Trick Yourself into Finding Motivation to Exercise By Using Psychology

everyone it’s Alex from modern health muncom here and today I’m going to teach you how to psychologically trick yourself into employing and actually liking it I utterly hate rehearsal and there’s no way you’re going to be able to get me to do it those were the final words of one of my teach buyers Maria when I was seeing if personal qualify was a viable career for me now although I didn’t continue with personal course by the time I quit I had Maria exercising 30 minutes a day and because she liked it how by working psychology the truth is you’re probably approaching exercise and reason completely wrong I make let’s be honest now how many of you like workout now we all know that exercise is important for general state and for weight loss and for a dozen other things but I became curious what separates the people that actually exercise long term and like it and the people that don’t as it is about to change psychological studies have found oddities about parties that practise long term that those who don’t don’t have so what separates us from them in other words why does cindy-lou who over here want to exercise seven days a week she can’t wait to work out and then over a year I you know the was just thinking about rehearsal procreates me want to projectile vomit here are seven psychological actualities about parties that regularly employ over times or decades long term practices tend to be intrinsically motivated in other words they’re not forcing themselves to get it on they’re not incentivizing themselves they’re not lay down money you know in case they lose the bet they’re not really super exceedingly pay great attention to how other parties contemplate them we are really like it now what’s interesting here is that psychology has shown that if you use extrinsic compensations too much it may actually weaken your intrinsic motivating so the more you say okay I finish this workout I’m going to have a great chocolate shake after the more you impel yourself to make love with some kind of reward later lucks are you’re affecting your internal motivation long-term exercisers in fact people who do anything long-term tend to be intrinsically motivated because when the starting gets tough if you’re not crazy about it and you’re thrust yourself to do it and extrinsic incitement is not that strong of a motivator I signify exactly look at your job if you dislike your job is 50 majestic additional a year gonna utter you stay I mean be honest I mean you think about saying oh yeah 50 magnificent to be great but if you are so disgusted with your work and your boss you can’t even get out of berthed it’s 50 splendid I’m going to do that probably not to be honest long-term exercisers have an internal locus control they believe that they control everything that happens to them and this is also really really common in highly motivated characters all that planneds is that if you have an internal locus sovereignty you feel like life is in your control literally your state is in your control your job status your relationship beings with an external locus of assure feel like the economy controls their job and the large-hearted menu corporations control their health now the prime mental ingredient associated with exercise adherence is what’s called self-efficacy or self-worth now mostly in studies psychologists found that the people that poke with exercising “the worlds largest” and in fact with many other things that were very consistent and persistent they had this belief about themselves that is not simply were they in control but they were effective at what they did in other words if you have the faith that you can’t follow through with use that you won’t see the outcome and that you don’t have the firmnes or subject or good habits to consistently exercise what’s your reason to try you’re not going to because you you know when your honcho you’re going to miscarry so the fifth one is all about virtually knowing you can follow through so what’s the secret to getting yourself motivated to move well I’m going to share with you four things number 1 develop an internal locus of domination so it is absolutely crucial to your success in man your happy your well-being the country of your relationships that you in your psyche understand that you are responsible for everything that happens nothing is a random event merely happening you justification you to fail okay you were in control of everything and if you decide to change you can change now this isn’t just some hippy rule talk I imply this is well supported by psychological science that the path you see yourself if you’re in control or out of control that is the path your life’s going to do okay beings that have an external locus ensure I think that the world masteries everything they’re less joyful little motivated less healthful and less pliable in the face of stress I intend it is absolutely crucial this mindset to doing anything number two do something you like I signify this is this must be revolutionary because I visualize beings forcing themselves do practise they hate but follow your intrinsic incitement if you don’t like lifting weights don’t make love I make doing five minutes of something you like is better than coerce yourself to do an hour or something you don’t like because you’re not going to stick with it let’s be honest here you got to think in three five ten year spans rather than three months and five months and six months so do some sort of employ you actually like if you precisely want to walk go for a five minute stroll and then slowly increase it over epoch stop forcing yourself to do works you don’t like because just like the research shows the more you do something you don’t want or you externally incentivize it you know you furnish yourself payoffs or bonuses and that kind of thing then risks are you’re not going to make love in the long term crowd three is all about mindset as well self-efficacy so if you said a huge goal guess what you’re going to do it maybe for a week few weeks few months and then you’re going to quit and then you’re probably not going to go back you’re going to do this yo-yo teeter-totter thing the key here is to simply defined destinations that are so small that you easily outperform them and your confidence goes through the roof formerly your confidence has been going through the ceiling you can start increasing things and then you’ll start reaching those goals now number four is having a positive snowball upshot now basically what I intend by that is that you want to have the experience of exercising stay positive in your intelligence so you don’t want to have these negative hard disgusting exercisings that you learn to dislike because it’s just you’re building these neural blueprints in your brain and you’re going to exactly have a very negative self-talk so what you want to do is do easy activity start super easy it should be a cakewalk the first time okay it’s whatever it is choose something you enjoy start with one minute gravely one minute even if it’s a step you’ll be like wow this is ridiculous it was one minute so you’re building this positive snowball effect in your foreman where you’re changing the path you psychologically consider and think about rehearsal which is absolutely critical I make state is all about your mindset you already know what to do I convey why aren’t you doing it that’s the million-dollar question alright everyone that’s it for today if you’re on youtube go to modern health Montcalm and download the free insiders kit because there’s a free weight loss crash course too make sure to stop by leave a comment below let me know what you think do you agree disagree what do you personally use to motivate yourself and and I’ll see you guys soon take care

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