Der Schlüssel zur Motivation – Carol Dweck (2/2)

hello and welcome to the world of school psychology on the microphone palace the key to motivating or how can i transmit that learning worth noting when I was at school, you could do tests just before class work or wreak route ever celebrate a highly interesting phenomenon the majority of members of “youre supposed to” know what i planned is this just before the pass are dealt or just before the class intention May enter the classroom to then write the occupation that in this one at the moment one question often reached the rounds that read you have learned or how much have you learned and what is remarkable about the storey there was an unbelievable number of people at the moment that said no, i actually did I barely learned anything I didn’t have time or told others I earned from it learned to describe a place record had been known for three days that in this hour would most probably be rewritten but what often happens and it would be hypocritical to say that I never do that would have done what often so that even those people of whom I precisely okay, he really “ve got a lot” learned that those people answered this question in the last minute before occupation often hardly rebutted I certainly tried hardly anything you in this way a possible outage and with it associated need to explain why this failure have already had followed why have I clearly disappointed him to try his class project this room you can prevent this lack because if I now fail in class work then it is because I am can not learned fairly and not because of that somehow for the subject being not talented enough and lacking aptitude absence expertise Barely anyone would really like to be accused on the other hand, this emphasis is on the fact that you have not learned anything in advance also have an indication of a was of the opinion that I think is very adverse and that is really in no way supportive for private individuals and this view is that hear is uncool and you all know the derogatory term who learns is a nerd and nerd are anything but popular geek are perhaps the teacher’s favorite, but nerds are surely not that huge popular with classmates but chiefly it’s not like that the confederates brand someone as a nerd because they genuinely are learns an incredible amount and therefore maybe no time at all more has something to do with somebody and that’s why he kind of out which drops out of the social structure of the class but the period geek is used inflationarily for everyone who is simply better than the others often the best in class is the nerd or is referred to as this although he doesn’t necessarily learn that much more than the others so perhaps he learns just as much, sometimes maybe even less you can see that this period really comes first and foremost from feeling the hatred develops nonetheless, I find it absolutely questionable if such sentiments as learning is uncool who learns it stupid moron or something like learning is not worthwhile if such sentiments are spread so let’s stick with discover not worth what do you think and now let’s try to draw the bow to the last episode to draw the bow to the study away from carrot what do you think it is more all the persons who believe in one believing changeable intellect study to say is not worthwhile or is not Those who say, well, knowledge is in accordance with genes given by nature and therefore basically nothing to change who would rather say that learn is not worthwhile precisely for the persons who trust that intellect is unchangeable because if it is unchangeable then I can yes learn the method I demand it remains unchangeable beyond and that could again be shown in the study by weg und mller, they are too the understanding that when someone has to work very hard to get a good one to perform that this must be an indication of low-grade intellect because if he were very intelligent he could solve the problem with his left hand without having to make a big effort, the conclusion that could be drawn from it it does and I think it makes sense that those who go to the immutability of intellect trust and we also have in that Last incident heard that they were mainly responsible for recital kohls are interested so are interested in purposes where you be brought to an end in the eyes of the others as intelligent there are standing there ogling flawless simply don’t make a mistake, the conclusion that could be drawn from it It is after all that those people compile the great effort that they start would not have to take on to achieve the great long-term goal because if you tried very hard that would be a sign of that they are just not that rational the outcomes of another study fits in here and in are you all right For the study results, students were asked to imagine the following a new school year has started and you have also got a new theme and the teach in the subject is also very friendly and everything is going very well you have the impression that you get along very well, you are familiar with everything and then the first experiment is due and you enroll the test from have a good feeling but when you get the test back is on the test on it that wasn’t so good you neglected so it was one American study so there was an f on it, how does one of the next questions fall? In this study it was then how do you deal with this event and it was Again a couple of answers demonstrated where you were allowed to ticking again from is not applicable at all eg please give yes i would just learn a lot more for the next measure one other refute possible true reservoir i would with the next test only kind of trying to[ __] so maybe i would[ __] or maybe I would look at the neighbor and who is more likely to actually use this option? well it was again those who believe that intelligence is something unchangeable unless I is confident that through learning I won’t anyway can get better if I believe that I am not worth learning then I take action only the next time back on chisel membrane and with me at least then if i don’t learn anything with what i will at least get the result reach a good score Let’s briefly summarize the data at this degree when someone believes that intelligence is unchangeable and otherwise one can not only believe that the intelligence and is changeable but you can also believe that your entire own personality is relative is unchangeable and there are also exciting studies, namely to what scope this concept of the immutability of one’s own temperament passion rapports can have an impact, for example, here too to be those who believe that you can change that you are that can develop in their relationships very