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welcome to motivation accept i’m happy to have you again our pact series turned it on where we wonder how biblical topics can gain a foothold in our everyday life with them can and how they can help us to face life’s difficulties today we want to talk about talking but that doesn’t mean talking about it interpersonal region want but the flood to god that peace with god that is commonly is submitted to as the petition everyone who has ever been in christianity has dealt somehow with perhap christian grew up is common knowledge that prayer is somehow important today there is one entirety range of the suggestions and possibilities about petition some people believe in must have a certain posture when crying or a certain one ready-made formulas may even cry a certain number of them sometimes beings think you have to feel a special emptiness in your honcho Think contemplatively into something or study in order to cry properly today we want to ask what actually is prayer in the bible and If you ask yourself how can I really cry properly then this is a question that one of the younger jesus has 2000 years old precisely this question had when he said the following sentence in lukas 11 and there verse 1 and it came to pass that he was in one place in devotion and where reference is stopped said one of his disciples to him lord teach us to cry each other oaths of jesus learn us how to really pray, how to really talk to god without it is merely a ritual a formula without any content is teach us to cry on johannes schooled his younger ones and they just wanted to reach us envisage like them today bible and sky accompanieds right and fulfilled to offer to really speak to god can be a first principle that we want to learn has now be found in this, satisfy, in lyric 13 there it says if you the evil area knows how to give good talents to your children so jesus tells us how much more will Heavenly Father give the holy spirit to the persons who give him invite this uses a image from the world countries of experience that we we all know well we all know that even if mothers was not possible to the ones of all purest words are sweet when your little children are big-eyed come leading up and say mama daddy can i have that and it is for something good then even mothers may be not the very best are very lowered to give their children good offerings to go and if people who are actually bad are good for their children like establishing endows how so much better will the father in heaven be the one of evil in his nature the holy spirit knows this good the spirit of truth we are looking for should now guide all truth will give to those who ask him so if they prefer to watch God come and ask for something that is good for you then god examines up like a papa in heaven a child and says yes exactly what he is doing with it, perhaps the most important I asked the question right at the start, namely, God even hears what I am The petitions only invent or go up to the ceiling as one sometimes does could feel for some the load of hymn 65 firmly three give us throw precisely this thought very clearly and unmistakably into it if there is in 65 composition 3 you event petition so he speaks to david god that is why all flesh is in relation to you many people have the century and for millennia tried to pray to deities made of stone and wood and metal they tried a bottle and and cows and all kinds of animals to pray “youve had” cried to the sun and to the mode and the idol but never certainly get an answer but when we talk to god he gets petition actually hears what we say and when we talk to god and ours share thoughts there is something of ours surface is still required so that what we want happens let’s take a look at markus 11 together and of course invite you every time also to open the bible itself and to read with mark 11 and there verse 24 the mark 11 and there 24 “its only” announced 23 and 24 because verily me tell you when someone speaks to this mountain lift yourself up and throw yourself into the sea and in his middle does not doubt but and that is the decisive factor key word but is confident that what he says happens so it will be yours to be partially shared with him whatever he says, that’s why I tell you everything and that is what jesus conveys just as he says everything you do in devotion invite believe that he to believe it so it will be given to you so there is one condition must meet this condition is think that we must of it Presupposes that God means what he says that we can really assume that we really want to give ourselves this belief is a required one precondition but maybe now both of them ask if that’s all then I could query pretty much anything and get how is that when i ask for a sports car or a lottery prize or maybe To travel to a dream carry when I get all of this now there is a second one principle that is sometimes often forgotten when the first principle is here and we find that in through 15 and there verse 14 and 15 in first johannes 514 15 there is something else that is even more certified and a little more to the point of what is really meant here we speak there that the holy spirit in john has inspired and that is the frankness we have towards him have that he hears we are currently comes this second condition if we do his will according to ask for something and when we know that he examines us and whatever we question, we know that we have what we ask for from him so it is important that we furnish what deity too for we don’t merely require what we like in our own personal course consider to be right but if we offer what god wants is then to become we always get exactly what we want is maybe they say but Now that’s all well and good but sometimes I exactly feel that way I time want to scream out my need and my fright and my concern may I expect that in the field its a good question and enjoy gives us a high interesting rebuttal from the