

So if i go back to, let me scroll back to the top and click on my advertising tab, so you will see that it s displaying that your robot is off So robot status is what off that s, because the robot has run out of budget.

So let me quickly navigate to start button.

So if i click on my start button that will show you this page, your starts page, your dashboard for your stats, so that shows you your advertising budget and your amount spent.

Now your amount spent is 50 us dollars, and the amount in your advertising budget is 50 us dollars.

That means that this person has run out of advertising budget.

The robot doesn t have any more money to push out adverts The more the robots push out adverts.

The more sales will be generated, the more profit you will make and that profit is paid back as cash back Okay.

So, for example, if this person is topped up with 5 000 us dollars and then on the amount spent is 4 000.

That means, if you take it with four thousand from five thousand, what is going to be left for the uh robot to keep working is one thousand now the robot we keep working with that, one thousand until when it gets to five thousand. So five thousand there on your advertising budget and five thousand on your amount, spend the robot will stop the work because it doesn t have any other money left to push out adverts and they make sales and then eventually give you back your profits in form of Cashback, So my advice is this: don t wait until the money you have in your advertising budget is equal to the money you have in the amount spent Don T.

Wait for that always keep coming back to check your account every week.

If you don t have time to check them every day, check it every week to make sure that you keep an eye on your advertising budget, because this is where it is very important for you to have an eye on to make sure that you have enough Money To keep the robot working okay so again recently, as that, when i m shooting this video, there have been delays in you know, moving your your your funding or your top up from your ads, your ass balance.

So let me scroll back up so from this.

Your ad balance, there has been a delay up to five days now: okay, before your money will move whatever money you are using to to top up.

If you re easy, 1.

500, 100, whatever amount, if the amount is showing up on your on your ads balance.

Here It takes about five days now to move from your ads balance to your advertising budget.

Okay, so get that in mind as well, when you are topping up say, for example, you have say maybe 50 us dollars left how many days you think 50 us dollars is going to last before the robot will switch off.

So don t wait till when your robot is switched off on when you are very low on the advertising budget before you top up okay factor in always factor in these five days, delay from when the robot will move your money from us balance to advertising budget. Always Factor in those five days, because you don t want a situation whereby your robot is switched off and then, by the time you top up and then by the time the top up will move from your advertising budget or advertising.

Balance to your advertising budget is five days.

You don t want that, so, which means, i will say, probably five.

Six days you ve missed out on profits.

You don t want that to happen to your account, So that s my advice.

Okay, if you can keep an eye on your account don t, let advertising budget be equal to the amount spent just like what is happening here, always top up your account to make more profit.

I hope this video is useful.

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