learning implements have so that they too find it good when their development partners is too contributes to your own growing by sometimes praising yourself those who say well my personality is relatively secured Again, they tend to have the performance calls, that is, they require in The woolen collaborators are admired first and foremost by their partners who thinks that they are perfect and someone who determines them look good The outcome of another study are also interesting in this framework where you look back yourself like the people depending on whether you believe that vary is possible like you with difficulties in one deal with the reports and now, very, it was found that those at a Personal growth believed that they had much more active coping strategies So they certainly pick a concrete action plans laid down in how to deal with these difficulties now the other hand who believed that personal development that an improvement is hardly possible with that was the probability a constructive mixture is much less likely and the likelihood that it is because of these difficulties in the relation because there is a little bit of sand in the paraphernalium that is why it becomes one There is a break in the dissolution of the relationship, which was much higher here because with them there was a much stronger impression in that destiny that is, if it is in the relationship crisis then “its probably” because it should not have been but I actually wanted to briefly summarize which ones at this item Disadvantages can be produced if one being of the opinion that change and in particular the change in your own intellect if you barely is confident that or is not possible at all if you believe that then it is feasible and I say consciously can because we ever talk about altitudes Probability then it can be that one is large problem has to deal with failures be addressed with setbacks then you may be less interested in learning because one also thinks that understand is not worth memorize Instead, people are interested in marking low-pitched ability preferably, that one has a good external consequence that one in the eyes the other through the tasks that one copes reasonably well or are you all right there is that in turn leadings and that is what I have until now not mentioned now, but also came about in some of the studies have been mentioned out and come out in studies we will discuss in a moment And it is also logical that in turn leads to the benefits of course eventually suffer from it because when you learn the and the accompanied challenges more or less out of the way then of course suffering more in the end the observes below if everything is the case then it turns out next the exciting question can students assistance and if so how can students help themselves from this in many ways paralyzing change of impression is actually not possible as I am now, I will too differed from these in the future to solve notion the answer is the good news is yes “whos working” and there are already indications of how to make love precisely could stipulate a evidence, for example, from a study by Erin fried from 1998 in which afro american students made a film has shown in which psychologists, above all, brain researchers have appeared they said yes, change is feasible and that it is possible you can see it simply by looking at what’s going on in the brain when we learn something because our brain modifications when we learn something when we learn new linkages grow between synapses then the relationships between synapses and the are strengthened was probably represented neatly in the film so you can do that synapsen mostly watch it grow and beyond and this is also one of the findings from the last ten 15 years It used to be believed that when we reached a certain age that then simply nerve cells die; new gut cadres, on the other hand, could no longer arise today we know and the keyword for this if the plasticity of the intelligence is nowadays known, it is actually new Nerve cells proliferate back and when does this happen above all this happens especially when we expose ourselves to brand-new stimulating environments represents when we learn new things in a targeted form and with regard to the plasticity of the intelligence there is also an perfectly impressive individual example there is a child who only has half a psyche so that has due an accident really merely had half a intelligence and that child manfred spitzer reports about it in the succession heart and psyche I’ll tell you about it www psychology of the school link and this child is basically not closed differentiate from his peers, that is, the psyche has it managed to compensate for this enormous loss you can see how changeable how compliant the mentality is and such things were conveyed to the students through this film and in the next step they said okay you now have some learned too exciting new things but pass on such knowledge Elementary school students could also help this knowledge and the assignment which the students then went So you did it so that you actually know this The undertaking was to set you up now Elementary school students should write a letter by asking about these new ones reported really impressive procures so according to the motto dear florian from the third tier imagine what I checked today I have to say to you about it and that was actually the treatment of watching a film and writing a letter to write about what you have just learned then it was time to wait is how these students are developing in comparison to now a restrain radical and what came out came out that these students stated at the conclusion of the semester to have more amusing studying and that these students actually do too had acted considerably better than the student from the limit radical in another study which is still relatively the city is fresh 1000 year 2007 was once again carried out by carroll dreck and her peers in this study were with seventh graders a workshop nursed so there were a total of 91 students and you have which in turn are split between the ascertain group and the experimental radical By luck, of course, and the one radical that was mainly in this workshop taught that intelligence that the brain that the spiritual conduct can be changed, the content is similar to that in Fried retains research studies that the ability is in the conclude how a muscle labours and the more we do something the more often This muscle is getting stronger in this workshop which lasts for eight weeks disappeared where the time was very little so there was only one every week time of 25 hours so that’s really not the world what exactly is in You can read