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short was the people who follow me on facebook on my fanpage they know that in the end I asked a question what kind of videos is it you people want receive so I know what to shoot next so I’m more in again the fitness dance artwork ready that you can really see in the areas of yours can where I actually was for youtube channel of exclusively bullman the other epoch note make a video as you can see how I imply what I necessitate For the two of them, the exercises are of course only moment necessitates immediately and I hope you can learn from you and maybe it helps you The overlap could be said as with some of the but for me it’s enough less because formally justify because it is enough for me as we do not need it engineering where we get fund from the network monetary policy does not work and achieve the exercise once simple but I’ll show you my use briefly like they look approximately first, I sitting there now to the side straighten my leg and that it kinks and sit up on the back and that’s how it is the first thing i do that’s the first thing you say to you do so by the sideline now we can opt for the following entry move in certain directions, once on foot and formerly announced that the hard way to the knee is very nice and the bar to walk ok player fix so I don’t mind get dressed here as well the whole thing then of course on the other side that works like that 23 hours it is attracts you can also be a worker with a pro time for example moves forward then I is now time propagandize myself forward I can thus continue to be the most exciting so the victory and we do the same from the other side, I want to do that again here get out of now bent over and go back to the foot and then go again such a gradation not already people who make the dwelling footnote that the middle-of-the-road of the hoof is dependent upon you what not to travel than with who never genuinely commute how do we do one of those, I’ll come there already at it not good about reids is anticipated that the video fits and then we do mio sometimes attained me dear slowly the still tension I also know to open up fully envision what happens here Nice running gradually and carefully and you can also go in front of each other if I do mr come here with your hands to one in a hundred okay well that was that agreed to by the next exercise, the tailor-make is okay, i crave tailor its get now my feet come together now my hoof here around brackets they pull this up so far too far and preferably the hoes on 6 and now as far as I’m concerned, if you are really really close to it team of jos with their shoulders on the elections a bit back so now I have my paw here and my joints on the calves and yet I’m down now that I’m close to the ground, so to speak media okay because she very much likes use to the front of one-way that is not mentioned there I am here now and I am in here under there you can be beautiful now so they are to be held by most of them really nice 100 that after a very good coverage from here likewise quite good And it does it because I have to look at camera positions this is a straight tilt and the one i am talking about here this is very good for that internal per broil ok so from me already in the direction the whole thing on the other hand , now I’ll be away for a moment too very good stretching of the hips and legs for me, of course, who knows extremely yes, the greek in the separates is here and now from here it is very important when you started that first It is imperative to practice that we now keep our joints as close as possible to the body paw is not holding too tightly as possible here Anyone can do that, so that’s so bourgeois that I see no but from here from Schnwald at the back stir the decision too easy comes the strength ankles if it is so easy press my hands and my principal will be maintained and we that was just comes, the stretchings there but now goes up and stands up on the receptacle you will notice that you slip your legs slide on ok that’s good because it keeps the demo slipping if it does half as much is worth a hand counter up that is also a short one, for example exerts third we currently likewise stimulating war joke digression now from here i think i sing a little better if you gave a leg out to it, it is important for the back the mayor has the cameraman so it vanishes, I extend the poor turn myself into the counseling and open with the side twelfth that has now I open sometimes I have each one and this half we drive in and of itself, I’m here in front of me, I’ll chipped myself if I do it myself I’m here to make my two off go up the direction and propagandize me because you will notice that is right here in the bar here in this point very important stomach for third you step and come up here grasped the style I went out of now the team is used for and that’s why it is also important that we don’t the performance that the kicking says doesnt introducing strength to the legs having it doesnt producing the same engineering to be able to do so, you likewise have to be against so that the forte and technology too have the freedom of the media to explode the unfold is very important without which the “cat-o-nine-tail” can narrate because the strength pushes against the rival when I now to pattern wants to drive up to a stretch does not allow that because now Must have the strength to struggle to enter than to kick hard and a very short technique for the third one that i use for strength and also to get height in the third I do the following ok and now too To is the possibility of strengthened in in the future, it is important that I lever my knee and simply the knee is therefore the knee is essential when kicking not the foot yes I’m not trying to play football this time it’s simple for us if that the paw is not so firstly the seam and then if the hoof comes like this is my knee so doctors and then he affiliates very So capable steps in nautical science with us or moritat gradation like that really nice bad pops it arose from ios not from the bottom up and are you already talking like[ __] but I’ll take the first team first up the leg out so i come here and there again i am here and when you could then in the capital von der leyen, geopower is an example take part in the second largest part of it because there are a thousand million the exert that you can use for your legs and there are quite a few things I emphatically don’t want to withhold from you and so we’ll assure that are currently character 1 that’s it but i’m out thanks for you coming back here got it will soon be his videos against graffiti and martial arts what I recognized for a normal originally subscribe that comes too the next more often and you have to tell me what you want to see because I I can’t speak then I know about something Might be interesting and I have no problems encroaching with facebook have you already done it on youtube draws it also manufacture writes in the comments or I realize what I could still very important what I could forgot to look there are also improving components inside how can I train in the inn without having to act, so without having gear how can I I use ordinary chairs and tables and what good develop I do in various regions of the to promote muscle building then the next thing is a video like this one store because I also asked if I can shoot a video yes what I can in terms of nutrition, as I do myself more to is letting boxes develop and yes I don’t show that either next time you be seen to what extent I get income from the hottest interesting maybe for you and I am there very strictly so watch out for that is normally that’s it for me I’m out and took what’s important yes i will likewise spawn the next video how i got to the casting like i did because has filmed for rtl, the focus is on the family and hitherto it goes on But there are also future tales that you can not only move on to the roof do not reveal hitherto you have selected me so you will find me with the supporters him can no longer contemplate yes there will definitely go on and there you can look like that giving for me stranger pace at cross ratzfatz i have very often read yes merely if the team is the film pool and sustainable then yes still not i have the third casting and were not adopted the casting made am immediately registered hanker in the card index and got my ticket after four periods and we drove to cologne but it is still important, I don’t think it’s not like that very much but that is more because I believe that you are okay with yourself that is really very important would be true to yourself not to be done in order to molding does not go to anyone no matter what your friend in the future does not become go somewhere and play something for the people in front of you are always best when you yourself when you present yourself as well as you really are whole no matter what okay bide true to myself area clearly vary that is possible after all, at some degree the doctor has to go straight back and then we often come, better said no one can he will always be who himself is himself and I have remained genuine to myself for years I did not fall in love with anyone and also received you guys with some people no longer doing projects together because i can’t bend myself I hope your partner by then I’m really out now I’ve had enough confessed now and see you in the next fitness and martial arts tutorial in the nutrition at video at all go that’s damn so see you say i’m out

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