BATTLING YOUR INNER VOICE – Powerful Motivation | David Goggins

the most important conversation you’ll ever have is the one you have with yourself[ Music] you wake up with it you walk around with it you go to bed with it one thing you got to understand is this trying to infiltrate your mind we have to be able to live amongst distractions and be undistracted stay in your own mind don’t let them own yours every day run over 20 miles a date coming up early going to bed early he’s the right begin last week he started taking a toll on it i frequently don’t think too much getting my shoes on head the out i’ve been thinking a lot that internal voice has speak to me talking about oh man you’re tired looking at my shoes about 30 hours before i settled the on advertise back the time of that that i go out to go feed so i decided to tape record myself that eternal articulate i put on tape sound like a straight when i listen to that if you ever have a hard time out there make yourself listen to the kind of you’re being remain hard-boiled if i keep on thinking extremely there’s always person out there hard-boiled on you i’m recurred by that knowing that someone out there is willing to forego personal libidoes and consolations we’re going to sleep we’ll time whatever it takes to be better to be the best in lifetime amount of hour a lot of us have that person out there it may not be a name or a face to him but he exists you make sure to think about that person you make sure they made a mention your face to it you make sure the name of face is yours[ Music] you

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