I CAN, I WILL, I MUST – Study Motivation 2018

So “youre gonna have to” do me a huge favor, you gotta do me a huge favor you got to get to the point where You don’t need a vehicle anymore You don’t need a live anymore you dont need to bepushed by anybody anymore your dreams, your why is gonna push you your spouse is gonna push you, their own children is gonna push you the need to get better is going to push you because you’re closer than you’reever going to be, it’s gonna push you you don’t need anything to push you Your goals are gonna push you, your dreams are gonna push you. The opportunity of a lifetime thathappens in this particular time-frame is gonna push you, is gonna drive you, is going to procreate you better so do me a indulgence as I leave, as I leave youcan’t be average anymore, 70% you cant do it you can’t do it and have what you want.You can’t give me 70 and be what you want. You can’t gives people 70 and do what the hell are you miss. You can’t be average anymore, you can’t be good anymore, 80%. You can’t be good anymore8 0% and have what you want You can’t be good at something andhave everything you “ve been dreaming about”. To realise your dreams become real, to nolonger dream but walk in them, you can’t 90% you can be good, you canbe good, you can be great But you still wont get it all, I’m telling you when you are miraculous There’s nothing you can’t have, good-for-nothing you can’t do , good-for-nothing you can’t be and I time, I believe thatyou’re in this room right now I believe that we’re in the same infinite right now. I believe we’re all in thisplace together, listen to me I believe that we’re all in this home together Because all of us, all of us aint median, none of us wanna been wonderful And for those of us who reachgreatness, we have a desire So pushing past greatness and seewhat miraculous looks like.So I need everyone in the room when you thinkabout your goal, and you think about your dream I need you to understand just as Isaid to my bride in that hospital room I can I will I must I need everybody to say it with me I can I will I must, come on I can I will I must, again I can I will I must now for those ofyou who want it all, every single dream, every single goal as I say it for those of you who really want it you-you’re going to say it and you’re gonna say it-stand andyou’re gonna say it like you mean it.I can I will I must come on I can, I will, I must, come on I can, I will, I are now required to say looks just like you planned it I can, I will, I must, again I can, I will, I must, again I can, I will, I must Now I need you to thinkabout that loved one that- that- that- that individualthat you have to do this for I need you to say it with me.I can, I will, I must, come on for that individual I can, I will, I must, for that person I can, I will, I must, for that thing you want to accomplish I can, I will, I must, again I can, I will, I must Now I require you to think about that obstacle I crave you to think about thatthing that remembers pressing you down I want you to think about that- thatmountain that’s hard to climb. I crave you to think about that thingthat you just can’t seem to get over we’re gonna get over it today, we’re gonna get over it we’re gonna get over it together I can, I will, I must and we’re gonna add to it I can get over it I will get over it I must get over it, ready! I can get over it I will get over it I must, come on come on I can get over it I will get over it I must get over it I know something about you, I know you’re not a quitter I know you’re a survivor, I know you’re a survivor.You’re watching me right now andI know something about you you are a survivor so I demand you to getoff this, I crave you to cut it off I want you to go in the reflect, I require you tomake the rest of your life the best of your life I CAN I WILL I MUST it’s your son ET I have limitless potential, I has already been I need inside me I have opportunity, I have allthe strength I need to succeed I have all the strength I need. I have limitless possible, I has already been I need inside me I have opportunity, I have allthe strength I need to succeed I have all the strength I need. I wishes to express its appreciation for all I have, I am grateful for “peoples lives” I wishes to express its appreciation for my health, I am grateful for my hope. I am grateful I was born with crusading flavour, I wishes to express its appreciation for my backbone. I will use my strong every day, I will use my flavour every day I will give my all every day.I am chosen, I am willing to sacrifice I am willing to go the extra mile, I “il be going” the extra mile I will do whatever it makes. “Theres anything” I cannot have , no one I can’t become. I have not yet been restraints. Ill achieve whatever I set out to achieve Ill achieve my goal I view my objective clearly I know when Ill achieve my goal, I well known to get there. I will achieve my goal, I will be great. I have positioned the time, I will not be late. I will be great. I have unending possible. I has