Motivation: Gib der Freude Raum in deinem Leben (2) ‒ Joyce Meyer ‒ Mit Jesus den Alltag meistern

What we do is nowhere near as important to God as the question why we do something( applause ). I would like to add: no matter what we do, as long as we get it on for the wrong reasonableness, we cannot enjoy our life.( Music) What is going on inside of us? Huu, it’s a lively residence in there!( laugh) This is something to watch out for. Ask yourself: “What’s going on inside of me? ” There is a lot of self-talk going on inside. How do you speak to yourselves about yourselves?( Scattered laughter)( Joyce chortles to herself) Eh-heh, heh.There over there feel addressed to some.( Laughter) “I’m so stupid. I’m not getting anything right “” I’m stupid. “” I’m overweight. “” I’m ugly. “Think or say such negative things Things not about yourself. Otherwise you exactly agree with the devil.( Applause) Rather ask yourself the question: “What does God think of me? ” Hmm The Bible says: “God’s recalls about us are more numerous than the specks of beach on any coast the world countries. “God studies of you all the time.( Applause) With that in mind, I attained myself this morning invited: “Okay, Joyce, what do you intend what God reputes of you? ” I said to myself: “He cherishes me. He likes me. He’s proud of me. I think he’s happy about me. ” You might be thinking, “You sound quite puffed up, though.”( laugh) See, that doesn’t mean I’m doing everything right.But God examines my centre. I’m not doing everything title, but I would like to do everything right. I have dedicated myself to this goal. Stop thinking that God is half the time is mad at you. Preferably believes that the Bible says, namely, that he will be pleased with you. God dances over you for joyfulnes! Do you know how much he is joyou that you are here today? You should have been somewhere else and yesterday Catch a hangover in the evening.You could have got drunk last-place nighttime. Then I would have you have been able felt so bad this morning that you couldn’t get out of bunked “wouldve been”. What fun isn’t it?( Laughter) Instead, you came here and enjoy a service!( Merriments) you giggled, you cried, you learned something. You sang, you rushed up and down. What about your imagery? What is going on The imagination … if you already imagining something, why don’t you imagine something good then?( Applause) Not genuine? I imagine getting the requested phone call this afternoon: “We have an offer for your owned … ” Juhuuu, Jesus! You request, “But what if the announcement doesn’t come? ” Then I’ll be expecting him tomorrow.I give in to the savage no longer; I no longer give in. I’ve been doing that for far too long.( Cheers) Come on! Our euphorium is not is dependent upon our desire is complied with. It depends on us knowing who who can fulfill our wishes. Joy comes when we can trust him and say: If it doesn’t happen today, today is not the day. God won’t be late for two seconds!( Applause) He doesn’t want more from us: really that we continue to trust and believe in him.Do you know, what happens then? We’ll be happy while we wait. We all have to wait. Whether we want it or not. However, we can choose whether we want to be unhappy or joyous while waiting. I like my talk today.( Applause) You know, our human nature automatically imagines negative things. We must don’t even make an effort to picture bad things to ourselves. But to imagine good things – that we have to do it consciously. Right? Are you overweight and want to lose weight? Then buy a dress that is a little too small for you .( laugh) Hang it in the wardrobe, look at it every day and say, “I’ll carry you.”( Merriments) OK? Eye something. Imagine something good. So: fight for your thoughts. Conceptions are a battlefield. I can’t even tell you how much it cured me when I realise: “I don’t have to follow every thought that comes to my sentiment! I can have bad reckons repudiate thinking good instead! “2 Corinthians 10, verses 4 and 5: We use the mighty weapons of God and not worldly artilleries, to destroy human thought structures. With these weapons we crush all of them majestic reasons that prevent people from knowing God. With these weapons give us overcome their loath thoughts and teach them to obey Christ .( Applause) That means we have a responsibility. The devil wants to give us negative conceives. Our thoughts are a battlefield where clashes will take place for the rest of our lives. It’s up to me, it’s up to you to ask God for the help of his Holy spirit, to be able to recognize destructive concludes immediately. It is likewise your job to fend off these thoughts and replace them with constructive believes. If you leave your head blank, so to speak, the negative estimations come back very quickly. On the other hand, if you crowd your honcho with good estimations, bad expects cannot spread. Do you know what one of my favorite things to do? I means that dangerously. I love to think about what I can do for other parties. I find that fun!