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The most important thingto do first thing in the morning is get yourself in a powerful position. If you’re in a great mood you will produce immense outcomes, you will have a great day. The better your attitude the better the results you raise. The better your position the better you can handle, overcome and thrive throughchallenges and difficulties that come your way. So get yourself in a great mood, do whatever it takes to get that feeling first thing in the morning. Whatever works for you meditation, construe, gratitude, music, exercise these are all good optionsthat get you in commonwealth. When your judgment is positive and clear you can handle just about anything. Can’t you? And when you are eligible to facechallenges with a clearly defined mind, they lose their power.They no longer halt your progress, they no longer havea strangle over your epoch or their own lives. You simply choosethe best way to move forward and move on. Most parties don’t starttheir days like this, most people aren’t happy, don’t be most people. Be the minority, minority communities who start theirday with positive expectancies. Look at yourself in the mirrorand echo to yourself Today is going to be a great day No matter what happens, today I will see the good. No matter what happens, I will do the right thing. No matter what happens, I will give my all today. Today I will give my best so tomorrow will be better. To fasten me in bed is torture. People that can spend daysand eras and days in berthed I marvel at them I look up under the expanses, what do you have in there that stops you in there that long? Say thank you for prayer, thanks for coming for mercy, thank you for understanding, thank you for gumption, thank you for mothers, thank you for love, thank you for kindness, thanks for coming for meeknes, thank you for quietnes, thanks for coming for prosperity.Say thank you in advance for what’s already yours. The most selfish thingyou can do in this world is help somebody else. Why is it greedy? Because the gratificationof goodness that comes to you, the good feeling from facilitating others nothing is better than that. And I request, what do you want? Because the days you don’tfeel like getting up out of bunked, the days you feel like quitting, giving up and giving in. Listen to me, the only thing that’sgoing to get you up out of that bunked The only thing that’s going tomake you strain pass that handicap, get past that brick wall. The only thing that’s going to make youget up and do what you’re supposed to do? Is what you see.When you wake up inthe morning look at your goals your goals won’t tell youwhat time to get up Are you sounding me? Don’t be afraid of missing out, be afraid of being in the exactsame place as you are now. One year from today, five years from today, ten years from today, struggling to pay the legislations, struggling for energy, struggling to findthat passion in your life, Visualize what you are going to do today to get more out of your life. Do it every day and every day you will enjoy the lifeyou have created for yourself You know You know When you are guilty of squandering age and layingin berthed, and you’re being slothful. You are well aware, whether that was 7 o’clock inthe morning or 6 o’clock in the morning, you know it. You have to start the cycle ofwaking up early by waking up early. Success is not convenient You have to do what is requiredto accommodate success. Holding the line, maintaining the standard, uttering no slack , none.That’s the punish. There are opportunities thatare going to come your way and there might be someother things going on and you have to make a choice, you have to ask yourself the question. What is it you people want? Because if you don’t know what you want nothing else problems. How I’m about to use my epoch Is it positive? Is it purposeful? Is it contributing in the directionof where I’m going and the meaning of my life? Is it productive? And is it profitable? But when you know what you miss, E- why do you wake up at 3? Because I know what I demand. One thing the disciplinedefinitely does help you with is it helps you get things done and “when youve got” things done when you, you actually do things you- you- you have more success. I wake up, boom and I proceed pursue. And if you’re going toreally be successful in soul, if you’re going to have it, if you’regoing to be it, you’re going to do it I was essential to take individual responsibility and I demand you to say, “The reason I’m not at amazing hitherto is because I affected the snooze button.That’s why I’m not astonishing right now.” A large-hearted part of success is justnot being slothful and simply doing it merely get- it’s like 90% of itis just showing up. The reason why I’m not amazing right now is because I couldn’t get up early enough because I told myself”I’m not an early person” Get there