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Be ready to give up everything when you are ready for everything in your life to give up Then, soul makes on an entirely different one. Direction when you are ready everything for your dream is on the left To let them then you will achieve your dream too crazy it may sound when you are ready to use your lifeboats. To burn Then you will find your practice somehow I can’t say how you will get there I have that I don’t know but I know that if you do your all yours Lifeboats slow down your entire project b plan c propose b what do i know about means z “when youre doing” all that Throwing apart and merely focusing on your hope, you will simply implement this plan Because there is no other option if you exclusively are dependent upon a single program and everyone says the hg to be safe have a design b be relaxed no When “youre ever” If you are under 30 then you have your whole.Live ahead of you and you shouldn’t Be on the safe slope in this period of meter you can sleep on the couch of his friend And work on a dream to achieve this plan a, whatever that may be for you, so burn your boats so you don’t have anything else all that remains is your goal To achieve and you can do that I don’t know how and you won’t know either How nobody knows how you can do it but five in ten. Times ago you look back and wonder about it That you did it and you will think back to the working day and you will think to yourself my God That was the smartest decision of my life not to plunge into the unknown To know what now. Come on, we’re scared of it, we’re scared of it What can come that we flunk, that we also have to face our horrors We are concerned about it that is perfectly normal but that is the only right thing to do.Have to. Behind each of these panics There’s a person you’d like to be everybody Sometimes when you are afraid you think my idol I would like to do that, but this fear prevents me At that, and the time will come when it is no longer possible to overcome this fear So get over that anxiety now. Behind the anxiety Is that actually there is what you always wanted to be you can decide for it. A. Life in a crappy, place to hang or you go out into the world if this fear glances in the face examines in the face of the uncertain and Maybe bite lost until maybe sad perhaps hurt,[ __] it doesn’t matter you go through this and you will More suffer in a year is that.Most parties in 20 times to get it on and only because you hate your ships being burned and because you are inducing your dream is true occasion to book now, a flight is announced now A enterprise now send the application from what likewise. Ever you want to do it now.

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