life of jesus himself in matthew 26 and there verse 39 there is the report of that vistum as jesus was in the garden of gethsemane a few hours before his galas but the then Jesus knew exactly what led to his crucifixion gethsemane symbolizes literally altered from the Aramaic oil press in gethsemane jesus was pulped from all sides the sin of the world was laid on him and threatened to crush him and in any place when he was on his own posed because the younger league wanted to sleep than they are entitled to With this melancholy future prospects under home countries this frailty sinner to god is approaching then we speak the following poignant words and against a little further threw himself on his face, cried and spoke my father was impossible this chalice will pass me by jesus has his feelings she has not swept under the carpet as a phony should he said exactly how he is doing he has Father fixes it clear to me that this wish is that a cache is move it is possible that this cold will pass me by, he has his points written out the darknes I’m so grateful you’ll find out stops so that he then continues and does not offer as I miss but as you crave and so we know from the speciman of jesus who is our perfect example that we all succeeded our worries our fears may cry out to god and be We are even allowed to do more, but at the same time we have the privilege then to connect with the words not how I want but how you want we can tell god and communicate all of our fears to you in first peter 57 if it says so it will be very powerful there it says in first peter 5 verse 7 all and this time the video signifies exactly what they say we have to learn them have liked to take your parole for it shed all your annoys on him because he take care of you sometimes it has happened that in petition we all attention neatly tell and describe god and turn from all sides And then with this whole backpack that we carry with us after we have everything have neatly rolled then go back but deity wants to not only is our perturbs told, he actually craves our perturbs have therefore very said all your frets throw on him and that can what all of backes feeds in prayer when we pray then we should not just be god tell how we’re doing we are actually allowed to mentally these annoys and fling at him and say deity “youve said” all your concerns I want to give you yours because you said that you were for me said today my wonderful promise “that weve got” that does not only apply to but take care of everything that lies in the heart in hymn 55 there are still in ballad 33 his 55 and there verse 23 anguish it is said to raise areas of concern Lord and he “il take care of you”, whatever it is, whether it is a concern memo maybe a request is all that we can jettison at him invest in the gentleman and he will take care of you he are likely to be the blameless in never let go of the bank, whatever that is, what is important to you, that is god say that’s on divinity you can throw your idol that’s it please help me and god will hear but there is something we do too want to pay attention to yes it is right and important that we have our own expects and to share with god for your own concerns and needs sometimes there are beings you can only believe that for answers, in no case for yourself but that is not biblical it is important and right to bid for yourself and to communicate what is on your heart to god, but it is just as good and to offer it properly to other people too paulus showed us this as a simulation when he wrote in the pinball character firstly chapter there securely four says the following in which I all the time similar to everyone my prayers for all of you to intercede with glee what paulus said that he wasn’t just now and then when he was like that, but in everyone mortal petition he said cried for other people i am aware not how they feel about people who may need a prayer perhap the sick aunt of the decrepit opera or maybe also the neighbours “whos not” doing so well at the moment we are allowed to write our own observe we are allowed to for god’s sake But we can and should also pray for other beings Another very important principle God will talk to is what I do first assessment all chapters head from there ballad 17 18 concludes and not but it is whole To settle it briefly and concisely, it represents pray without finish in German without interruption totally continuously and that drove some into the denomination because how can I invariably say devotions how can i stoop on my knees without a break slide or whatever petition some imagine i believe it it is good to really kneel down at the right time a devotion but we can at any time if we stoop or stand sit or lie with god in imagine connected accurately that’s what the verse wants to say we can constantly be in spiritual to be in radio communication with the control center of the universe and ever at all eras get brand-new thoughts and caprices again and the things that burden us Always side them in immediately without lugging them around with us all day must cry without stop and then stand up second founding principle of this verse since in all grateful sometimes we be pointed out that when we pray it does not mean praying for nothing, which is related to asking and which is often ask a substantial part of our domains but we should also in everything be grateful thank god for what he’s already done has for what he wants to give us for what he is and yes it is easy to be grateful when you have a great experience has done when one is agitated about the message of jesus It may be difficult when you are walking through a dark hollow Predicaments develop and when the future is not too bright seems grateful for everything because it says here because that is the will of god in christ jesus for you maybe have you now feel like I actually don’t want to either I would just like to say accurately to god I would also like to be indebted I was willing to to be in constant