already been I need inside me. I have opportunity, I have allthe strength I need to succeed. I have all the strength I need, I have boundless possible I has already been I need inside me, I have opportunity I have all the strength I need to succeed I have all the strength I need, I have unending capability. I has already been I need inside me. I have opportunity, I have allthe strength I need to succeed.I have all the strength I need. I am defined. I am willing to sacrifice, I am willing to go the additional mile. I “il be going” the additional mile. I will do whatever it makes. “Theres anything” I cannot have. No one I can’t become, I have no limits. I will achieve whatever I set out to achieve. I will achieve my goal. I will do whatever it takes, I will do whatever it makes. I will be great, I have named the year, I will not be late. I WILL BE GREAT I am a winner, I am a fighter, I am a ogre, I am a machine.Success is quarry, there is no doubt, its mine. I CAN I WILL I WILL I don’t care what you’ve been through, I don’t care who you are I don’t care where you came from, I don’t care what your past is like I don’t care what your stress is like, I don’t care what stress you’re under I don’t care what difficulties you have right now I don’t care what you don’t have right now. All I care about is what your mindset islike in terms of today and future developments. Are you going to start today countbecause that’s all you can control and that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter where you start guys It doesn’t matter what expertises you’re born with it’s about where you finishand this hasten isn’t over. It’s not over.You could stillcome in firstly in the marathon but you gotta start today, you gotta start now. You got everything, you haveeverything you need is inside you. It doesn’t matter what you don’thave now because you can go get it but it starts today. It began with a commitment, starts with a principle it starts with the discipline, it starts with effort it starts with energy, it starts with an idea that you’re gonna start today counting and a good deal of people want toknow what my chore is like Well, it’s predicated on that ideathat I’m going to originate today counting and that meant that before everyone is up I’m going to have entered a peak government already.I’m here to help you but you have to help yourself. No one is going to do it foryou in terms of the action But you got to say something with me. I’m going to make this thing wield, I’m going to live out my dreams. I’m going to live out my purpose, I’m going to be who I was destined to be. I’m going to fulfill all of the tasksnecessary to live out that role to become who I certainly want to be. Not to be who I am shackled by in the past Not to live in a nature of constraint.How do “youre staying” driven? I’m gonna ask you a few questions, how don’t you stay drive? If you’re so grandiose, show me. If you wanna be an anomaly, you have to act like one I don’t care about tomorrow. I be concerned about 36 months from now, 52 months from now, 83 months from now What can you do from Friday5 p.m ., until Monday 7 a. m .? I’m just curious, like and I don’tthink you shouldn’t have a weekend. But I think everybody’s aim actually is more predicated ontheir actions than their messages. My friends tell me all thetime they’re so ambitious and I’m like if that’s true then you punt rest and you puntconcerts at Jones Beach and you work.You can’t believe how many beings you know how many people used tosay the word luck, that- that message prosperity has led right back like nobody has theaudacity be mentioned that to my face now and I enjoy it. And that’s why I did it, I did it, I prepared itfor you because you can watch and be like OK But I think yours is different, Ithink a lot of theirs is different. It’s because I’m not illusion about it Document over Create. I’m super not interesting in being fanciful. I’m ready to work I worked very hard to than everybody in this room and I swear on my life, I’m positive because you can only tie me and so, I’m just not imagination like I’m gonna triumph and I’m gonna continueto win, and I’m gonna be real big And I’m never gonna forget what I’m about and I like get my hands dirtyand I’ll answer that email And I’ll stop and have thatconversation and I’ll take that tar and I do unscalable , not the freedom consume of my term substance 50% of my era, every day for the restof my life cause I cherish the dirt I adore the grind, I’ll neverget fancy, I don’t like idea and so that’s important to me.The second you think you’vewon, somebody’s gonna create. That’s so real, that- you know a lot ofthese cliches and stereotypes, theyre real There is no loss in going for it. That, yeah, you might get made fun ofand you might have it in your own mind but I punted every leisure activity in my life Nothing , no weekends , novacations, zero , nothing. Nothing, it’s my truth, I didn’t take a single trip daytime never , none, zero, zero, zero. All my high school friends? Gone because I wasn’t