Psychic Kids: Girl Predicts & Heals Health Problems (Season 1 Flashback) | A&E

REANNA: My name is ReAnna,
and I'm eight years old. I also thought like
something was wrong with me, because I can see spirits. And they terrify me. I can see a spirit
of a young girl who was killed in a car accident. [creepy music] I once saw a little girl. She died on our street
right in front of our house. While she was crying,
she was talking to me. And she said, I miss my family. I want my mommy. I just want to have
my old life back. There was a family that used
to live across the street. And they moved away shortly
after their little girl was hit by a car. REANNA (VOICEOVER): The
spirit is in our house. She takes it into herself. It's almost like a– I guess they call it empathic. Do like this to people,
and do it to herself. REANNA: I don't sleep in
my room anymore because I would hear, like, footsteps. At night, I see spirits. I get so scared,
I can't sit still. My heart beats, and
I start shaking.

I can't be alone. I have to be with my mom,
or else I'll start crying. MEGA MEASE: The reason that
I wanted to meet both of you is because I understand that
we have a lot in common. I understand that
you draw pictures, so I want for you to draw. I want to just see what you see. Let's get you laying on there. KALI: All right. MEGA MEASE: And consciously
give permission for her to work with you. Then just hover a little bit. REANNA: I can feel energy. MEGA MEASE: Just stay
there for a moment. How do you feel? REANNA: At first
when I saw the blood, the blood was all, like,
crazy and out of control. I imagined that all
of the blood would go back to their natural places. And I was wondering if
that made sense to you. Yeah, it does. I have a blood disorder. How's it make you feel to
know that you spotted this? It's pretty cool.

Well, it is pretty cool. You know, what I
really like seeing in you was that you were busy
and focused in doing this work. And it was about the healing. It wasn't about you. You girls are great friends. REANNA: Yeah. MEGA MEASE: You help
each other a lot. That's great. SIMONE: You said you
wanted to be a healer. How does that feel? It's not just like
words anymore.

It's real. It feels like I'll be
able to meet other kids, and I won't have to be, like,
by myself in everything. So– SIMONE: And you helped
your friend too. I'm so proud of you..

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