( Applause) For illustration, I think to myself: “Who will I become today in the course of the Meet day? What can I do for you? How can I stimulate you happy? Mr, I want to listen carefully today. I want to pay attention to the wishes and needs of other beings, so that I can do them good. “Don’t sit around and think: “I’ll get back to him! If he thinks he’ll get away with it, he’s got it very wrong! I will not take it for conceded! I’m sick of how they analyse me! ” No, prefer to say: “God lives in me and thus too his being. No is important that somebody else undertaken in order to me i can love the person with the beloved of idol. I will do this because I am I don’t want to let the other poison my life by becoming embittered. “Come!( kudo) Are you happy today?( Agreement) Huu, what about our posture? The Bible says in Ephesians 4, Verse 23 that we need to refresh our outlooks daily, so to speak. We have to readjust our outlook every day. Our attitude is ours. Listen: Our attitudes are ours and no one can do us prescribed a negative attitude when we don’t want that.( Applause) We have to take responsibility for our attitudes instead of ever abandoning responsibility. “Yes, if I had a better racket …! ” “Yes, if my husband treated me the acces so-and-so analyses his wife! ” Make the devil exasperated by maintaining a positive stance regardles. You have to live with yourself. You will never be removed from yourself , not even for a second. So you might as well do something to enjoy being with yourself.( laugh) Not true-blue?( Applause) Okay. I demand you guys one read a little story that is really good. A 92 -year-old lady moves into an age-old people’s home. Her husband recently passed away and her noses are so bad that she is officially announced is classified as blind. She can no longer take care of herself, although she is petite is built, she appears self-confident. Each morning at 8 a. m. she’s already penalize Robes on, her whisker is done and she wears a little makeup. Today she is moving to a retirement home because her husband, with whom she was married for 70 times, died. After waiting many hours in the entrance hall of the old people’s home, the elderly lady smiles sincerely when she is told that her apartment is finally ready. While they moved towards the elevator movement, a harbour describes what her tiny little chamber looks like, includes the curtains that were attached to the window. “I like that! ” she says, and that with the interest of an eight-year-old who had just been given a puppy. “But Mrs. Jones, you haven’t seen the office more. Please wait with yours Judgment. “Then she replies: ” That doesn’t matter. Happiness is something what to choose in advance. Whether I like the office or not does not depend on how the furniture is arranged, but how I coordinate my imagines. “( Applause) Listen. Make up your head now that you won’t be in a bad feeling last-minute, gonna be grumpier old person.( laugh) The older I get, the funnier I want to be!( Applause) Last week we laughed out loud when I and my babies snack with my teenagers for the dinner prayed: “Thank you, Joyce, for what you brought us.”( laugh) My son said: “We must coordinate pastoral care for you when you start to pray to yourself.”( Laughter) Laugh at yourselves. Get moving not because of every little mistake. OK? I anticipate God chortled about that too.( laugh) Back to the story: “How I unionize my believes is a decision I induce every morning gratify when I wake up. I have a choice. I can either waste the day in bunked and identify the problems I have with all the body parts that no longer work or I can get up and be grateful for the parts of the body that are still functional. Every day is a gift, and as long as I can open my sees, I focus on that brand-new day and all the beautiful recollections that I have for this phase of soul “I think that’s so good!( Applause) I adoration that! Dave and I can be discussed a lot Beginning occasion of our ministry and how much we fought. We propped minuscule contests. We “ve been dreaming about” dates like this one! We hoped we would see eras like this. I still retain how I prayed, “Lord, in case there is a hundred people today Event “re coming”! “And that lasted for years.( Claps) Sometimes it was difficult to hold on to the dream.There were endless moments in which I wanted to give up. But that’s exactly what the barbarian requires. May i tell you that it doesn’t make firmnes to give up? Giving up – anyone can do that. But it makes strong to hold on to your dreams when there is no reason to believe that they will ever come true – except, that God leant them to your heart. Right? Something else that buzzes around inside us and that is one of the most important things of all: … intentions. What we do is not nearly as important to God as why we do something.( Applause) I would like to add: no matter what we do, as long as we make love for the wrong reasons do we cannot enjoy our life. Just what we do for the right reasons is rewarded and fulfilling. Matthew 6, compositions 1 to 7. Yes, seven verses!( Laughter) Be careful! If you do good then don’t do it publicly merely to be admired. This does not mean that others should not see it when you are doing something good. But it wants, that you should not do good merely to be seen by others. If so, do not expect to be rewarded by your Heavenly Father. If you present something to someone in need, don’t trumpet it as do the hypocrites who show off their regards in synagogues and in wall street, merely to get attention! I give you my assurances: this is the only reward that you will ever get for it. If you commit something to someone, tell yours left end not what your right hand is doing.What do you convey with that? I conceive: after we somebody have done something good, we shouldn’t pat one another on the back and congratulate one another, how good we have been. Not genuine?