Empowered Health 2 Spinal Stenosis Bootcamp

your back affects your daily health welcome to another installment of your spine your health the blood supply to the nerves it's called ischemia starts to take place where the blood supply to the nerve is diminished because of pressure on the nerves themselves and this causes numbness tingling weakness in all kinds of different sensations in the legs that inhibit the person from standing or walking for prolonged periods of time spinal stenosis is the most common cause of pain disability and loss of Independence among older adults many different interventions are being explored this is dr. Amendola's approach so we've developed this program is called boot camp for stenosis it's all aimed at trying to maximize the cross-sectional area or increase the openings of the spine when patients stand and when they walk and the reason for that is because spinal stenosis although there's a structural component which is the changing of the canal size because of arthritis there's also a dynamic component to the condition and what we mean by that is that the symptoms change depending on your body position the design of the program combines abdominal core conditioning through various exercises and common spinal adjustment procedures for the lower back to improve strength and flexibility so if the patients can get flexibility back into the spine through a various techniques that we do in the clinic as well as home then when they can get that when they start to stand that you might have that able to control that kind of alignment in the spine to maximize maybe just a couple of millimeters then that might be just enough to allow less pressure on the nerves more blood supply to the nerves and minimize their their payments and in numbers in the lake and allow them to walk further with less symptoms and hopefully improved of all your life the program has been running for two years with excellent results and is on to the next phase but when now we have to do a randomized control trial to see whether it actually is effective in comparing it to a control group which would be usual care the college of chiropractors of bc sets the standards for safety outcomes and your informed consent

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