Best Short Motivational Speech Video – 24 HOURS – 1-Minute Motivation #2

Orator: If you exclusively have 24 hours in a era, your success is dependent uponhow you use the 24. You got to hear me. People talk about Oprah Winfrey, you know, Ted Turner, Warren Buffett. Listen to me. I don’t care how much fund you impel. You only get 24 hours in a daytime and the difference between Oprah and the person that’s broke is Oprah consumes her 24 hours wisely. That’s it. Listen to me. That’s it. You get 24. I don’t care you undermined, you grew up undermined. I don’t care if you grew up rich, I don’t care you’re in college, you’re not in college. You only get 24 hours and I blew up literally. I went from being a high school dropout to selling 6,000 notebooks in less than six months. What happened in my 24 hours? I was like, okay, now you got to get a grip on your 24 hours’ lawsuit you bought to be burst for the rest of your life. And it just, all I need you to do for me. I can tell you all about your life.If you merely write down your 24 -hour schedule for me, you let me look at it. I can tell you where you’re gonna be in five years. I can tell you where you’re gonna be in ten years. I can tell you where you gonna bein 20 years, if you deter that planned ..

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