around all my college friends, affix college? Gone girlfriends , nothing, all in. So what did I do? I acted I worked to such an extreme level.I’m going for it, I’m hustling from 6 to 11 p.m. every day with every second allocated. There is no break, there’s no, there no eata salad and speak Reddit or watch YouTube that- that is not in my game Getting your hands dirty underyour fingernails, it’s the game. The young are the future And if you notice veers like oh they don’t use email you can learn from them or they’rewatching a lot of YouTube.So the two biggest things are stop being soft and start actually wreaking and getting yourhands unclean in the thing that you love. And number two pay attentionto trends around your best friend. Beings aren’t starting they’re just not inducing they’re thinking, they’re ponderingthey’re strategizing, they’re debating I’m just make at all terms I actually would tell you, I fascinatesometimes over losing everything and then having like youguys write articles like hear he wasn’t that good, he was so foolish and then rising like aphoenix and being like’ pin you !’ because you need to be a practitionerto be good at what you do I don’t wanna be a social media guru thatreads a headline from somebody else’s tweet.I know everything things that Musical.ly, Snapchat, Vine, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram does age and I sit with all thesegurus that sell records extremely and all these social mediaexperts and corporations and startups I sit with Facebook and Instagram inmeetings where their managers are wrong. like I’m medical practitioners, I genuinely know my trash and that’s important. If you wannawin you have to be able to do that and path too many people lose that, they forget what gets them there and they’re not keeping up with it, andthe thing that I do for a living is hard because these stages arechanging every day, every second and a lot of things change and the things thatwere tried and true a week ago change and in that arbitrage, in yourheadline construe, I make money.If you’re complaining, likelook if you, if you’re happy and you’ve got student lends and you’vegot mortgages and you work two jobs but you’re happy, good The problem is there’s so many millions ofpeople time sitting around complaining and then they go play Madden for four hours. You have to deal with thereality of the situation Dwelling and contemplating and crying doesn’t do anything and it extremely doesn’t do anything in this Ecochamber, in this arena, there is no crying. you can cry, you’re just gonna lose and I have bad news aboutcomplaining and crying Let me tell you somethingabout complaining and crying that’s really, certainly gonna hurt forall you complainers out there. nothing maintenances. You have a jam-pack epoch, 15 hour era, it got canceled, what are you doing in that 15 instants? And by the way, sometimes those1 5 minutes are absolutely worth calling your mum, calling yourdaughter, face time with your adolescents Please just become every minute count Every minute has to count Every minute has to count If you require so much because you justdon’t have as many of them as you think You precisely dont This is a matter of life anddeath, I don’t know who told y’all I don’t know who told y’all this was about maththis was about English, this was about science, right and y’all are thinking why do I need math to blow a fuse? why do I need English to blow up? look this is no longer about, this isnot about what you think it is.This is life and death School is about specifying a foot, are you hearing what I’m telling you? So I need you to try, I need you totry to read every single word if you don’t know it, write it down and inspect it up I need you to try to do every single assignment. I need you to try to go to every single class.I really need you to try becauseI know something about you. I know something about you I know when you were put forward 120% effortthere ain’t nothing you cant do there ain’t nothing you can’t achieve I don’t want you to live to die anymore I demand you to die to livebecause I know if you try I wondering if you put forth 120% try, there ain’t nothing you can’t do But live in a world-wide of freedomand that’s yours to have That’s a choice that you can obligate That’s a decision that you could followthrough on, that you can carry out You gotta wanna make this thing work for you you gotta shape today count. What are you doing with your time? Are you wasting it? Are you going to become todaycount because it’s treasured or are you gonna let it merely slip away? Let it fade. You need to be in a crest mood at all epoch That’s gonna be predicated on your will your intensity, your unity, your person, your vigour, your effort to get what you want out of this life.It’s on you I demand you to get off this, I require you to cut it off. I require you to go in the mirror and I miss “youre going to” realize the rest ofyour life the best of your life I CAN I WILL I MUST It’s your boy ET.

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