and begin work like … you’re not going to feel perfect every day. If I felt, if I simply worked outwhen I feel better, I’d be a solid dude. I’m not at- I’m not amazing because I hoped that it would be makeexcuses than make adjustments that’s why I’m not amazing. Because there’s a lot ofdays I don’t want to do it and it’s pretty muchthe same with everybody that … that actually comes good at something. I require you to do me a huge favor I want you to stop talk aboutthis person didn’t do that, that person didn’t do this, this thing- guy had that I didn’t grow up here, I didn’t get this advantage I didn’t get…Kill it, kill it.That you, you get, there’s gotto be those epoches you push through. Are you hearing what I’m saying? Why haven’t you reached amazing more? Merely keep it coming 100 I’m not amazing because I’m shiftles. Just, only look at yourselfin the face and be honest I’m not amazing becauseI would rather spend my money on shoes, I would rather waste my money on substance than to make a sacrificein a bible or fly abroad.I’m not amazing because I’m notdoing what I’m supposed to be doing to be amazing. And getting up early is not onlyan incredible competitive advantage because most of your opponents are asleep but get up early isa great endow to give yourself you get more life-time. I ever tell my-I always say that I’m like … The most shiftless penalty party I know because I don’t want to do it – Yeah- but I always do If you want to be an artist, if you want to be an engineer I don’t know, but I demand you to start the year off.We are not talking aboutyou know fake dreaming and exactly writing points down to be doing I’m talking about knowing what the hell are you crave because when you know what to wantthat’s where the drive come from, that’s where the passion comes from. When the thing is done, when the disciplinehas been implemented remember what that feels likeand then remember that those instants and those hours turns into weeks and months and years and containing the linein those critical minutes will put you in an infinitely better place physically, and mentally if you maintain the discipline. If I don’t have my morning chore activity I feel, you are familiar with, out of sortings. So I think it’s true for everybody, yougot to own your morning, you gotta win it because that startsand provides up everything else.People need thatdiscipline, those programmes that will help the best epoch even vanish better, come some momentum and beokay if that force is small Because it will build trust that momentum constructs. Trustthose gloomy and bad dog days. Trust that those are going to be there, statu the difficulty. When we status the struggleinstead of hate the struggle we can really achieve remarkable things because our mindsets in the right place.Now the first night you’re going tohave a hard time going to sleep What you do is the next morningyou wake up early anyways that first night you only got5 hours worth of sleep, and now you’re tiredthroughout the day. Good. Because then when youget to bed that night you will turn off that computer, you’ll be able to go to bed earlier like you wanted to. You can live on six hours of sleep. So you have 18 hours, you have 18 hours I want to know what you’redoing with your 18 hours? Because you can work here9: 00 to 5:00 and that’s 9 and you can travel foran hour here and there respect, delightful little solid commute Oh, you want to be a family man? Mazel Tov you can spend 2 hours with your babies What are you doingwith those other 5 hours? You’re watching House of Cards, you’re playing Madden, You’re relaxing from the other intense ten.- Gary, I once devoted eleven hours- Well great, then don’t grumble or want more. Respect that by gettingrest and this and that you were giving upopportunity to go into a new world You require the daring to have a 1% life Let’s just scold what it is. You want to live as well asthe 1% to 2% in the world It’s not very complicated, the math is very wrong. Like you, if you want to haveone of the best life’s in the world which is, you live on your terms You get paid your dues to get there and you have to belucky enough to figure out that you had talent in the thingthat you actually want to do because you can work 24 hours a day and if you smells at golf or you’renot a good material producer or your insigniums look like crap I wouldmake then you’re going to lose. So, that’s what you gotta do.The most important thing you can do is win the morning. Merely earn the morning guy. It is not easy but it is worth it Find out what you want togo and do and go after it. Because so many years go byand you look back and you’re like “What have I actuallydone in the whole time? ” Because you haven’t been livinga life in line with your personal appraises you’ve been living someone else’s life.Don’t freaking do that to yourself.It’s insane You want to get to where you want to be only you. Not