How to Stay Motivated / Study Motivation (and in YOUR LIFE) [#13]

are you having zero motivation and you feellike your study journey is gonna end up soon today i’m gonna share a little psychology hackers to stir yourself caused andmy personal advice here we go Hi my epithet is Nick i’m a traineeof professional japanese teacher so motive. this iseverything to save your time but before explaining this let’s take alook what actually originate your motive down number one foggy destination destination which isyour goal is too high it’s like i want to speak like a native i want to live in another countryyou have one large-hearted dream so that’s why you’re learning a brand-new speech right? at the first timeyou’re like fired up to learn and it’s like okay let’s do this i’m so excited to learn but now idon’t even know what i’m doing the goal is so far far away but you’re stuck at the same point andyou don’t think you’re making any progresses or increases number two Busy everybody has 24 hours in a day and that thing can never convert and maybe you’ve got something to take care of orhobbies you’re surrounded by tons of distractions and the time you have to spend for other thingsso technically you have limited time to study okay these are the most common grounds that makeyour motivating low and now let’s check out how to stimulate yourself motivated.Number one organizeyour time again we all have 24 hours in a epoch so let’s suppose you use eight hours for yoursleeping so there’s only 2/3 of your time left in a daytime i’m super lazy person and i’ve squandered somuch time in the past but this one changed my life give remember or use google calendarfor your smartphone and get notify what you have to do number two watch youtubevideo Nick what the heck are you talking about i know but there’s a trick so particularly for thebeginners you don’t know what to start learning but watching assignment videos that thathelps you but is sometimes boring you have to been through kinda like this sometimesbut not all the time let me clear what i aim so if you’re intermediate or advanced stages maybeyou’re looking for the mass submerging approaching and try to immerse yourself in your targetlanguage and you can understand easier whatever you watch and you can have fun withthe video and likewise you can learn a brand-new thing from the video but for the beginnersdo you think your language skills are improving by doing this? probably your answeris No.For example anime or movies or youtube videos that’s was talking about your target language…so what’s the deception that i mentioned earlier that is incorrect versus natural. if you’re goingto different languages academy or self-study, whatever style you try to learn what’s right tosay and how to say it precisely like lingo memorize apps or online coursesthey only coach you the right thing excuse me i’m an apple but there are always exceptionswhat do i represent if you want to speak like a native like trying to be fluent or be natural thisis what shapes you muddled because you’re involve to the incorrect grammars but it’snatural to say this is the exception it’s like in this case you should say this in this situationthis will be weird if you’ve involved like these situations leave a thumbs up and let me knowthat you have.So you don’t know this difference but you keep learning those and eventuallyyou’re gonna confuse what’s right or not peculiarly when you ask to the native speakers.Hey is this correct? ah we don’t say that … okay back to the topic. the next gratuity to keepyourself motivated is count three oblige yourself to do this is also one of these psychology hacksonce you do it even if you don’t want to somehow you’d get into it and this leads to thenext tip.Number four do that your attire human or any other swine prefer to follow theirown programmes like morning routines or watching tv watching youtube videos social medias … you dothings kind of like this every single day and it’s hard to quit those procedures. then why do youlike to be on those pulpits or watching tv? is that because it’s fun to watch or is that becauseit feels good when someone comment on your post or it’s happy to see your announce isgetting tons of likes? all of those give your attention and entertain you sohere’s my suggestion why don’t you post what you’re studying right now oryour better on your pulpits? you might study more to share what you’redoing and maybe the past can save someone’s time or even their life.Power of socialnetworking. this is super spotlit. okay these are the psychologyhacks that offset you remain caused. and from now on i’m gonna share what i if you’re subscribing to this channel, you probably know that i’m going to a schoolto become a professional japanese teacher. but because of this pandemic, my instructions goesonline and the online readings are such a ache for me. there’s no reason. i just don’t likeit. but, every time i feel kind of like this, i watch youtube video that has a story.Let meshare one of my favorite floors to keep me fired up to study. so, there’s a exchange student injapan and his dream is getting a task in japan. but as you are familiar with, most of companiesare require you to pass the jlpt quiz but he’s stuck at his learning, and he’sabout to giving up his dream but one of student assist organization trying tohelp him and he gript the staff and he cries because he has no clue what to do.when i saw this, i felt myself there’s cluster of beings like him and they need toget help.And i’m gonna be the one who can help people like him so that floor attained me so motivatedto keep commit to study every single day. watching kind of like this story that clear you fired up ormake you sad or draw you want to help somebody, this is super highlighted as well alrightthese are the tips to keep you caused. and here’s the question of the day what wouldyou do when one of your friend needs your help let me know from the comment section. alrightif this video is helpful reached the like button and expressed support for my direct so you won’t miss anyupcoming assignments tips-off and also the special gives that helps your learning.thanks for watchingand i’ll see you in the next video. Arigato. its own language refugee.That’s what he’s called. that was my first time toknow that there’s more of people like him. if you are the one, No Need to Give Up. Because I’m here to … Help you ..

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