I never said when you want to succeedas bad as you want to eat because you can go 21 eras, perhaps 30, without eating. I never said when you want to succeedas bad as you want spray because you can goabout 3 eras or so without it. I said when you want to succeedas bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful. And so one of the things I wantto do for you as an schoolteacher today you don’t necessarilyneed better abilities per se. That’s not what you needbut what some of you need is to go from 70% to 120% Some of you need to gofrom 80% to 120% The reason why I’m giving a 120 isbecause your dad is not in your life. The reason why I’m giving 120 is because your father’s in prison. The reason why I’m giving 120 isbecause your mom is working two jobs. The reason why I’m giving 120 isbecause your grandma’s causing you.The reason why I’m giving 120 isbecause you live in a community where education is not quality. So I don’t care what you doacademically when you leave here, you can’t go and getcredit for coming A’s. That in your neighborhood, in your community. Nobody substantiates you forreading at a certain level , nothing substantiates you for doingwell on your A.C.T or your S.A.T. where you come fromeducation is not affirmed So even if you are a scholaryou have to keep it to yourself, you have to suppress it. So the reason why I afford 120 is because your daddyis not there to give 80 and your momma’s too tired to give a 100 and your granny iswashed out, so she’s sacrificing 50. And y’all time that littlestuff about you going to eat but ya’ll ain’t got no doggone motor you get tired, speedy. You- you rehearsal for oneor 2 day, you worn out. You do a couple hours you tired. But hitherto you competingagainst people right now that’s their lifestyle and you think they’reabout to let you make their lifestyle. I don’t want to do itas much as I want to eat. I don’t want to do itas much as I need to drink I want to be the best in the worldas bad as I want to breathe. I want to bethe Michael Jordan of education. I want to bethe LeBron James of education and I ask you the issues to I ask you the question today.Are you paying 120? I never said, when you want to succeedas bad as you want to eat.I never said, when you want to succeedas bad as you require liquid. I said, when you want to succeedas bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll is a success. I told my professorwhat happens if I flunk? he said, what happens if you elapses? I said, but what happensif I don’t get it, what happens if I put in allthese times and it don’t work out? He said, but what happens if youput in all these years and you get wise? You came skill and you got will you got talent and you got will Two total different things.You are born free with certain thingsbut to get to the next position and not just get to the next stage, to stay at the next elevation you gotta have willwhen you get to that next tier. So when playing back, you have to compete. When you have an opportunitywhy would you cause 80%? When you have opportunity, soul answer that for me? Y’all- y’all talk, what are you commit 80%, 70%? Why wouldn’t you always cause 120%? For real, you might get itbut right now what? Oh, I can’t hear y’all.You may get it, but right now what? You don’t have it.You got nothing to worry about, guys, you already overcame all kinds of stuff. Because a lot of you don’t see thatwhat’s going to take you to that next position that’s going to separate youfrom everybody else because you’ve got toask them to separate you What’s going to separate youfrom everybody else? I, I don’t know what that is for you But merely talk about when you hearmy, when you sounds my videos one of the things you notice thatseparates me from everybody else I don’t do what in any of my videos? I don’t blaspheme enough, you’venever seen me cuss before you’ve never seen me beverage before, you’ve never seen me smoke.I’m not against boozing and smoking but my firebrand is”I don’t drink, I don’t smoke” What are you going todo to separate yourself? Like I do things to separatemyself from everybody else. The passion that I have when I speak, the grind that I have when I do what I do. What are you going to doto separate yourself? People you’re not evengoing to be hanging out with All I want to hear is E, they’re grindinglike they’ve never grinded before. Yeah, I want to hear they areout there handling that rock-and-roll like E they monsters E, they like freaks out here E like, they going hard-bitten E, that’s all I want.Well, some more nonsense is keeping you from doing what yousupposed to do. I enjoy it You have potential opportunities of a lifetime and- and- and what- what I’mtrying to get you to understand is when you understandyou have an opportunity you, you play a little different I wasn’t successful because of who I was like and a lot of y’all- for real. Here’s what you got to stop do You deem beings to the fire when theydon’t do what they supposed to do but you give yourself a pass like and you got to stop doing that.Like I see in this generation, people will be allowed their kidsget away with trash that I know you won’t letnobody else’s kid get away with it. But sometimes whenyou so close to something you don’t treat it in…You don’t- you don’t treat it real looks just like you give it a passbecause it’s your, he’s your babe. But if somebody else was to get onyour couch and do that.You’d have a fit or somebody, so what I hadto start doing was saying you got to stop holdingother people to the fire, you’ve got to hold yourself to the fire. And I “ve learned that” without the following schedule I was the one that was messing up my life and I realized I needed the following schedule because I wasn’t, I wasn’t the brand to get me where I wanted to go, if that make sense.Like that version of Eric Thomas would never compile mea one per cent. I realized that So when I sat down with Warren Buffett3 things that blew my subconsciou I never really realizedwhere his money came from. So the first thing I did was I was like, his coin comes from speculations. Well , what the hell happened waswhen he was 12 years old “his fathers” committed him his first likegrand and let him make an investment. So I recognise he’s not getting up early inthe morning only to get up in the morning. What he says he does is he predicts. He doesn’t precisely read books, that’s not what he does he reads financial reports. So this dude was just telling me he read a business reportof General Machine in like 1964. And I’m thinking like why wouldyou be reading this, it’s 2014. he was readingthe document, financing of the. Listen to me. He’s a business genius. What was he speaking? Finances. For real, y’all be coming up to melike, yo E what are you reading? Why, you trying to bea motivational speaker? You trying to bethe next Martin Luther King? You trying to be the next Mother Teresa? Why are you trying toread what I’m reading? Like, what are you try, like youtrying to impress somebody? Why are you reading what I’m tryingto read if you’re not trying to be me? He was not construe Mother Teresa, he wasn’t reading about leaders he was reading a fiscal reportfrom 1964 General Machine, why? Because General Motors had oneof their successful financial years in 1964 and so he was looking for the evidences of exactly what we they doing including 1964 that are able duplicated in 2014. That’s what he was looking for. So a lot of you get up earlybecause ET get up early. But you getting up early forno reason, you only up early So be careful that your chore ispointing to where you’re trying to get to and you’re not wasting time So I’m looking at Warren Buffett, he says he speaks 6 hours a day. He speaks, he readsfinancial substantiates 6 hours a day. That’s the first thing he does7 dates a week, 6 hours. But watch this you go, Ooh When you read something for 6 hours experiences seven, that’s 42 hours, right? That’s 42 hours a few weeks, right? I don’t know how manyhours that is a year, but guess why he makesthe best financial decision? Because all he’s doing is fiscal material. That’s, he’s putting in1 0,000 20,000, 40,000 50,000 hours. If you’re offering in 3 regions then, I mean you’re gonna have to get 30,000 hours just to be like mostly a captain. But what if you did one thing and get 30 hours of informationin really that one area. You guys gone 10,000 in 3 different provinces So why you got 10,000? I get 40,000, 50,000 in one area.What? Speaking and guess what the saucer is? The saucer is still goingfurther into temperaments. It’s still the same exact thing, so I’m put more hours on top. So the chore is important because eventuallyit’s going to make you a beast in one particular area. That’s why you need a procedure because you can’t rely yourselfnot to get off-track.That number is going to keep you on track and constitute you a one-percenter ..

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