about this workshop that was still done namely acquired the study on the internet and you also linked what the restrain group as far as the students have not been received information that knowledge is unchangeable but you too have things about your ability he was coached what parts of the brain are made up of and they were also schooled a few nemo proficiencies So as far as the basic topic was concerned, it was already in the same direction don’t stop with the emphasis placed on the changeability of the mentality and that learning ability to walk what came out of the study Here, more, really impressive arises were achieved with those Students who had learned that mutate is possible is significant influence higher reason and also significantly better evaluates than in the command group also customers even the teaches very precisely which students now call a different direct behaviour Which students were more caused and who students with whom they had noticed this they were almost always from the experimental group so you can now so hold on to the belief in changeability with So all of its positive outcomes seem to be learnable and likewise to be empty bar and I signify “its also” logical to have to come from somewhere even these decisions come from we don’t come with the sentence yes i am unchangeable in the world but this belief will impel us yes on the part of the parents on the part of the teachers on the part of the media of from mediated by our friends and something else it doesn’t really matter what current realities looks like now, i.e.The system The environmental debate is also an endeavor discontinuing floor, so how much is it now truly due to the genes and how much to the environment that it is relatively irrelevant what I believe is really one question of faith but this belief has an effect on my subjectively created actuality although the issues to then arises what is reality but that would now “blow ones stack” this podcast The results of the studies we are looking at too have a fateful aftermath want to approach now and so for me at least they had correspond aftermath to its implementation of one or the other conviction that I had been pulverized as a result, for example I believed that It is good for a child when it has done something really well when it is you He then made a really good serve, for example in tennis training say wow huge i’m proud of you or something when it comes to saying how wow when it comes to the decisive factor you appears to have real geniu I just thought that this way I would gain self-confidence It can boost self-esteem and there is also a lot of research going on though for this no studies would actually need to prove that a accolade is on that child can have a rapturous accomplish and that also then the performance can be increased again a number of problems merely originates and me I consider I mentioned it in the last episode at the moment when the child is confronted with failure and at really difficult tasks with the big challenges jesus so that now and then one has to cope with a setback when I ever praised someone personally ahead, wow “youre ever” as good or vodou up to share animals instead of making an effort or strategy-related praise so I could have said okay the missile pitch simply at the help that was really good keep it up or I had been able to have said the help was really good you have to Have certainly taught a lot beforehand if I praised personally beforehand then it can happen that the child faces a flop collapses pictures a helpless action because it has learned that where reference is does success then it means that it is talented it then it means that it is good and therefore it also learns implicitly so unconsciously it learns with that where reference is is not succeed that it is then probably not so intelligent that it then probably loses appraise in the eyes of the coach or in the eyes of both parents So then it’s not so good and the related studies have shown that this thesis actually works, and this report is also possible to establish that even if someone does not face failure, he will after a personal praise little interest in a new one challenge has why well when i’m looking for something about the Green clover was praised why should I then in the next step let me put to the test again when I am essentially on mine success and I can continue without having to do anything large-hearted than This can be considered particularly clever, so here, too, this is in the foreground Maintaining a good image of oneself and that goes with it extremely the outcomes of one of these studies namely that someone related to the person being praised more frequently or more likely tends to be his action to gloss over imaginary third party and that is of course strongly reminiscent of the performance kohl orientation Yes, in connection with the belief in an unchangeable intellect arises and in fact it truly appears to be that through a personal praise rather the impression in an unchangeable knowledge is promoted whereas a accolade that he aims at the effort on the concentration that someone has applied or on the approach whereas that he being of the opinion that conversion is really possible which seems to encourage Praise would be gone now in view of the results of their studies recommend what it concludes most sense to do if the child is a really simple one has answered a really simple task whereby, of course, simply always adheres to it orientates what the child can do when the child is really only doing a simple project has just solved then one should to refrain from engaging in praising the child at all On the contrary, you should perhaps say something to the child like na yes i’m sorry i wasted your time on this simple task why shouldn’t you praise the child at this spot? well because the child likewise notices that the exercise was very easy and “their childrens” from the kudo for this pipifax task could conclude that the adults that the teach actually merely solves pipifax for him relying duties when a really difficult task has been resolved then you can of course kudo but you shouldn’t be personal Praise but act related strategy relevant with a really beautiful picture that the child has painted, for example, you were able to say wow you’ve unquestionably made a lot of time into it and like you here you used colors I really like that So you admire the programme and you can do the same in maths so when a really difficult task has been resolved you can say okay “youve selected” truly very interesting path or you could say what determines “youve been” strained and you really well focused

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