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okay so we're going to sign up on cell health com now that is cell SE ll health HD alth calm and this is a health industry site so you're going to get health products and only health products so you go ahead and click this doesn't have the advertiser or publisher distinction just click the join now and choose a username there's specific details minimum five characters you don't mean the fancy symbols or capitals this is a standard one choose a password same thing you don't need fancy stuff their basic signup form my name address email address city these are all required with asterisk primary site name and URL so as you notice most of these are asking for your website so when you get started you put that website in when you have better ones as you go to the more stringent networks you can go ahead and put your best sites in there as you start building more of these for now whatever you have to put that in there standard stuff here city state country how you want to get paid so standard check probably best to start how did you hear about it you can put other or philly a conference or search engine search engine it's probably fun as I feel like how would you best describe your experience level you could go ahead and say add our own website yet because I'm just starting out or you could say you on website you're new to affiliate programs Paul you're familiar with affiliate programs but new to your products i would put this unfamiliar with affiliate programs as we've now gone through several but this point but you're new to this market so unless you're an experienced affiliate already this is probably a good one to choose are you planning to advertise affiliate links on what type taining adult ancient materials know definitely put know and agree to the terms and conditions and that you're not going to spam this is important if you're not familiar with this make sure you read it this is your email there's a lot of rules in here but the bottom line is you need a proper email service if you're going to be sending emails out now you need to have an unsubscribe link that you need to have an address in their standard stuff any any proper responder like aweber will have compliance with so if you're unfamiliar with that you may want to breeze through there but if you have a typical autoresponder system you won't have trouble so that's basically your list is opted in you're not scraping these from somewhere or sending out unsolicited email that's really important just in general business so don't do that what you read that and agree then you got in and click Sign Up and you're done with signing up for sell health

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