what someone else foresees, not what the stores visualize not what Instagram tells you. Stop comparing your life to other folks ‘, stop living in the deadlyworld of likenes You’re comparing yourself to other parties and you’re put yourself down, you’re depres your self-worth. You’re fairly. You’ve already go exactlywhat you need inside of you all you need to do is develop yourself, start to step into your horrors and allow these things tocome out and you’ll be fuelling. You’ll be going straight for your goals, you’ll be going straight for your dreams and then you’ll be ableto look back and croak I’m so glad that I was brave enough and I had the courageto step into my frights because there would be nothing worse than to get to an older age and looked at on my life and knowthat I didn’t go and do something because I was afraid, because I was afraidof other people’s opinions.It doesn’t matter what other beings fantasize the only thing thatmatters is what you demand. What are your personal costs? What are your dreams? What affect can you have on the world? If you can line up your personal qualities, create a mission statement that can actually havean impact on the world you’ll be drawn into it. You don’t need to cause yourself, you don’t need to copyother people’s mentions and other people’s sayings and postthem up on Facebook and Instagram You’ll be coming up with your own paraphrases, you’ll be coming up with your own sayings because you’re plucked into it. You’re living a life in linewith your personal prices and your operation statementis having an impact on the world.This is coming from with insideof you , not from somebody else. It’s the only way the best person you’ll ever be is yourself That’s it. No one else. You are you.It doesn’t matter if you’re strange, it doesn’t matter if you’re different, it doesn’t matter if youdon’t are appropriate to other beings Be you If beings looks just like you, if beings love you for who you are, they’ll hang out with you forget the cool boys, forget trying to fit in with other beings, forget was just trying to do thingsthat other people want you to do. If you start chasing afteryour dreams, become no mistake, there’s going to be parties around you, there’s even going tobe parties close to you that’s going to try and bring you down because it doesn’t line upwith what they want. Forget it, go after what you want. It doesn’t mean they’re trying tosabotage your efforts for success It really means they don’twant to be left behind, it merely means they don’twant to be left alone, they don’t want to be left on their level Just because they don’t have the courage to step inside their fearsand see what’s on the other side.This is where the expansion is. You catch out your frights, you step into them, you get on the other sideand things continue to open up for you. Where I started was I knew there was a fewthings standing in my highway from where I was now to whereI wanted to be in the future. So what I’ve done, I wrote down my top three dreads because my prime anxiety was that I knew if I couldn’t step into a fearthat was a little bit smaller then there was no waythat I could construct the gallantry and be brave enoughto step into number 1. So I organized a methodicalsystematic approaching in order to start to step into my horrors and it’s distinguishing your top three fears.What’s digit 1? What’s quantity 2? And what’s crowd 3? Number 1 being most scariest quantity 2, and thennumber 3 the least scariest Now don’t get me wrong, amount 3 is going to be freaking scary But once you leant some things into place once you start to stepinto that multitude 3 fear and you come out on the other side of it you improve the confidence. By default your self-confidenceand your self-worth goes up. You increase your self-worth, you increase yourself-confidence by default. This is what automatically happens step into that number 3 horror and get on the other side of itand blow you’ll be looking at number 2 You step into number 2 you get on the other side of that one and now you got the projectiles, you got the courage to step into number 1. And unless you get it on in a methodicalsystematic approach like this it can be too difficult.Some people can do thatbut some people can’t they need to start offwith something easier and that’s what I needed to do. This plan is what works for meand I want to share it with you because I’m sure you’re goingto get some benefit out of it. I’m not telling you thatthis is the only system, the only way to step into your dreads but this is what worked for meand I want to share it with you. If this is what appealsto you then go for it. Sit down, write your top three horrors, reached numeral 3, stumbled amount 2, and thumped digit 1 and there’s so much on the otherside of your suspicions, it’s insane. If you think about it, imagine this is where I am right now and this is where I wantto be in the