Hot oil treatment on relaxed hair | Back to health 2 | Phillis

hi everyone and welcome to the video so if you've watched my previous videos you know that I'm trying to make my hair healthier my hair is relaxed so yeah today I'm doing a hot oil treatment and what I use for that one was coconut oil olive oil and a little bit of honey so the reason why I'm using honey for my hair is because my hair is quite dry and damaged because if you see here this bit is really dry and a honey really attracts moisture into your hair and promotes hair growth so that's why I'm using having similar search so I'm just applying my head in four sections first just like this just for like sections it doesn't have to be like really nice sections or anything just so that you can make sure every single bit of hair strands receive this treatment Oh Oh because it's oil it's gonna drip all over the place if you don't do it carefully that's why I kind of swinged it out like this and put it on my hair but then it's melting on the sides now and and because of the honey it's got a bit of a sticky consistency it so it's advisable to wash your hands you know so what I'm gonna do now is put the towel back on and then take some kind of em put it in back and put it on top of my hair okay just like this now it's it has time to really penetrate into my hair shaft and make my hair really soft and moist as well so what I'm gonna do to UM make you could just sit there like this for an hour do other activities and stuff like that but I'm gonna use my help bonnet dryer kind of thing which is from Vidal Sassoon we does assume it's a song something like that look like this so but you can use anything you can even use just a normal blow-dry I'll be fine so the only thing that needs to be done now well I've taken this M Fullerton back off and I left my hair and for around 45 minutes when I was watching my episodes so now I'm going to wash my hair out what they with the multivitamin tres me deep cleansing hair shampoo for all hair types and then I'm gonna go and with the conditioner which tames like frizz and stuff like that so yeah that's it for the video my hair looks like this now and yeah I hope you really enjoyed it if you haven't subscribed already please don't forget to do so I will be doing more hair updates because I really want to get my hair into a nice day I'm sick and tired of those fizzy ends and I'm just the reason why I haven't cut it is because I'm looking for a proper hairdresser who can do it for me but I haven't found one yet so yeah that's why okay I will see you in my next video bye

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