“Great Motivation for Bayern and National Team” | Thomas Müller Interview

What I made away from this period was a great motivation for the future at Bayern and the national team. We want to prove that we can do a better position. For a few weeks now he has been back in training at Sbener Street and now hes now with us. Thomas Mller, thanks for coming. Tell us about your first week back here in your home in Munich and how you devoted your vacations? First of all, it was great to see the cubs again even if some were still missing. The majority of the force returned from the US on Monday and we all briefly met up at the training facilities. Yesterday we had the day off and that is significant for our legs after the first full week of training programs during which we already directed according to the training schemes of Niko Kovac. Fortunately, we still have Peter Hermann with us and the team is really happy about that. He trained with the national team players and that was fun.We didnt always picture much of the bullet so learning has been very intense definitely. You have had a couple of weeks now and came to see you words with the World cup finals. How did you grasp that? Obviously it was on my memory a great deal right after we went out. I analyzed and questioned what the above reasons truly were. Its very hard to come to periods with the channel we used to go and this kind of failure.We didnt expect this and undoubtedly we had very different programmes. In football theres a penalize wrinkle between success and default: if we had composed a purpose against South-Korea, and we had the chances to, we would have progressed to the next round and who knows what would have happened then. On the other hand we have to be honest and has recognized that we came last in our group. Obviously that isnt easy to grasp and thats why the first few days after we returned home were certainly not the best of my life.But what I took away from this period was a great motivation for the future at Bayern and the national team. We want to prove that we can do a better position. Did the World Cup outlet modify your coming to the pre-season or the degree of motivation? You cant truly quantify it and say your level of incitement is less than it has been in the past.But of course its different compared to when you earn the World Cup … Hey Renato! … If youve really won the World Championship you return to your team very relaxed and you might ask yourself if sprinting efforts are certainly that necessary. Therefore , now I am very caused when it comes to putting in additional switches. Well see if that actually leads to the desired causes because I can confirm that we worked hard for the German national team too. I even think we had a long time pre-World Cup training camp ever. We went out of the tournament nonetheless which proves anything is possible in football and nothing is easy to predict. You mentioned Peter Hermann who you have been training with but of course the new humankind here is Niko Kovac. What were your first impressions and what are your hopes for the season? For those of us who werent on the US-Tour the next week is going to be an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the brand-new coach.We will certainly exchange opinions and discuss certain things. Well determine what the manager expects of the team, how he wants us to play and now is the time to find out. Generally speaking Niko Kovac and his brother are both onetime participates so we should find a degree we can operate on. We all require Bayern to be successful. Thats clear and thats why Im confident we can find a positive road forward together. The next gradation is the training camp in Tegernsee, a beautiful expanse south of Munich you are very familiar with. Are you looking forward to going there or do you expect to see nothing more than the slope and inn anyway? The neighborhood is very beautiful really and I know it well. We live nearby but I candidly dont expect us to see much more than the training grounds and the inn. Its not as if were going there for a boat move and to dive for fish. Its nice to have a training camp in Bavaria again but it will be at least as hard as before.And if you look at the foreseen temperatures for the next week we need to wrap up warm! Or unwrap! Precisely. Thank you Thomas Mller and good luck with the pre-season ..

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