Get Motivated To Study Productively NOW! [A shot of motivation]

hi guys so I’m literally gonna make two minutes of your time I just wanted to very quickly solve a big problem recently I’ve been receiving absolutely tons of messages from you guys telling me I time don’t know how to stop procrastinating Liam I can’t stand focus my exams coming up in a couple of weeks what do I do well I’m gonna tell you right now that the answer to your problems is not to recreate your color-coded 3d super duper uber design over and over again that is not the answer the mixture is not to go and organize your table perfectly look at my table look at it like I’ve literally got my laptop and works and organizer which is currently closed so I don’t get confused and a glass of ocean that is all you need stop faffing around procrastinating organizing I’m gonna tell you right now that the one secret to get material done is quite simply to do material okay why that’s that reverberates totally and entirely stupid current realities is that this week I have received five emails from various beings asking me how can I stop procrastinating Liam I have responded exactly the same thing to every single one of them saying be done away with I is not want to hear from you again until “youve had” studied productively and I entail without progressing about touching your mobile phone for 40 minutes if you don’t supersede I want you to go back I require you to try again until you succeeded do not email me I can guarantee you that if “were trying” the same thing you will succeed how can I do that because five people every single one of them “re coming back” to me within 50 minutes saying Liam Wow you just solved my delay questions the reality is just sit down focus on not stalling and get along with with doing stuff right ten seconds left so the last thing to say is that I am at Trinity College Cambridge right now have a look out of the window there we go yeah and current realities is since being back here for the last couple of weeks I have realise one thing every single person here believes that they can study effectively and I require you guys to start believing you can study effectively too in fact I crave you to do more than only believe you can do it I miss you to expect yourself to study effectively start thinking that you are the best student in the world what would the most productive student in the world do they would get on with studying right now so I’m going to set you a challenge right the second largest I require you to go away right now I require you to imagine that you are the most successful student in the world and I want you to crack on for 40 instants without touching your mobile phone then I miss you to come back to this video and I want you to comment in the comments below saying that you have successfully studied I didn’t want to hit anyone saying I couldn’t do it Lee I could permit if you can’t get it on go back try again okay until you have done it no commentaries right guys I hope that helps this was the shot of motivation that you needed right now really to go and get on with studying astonishing let’s begin so you guys bye

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