( Applause) A long time ago I read a book that said: “Love stays in the darks, until it is needed. Then she steps out of the darks, does her job and step back into the shadows to wait for the next opportunity. ” When you sacrifice something to someone, don’t tell your left hand what your right hand is doing. Give in all silence, and your father, who knows all mysteries, will reinforce you for it. Do you know, how difficult it can be for us to do person good and accept it when nobody is learns about it differently – besides God and us? Do you know why? Because our human nature longs for admiration. Because she wants to be admired. I have the History has been told many times, but it has been a while since I last accompany it “ve already told”. So, if you already know her, I don’t apologize. You probably have she needs to hear them again .( Laughter) That happen has been over thirty years here. I’m glad it didn’t really happen yesterday. Does anyone of you remember the time when the big-hearted, glittering “Jesus” pins? been entirely “in”? Who of you had a “Jesus” pin made of rhinestones? Come! Just three of us? Am I that old once ?!?( laugh) Lord help me. Anyway, these were pins a big deal back then. One epoch I went to the nail salon and got my claws done. There was a second Christian who also had her nails done. She told me that she as Nurse manipulated, and how difficult it was for her to become seriously ill herself Not allowed to tell cases about their beliefs because it was against hospital regulations. Then I got an inner impulse from God: “Give her your glittering bolt and keep telling her that she can wear these on her study clothes. If they are then over patient bow down, they will see the mention of Jesus. That can do a lot of good.” I also had the impression that I should establish her the talent in private. I just didn’t know how to do it because the beautician was still there. But then – lo and behold – the beautician said: “Oh, Joyce, mine is just run out of a product i need. I’ll go to the warehouse next door and get wise Supply.”So God “ve been given” such opportunities not to get any attention!( Laughter) He paved a action for me to leave honor only with him. Now I sat there while the beautician was become and fought with myself inside whether I should do it now or after she came back. I choose, I could tell you I concluded the right decision. Regrettably , no! I sat there and waited, and even told myself: “That will definitely do her good, my magnanimity to see. I can be a role model to her. “She came back and as she did with my hammers finished, I took the pin off, passed it to the other woman and said: “I would like to give you this as a pose. I had the impression that God used to tell me that you can wear it on your work robes and “blah blah blah. I got precisely the reaction I was hoping for. “Oh, that’s so nice of Them! How kind and how various kinds of you! “But when I left the nail salon and closed marched my car, I heard God whispering to me inside: “I hope you experienced that, Joyce, because you won’t get any more wages for it.”( laugh) Has anyone else done something like this before? Naturally. Well, thank God that was 35 several years ago. Motives are so important. And now to pray. When you cry, do not be like the charlatans who like them cry in public on the street corners and in the synagogues, wherever then there able to see. I assure you, this is the only reward they will ever receive. To be honest, when I extend an phenomenon like this and pray for you, then I make sure that I do not mean you by the eloquence of mine I want to impress petitions but truly focus on Jesus and listen inwardly to what he wants to say through me.I had to learn that. I don’t want to lose my incomes. Come! who of you don’t want to lose his compensations?( Applause) When you pray, going to see a plaza where you are alone close the door behind you and pray to your leader in silence. Then your papa will form you who knows all the secrets, compensation. Don’t babble when you pray as do people who do not know God. I think that’s so savory. They judge, that their petitions will be replied to if they recite the words enough times. Many people do the right thing – for wrong ones Establish. Who does good and has wrong inducements, who misses the real exhilaration of it. Ginger: Just like Joyce merely did, would like I also ask you: What do you expect from life? Are you full of rejoice or fright? As you have just heard: you can have hope and expect good things. That is going to be on Affect your whole outlook on life. Ask God to help you develop wrong mindsets recognize that are blocking your rejoice. Replace bad recalls with good judgments. Joy is one of the most important things you can have in animation. She is a “fruit of the Spirit “. It is a gift that God gave you. Do yourself with it the truths of the Bible and you will experience how euphorium becomes more and more space in you ..

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