future. There’s all these obstacles in between from here to my future This is my end in sentiment this is my ultimate goal I want to go from here to now There’s all these roadblocks, there’s all these walls in between and what are they? They are other people’s opinions, they are other restrictions they’re your friends and family maybe that’s stopping you or telling you to notactually go for your intent in psyche to go for your terminate goal.This terminate in head is the onethat sits in the back of your front, the one that you daydream about, It’s almost like you don’teven need to identify it You’re just innatelythinking about it forever. What’s that intention in attention? It’s going to be blurry but once you start tobust down these railings it becomes a little bit clearer. It becomes like this vision startsto get real, starts to get tangible. It’s almost like you canreach out and touch it. So what are those hindrances in between from where you are now to whereyou want to be in the future? What are these railings? And I assure members that those three suspicions, the top three nervousness you are broken down that’s going to be inside your crack the gap from where you are nowto where you want to be in the future. So that’s why it’s so potent Identify these top three panics 3 2 1 and you’ll be on your path, you’ll be making progress, you’ll build momentum towards thatend in brain, towards that dissolving goal.Now watch. It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be toughand it’s going to be freaking spooky But the longer and more frequently you push on these obstructions, you push on these walls, the longer you push on those walls it’ll eventually fall over then you push on another one, you become stronger You become mentally stronger just as if you were to pushon a wall for a day after day you’re going to become stronger and eventually thatwalls going to fall down. You’re doing the same thing, you’re just do it mentally push on those wallsthey’ll eventually fall down and what you want to happenyou’ll end up creating a domino effect.You’ll simply be pushing wallafter wall after wall down and the next wall even thoughit was bigger than the first one because you’re stronger, you’ll beable to push it down even quicker. And sooner rather than later, you’re going to build big momentum, you’re going to build huge progressto get to this end in psyche to get to this goal, to close that divergence from where you are now towhere you want to be in the future.Inside this chink even though it’s scary this is where the raise is, right here. This is where the rise is identify your top three suspicions and you’ll progress much, muchquicker to your result in intellect. This is something that I callaccelerated self developing. Good-for-nothing intensifies your emergence quicker than stepping into your top three suspicions. Now in regards to building a business, most people are so afraidto take this first step It’s like, “Oh it’s not going to work out. What are my friendsand family going to think? What if I miscarry? What are they going to think then? It doesn’t matter.It’s irrelevant. Because if your mission proclamation is there, if it’s strong enough, if it’s big enoughand in line with your personal appraises and the effects that youwant to have on the world then the opinions ofother people don’t matter.It doesn’t matter what anyone else envisions. Your goal statementis everything, it will guide you. Now through these hard timeswhen you’re building your business, when you step intothe shoes of an financier and you’re grinding through it every day You’re doing what it takes Some mornings you’re leavingonce the Sun come up because you haven’t even been asleep, you’ve worked through the whole night.It’s happened to me countless, many times and it’s not because I’m just trying topunch out the hours and brag about it it merely eventually happens. You merely work through the light and it was just ordinary, it’s weird. It’s weird to hear thatif you haven’t heard it before but it’s probably going to happen to you. If your duty is strong enough that’s the same that will happen to you Now during these hard times, even if you feel likeyou’re not making progress even if you’re not gettingthe financial return that you expected, even if that fiscal returnis taking longer and longer Just remember, in the beginning, when you’re grind through the hours, when you’re lay inall those all-nighters that’s where you’re making your millions. You’re not making it later onfive years down the track when you lastly close your first dealor the very best one hitherto or whatever it is It’s now, it’s in the beginning, it’s those hours, it’s that expansion, it’s that propagandizing those walls down, facing your frights, stepping into them, envisioning what’s on the other side that’s when your millions are made.And it relates to business, it relates to personal man. Identify those top