linked with idol then you can requirement this knowledge is the introduction of the holy spirit to you right now with discovery 23 let’s speak the following impressive utterances that makes see it is jesus who speaks here to each and every one of us, see you in front of the door we don’t mean our suite entrance to close perfectly what is signified is the heart’s door to our thoughts he tells her i stand in front of the door and beat when a person hears my voice and the door opens so i will go in and feed with him coating and he would like to have a similar connect with me jesus and nothing there is no better nature to get in touch with god and so the petition remains and he offers it to every single person, including you dear witnes he stands in front of your heart’s door and says I are intended to to have a permanent relationship with her opens up to me and you know jesus if this door will not kick in he will not use force to gain entry to your thoughts he would like you to come willingly and say yes I do would like to have fellowship with you i would like to talk to you i would like to talk to her exchange reckons i want to forbid maybe still a very practical aspect of when and where we can pray in principle we said always have an opportunity but there are special ones times that jesus supported where petition is particularly emphasized in markus 1 and there it says 35 and in the morning when it was still dark he got up Jesus went out to a lonely plaza and some of the americans and I prayed there I’m also there because it might be difficult to get up early in the morning but it is a great blessing in why jesus knew it was necessary on 1 1 to be at the place to be undisturbed and could even back then when there was no e forwards and no internet and no mass of information rendered something important for him savior himself to have period with idol how much me today where we bombed be with all sorts of information and with things that keep coming back to us the stress creates that we make our time best at the beginning of the day before everything crumbles, age for us take time for devotion to seek truth in his command to talk to him and convey concludes to him you don’t want to make such a small portion every day starting tomorrow dedicate the day to him in petition and read the bible and then, of course, as we have already said, it ever comes down to our souls don’t depend on how well, how long or how immense we cry, but how it is in my heart from you that symbolizes in your 29 verse 13 yes you will look for me and find me if you wholeheartedly for me want life to know there is a story of the bible brand-new you can read for yourself where a prayer that goes to the heart is said and then comes the answer in the form of an angel or angel said while you were still speaking when you started talking I used to go to give you what it told us that intends long before we get ours having developed convicts to the end the answer is long on the way meet countless people who say i would like to be because i dare to pray not because I don’t know what paroles to speak this story these principles made quite clear it doesn’t matter what idol is on the lookout is someone in his nerve of franc feels talking to god and he throws himself on his knees says deity me and at this moment before he does can still talk because idol knows the heart is the one react once on the way a final principle that is found in firstly chronic 1600 feast 12 very frequently it happens that we experience devotion because we are in need we have had difficulties and we write to god and he discovers the americans and affords us a wonderful a wonderful ordeal that you might report a few weeks or months ago everything is forgotten again that is why the bible tells us in the first place recount 16 and there feast 12 celebrates the miracles he has done to his signalings and the judgment of his son it is worth the prayer events the we have made a note of maybe writing them down notebook maybe you surpass it on to other parties thereby also strengthened because in each case retentions have to be preserved because there may be one day where i go through a difficulty and like this devotion Experience that I have recently been had can give courage and confidence this time too God can develop my devotion because it wants to be among the hearing there in this I would like to think about a petition with me now cause us be at peace with divinity and implement exactly what we are doing right now have learned and then I would like to invite you and hearten you every day talking to god and as we have seen all day there is finally in communication with divinity let’s talk to god now preferably Father in heaven will thank you so much that you are a god that one doesnt even know must soothe then “youve had” that in god who has an open ear for us you a god to whom we can say everything who understands how it is in us examines and who affords us all that is good for us, there is not all that what we want seat but all that we really need and what ours is best and for that we thank you from the bottom of our stomaches “that weve got” other parties may pray in order to be able to participate in their fate and we request that you always remind us of the hour that “youve had” knew petition suffer and that we can grow bit by bit in religion and are motivated to live as faithful christians in everyday life thanks to lord jesus for We volunteer this wonderful gift of petition in your specify to everyone Thank you for your interest in our streak and we would like you to cordially invite “youre going to” our next incident which will be a special one should not miss any circumstances will speak of how “were living” maybe someone have already been able to take hold of would like to know how do i become a christian this topic if we then until then, discuss hopes against God’s blessing study of his word and in petition

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