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What is regarding you up are you too tired have you slept too little no time no fund what is is Or is the only reason stopping you The best acces to hear apologizes here is for whoever they are talking to stop feeling sorry for yourself higher up recounting everyone how bad you are with everyone pats on the shoulder and tells you how bad it is for everyone sorry for who do you want to be the one that everyone feels sorry for or the one that others admire to retrieve around and move your ass the game starts cause the beast out, it’s time for you to use your intensity and get something moving you have a problem with their own lives through a problem with your environment where there is an issue with your torso then change it if you require it hollow what is still propping you up understand that your justifies have no validity they are inventions of your intellect lies as you tell yourself and how do you stop these lies with the truth and the truth is you have “youve had” the skills you have the insight “youve had” the self-discipline “youve had” the vigour to make it the fruits of life harvest c’t you when you accept life’s challenge everything that is worthwhile asks struggle, if it were easy it “wouldve been” be what you want won’t fall into your lap and you think oh my god that was just no It will be hard because if you want it then you have to do it the high-pitched road this is your fortune this is a moment this is your time tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow there is no tomorrow today or not at all we only have today daylight and today is your chance it is your dream and if you want to live it then it moves machine in you your dennis have fun that was it with the video and if you now as dennis i lastly require my dreams i want faster I want to get out of myself I miss other parties get to know others i want to be able to show my feelings to all those things that obligate us dread in the way then i have something very interesting for you please click here on the link in the description and let yourself be surprised that was it from me your dennis zschau

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