three dreads amount 3, figure 2 and then multitude 1 It’s not just to face thosethree dreads and that’s it. Those three nervousness are the ones youcontinually step into and expand on them you got something larger within that fear. Stepping into those horrors and germinating from it, examining what’s on the other side it intention up displacing and leakinginto other areas of your life. It’s not just you do that and that’s it. Once you’re stepping intonumber 3, numeral 2, and crowd 1 it’s benefiting everything, everything changes everything else and you start to create these ties-in and these links toother areas of your life. These are high instants, the light bulb instants in your life where because I’ve stepped into that fearnow I’ve got the confidence to do this whereas I wouldn’t have done it before.You know, maybe I wouldn’thave started this business, perhaps I wouldn’t have even takenthe next step to shoot my dream if I hadn’t have goneand stepped into these horrors. Maybe I wouldn’t make that firststep to start the first investment, maybe I wouldn’t make that stair to get up and speak aboutwhat I’m passionate about. All these things, you step into yourfears at least in other areas of your life it’s a catalyst for so much more. This is accelerated self-development. It enhances your entirety life, it enhances your relationships, your personal lifetime, business, profession, your achievement, your convalescence, your sleep character, your mental health Man, when you step inside of your fearsand you come out on the other side it is the best thing ever. I grew up partying with alcohol and eventually throwingsome medicines into the mix “Wow amazing” applied some remedies into the mixand have the best night ever, right! Man! The method that I feel on a daily basis now from what I’ve been doing, the living standards that I live, feeing clean, whole nutrients, matched blood sugar ranks, living a life in linewith my own personal evaluates, having an optimum morningroutine that I do each day, living an active lifestyle that’s in line with my personal costs in environmental matters, domains, punishments, and athletics thatI love to be in and around.And then continuallyto step into my panics, ruminating on a consistent basis and having an impact on the worldthat’s in line with those personal importances. I wrap all this together the feelings that I have during the day. There’s times during every single day that it’s better than any party, any narcotic that I’ve ever had in my life. And what’s best yet it’s repeatable, it’s reproducible, it’s sustainableand it gets better and better. Drugs, booze and partyingisn’t sustainable. What I do now is and is not merely thatit gets better and better. When you’re using stimulants it’s not the same as whenyou first suffered it. The feelings fall away and eventually youhave to go and take more and more of it It’s like chocolate, the first cup of chocolate, huge And then you end uphaving 3 or 4 cups a date and you never get back to thatsame feeling as the first one.But living the life that I live now, it’s sustainableand it gets better and better. It’s freaking amazing, and I want to share it with you. I want to inspire youto identify your top 3 suspicions start to step into themand see what’s on the other side because inside that divergence where you are now to whereyou want to be in the future that’s where the expansion is, be reminded that. That’s where the frights are, you’ve got no choicebut to go through your anxieties You can’t mount over them, you can’t walk around them, you have to step into them. If you do try and jumpover and walk around it that’s when you’re goingto get to the point times down the trackand looking back on your life and you’re going to have that feeling of “Man, I can’t believe I didn’tdo it because I was afraid, because I “re afraid” other people’sopinions and whatever else it was.” There will be nothing worsethan to have that feeling What sort of life do you want to live? What are you passionate about? What are your personal values? Create a duty statement aroundthat and how it can impact the world and you’ll be attracted into goingfor that goal statement and having your impact on the world.You might need to find outside incitement Where’s your motivationgoing to come from? It has to come from within, it has to come fromyour mission statement and the impact that you’regoing to have on the world. This is the best way to builda company, to build a business What impact can you have that’sin line with your personal ethics and your duty explanation and then you can profitfinancially from that and then you can have a bigger impact.This is the future of construct a company it’s not just about making money the more fund you prepare the biggerthe impact you’re going to have that’s what you need to think about. Eat clean, entire nutrients, equilibrium your blood sugar tiers and ameliorate things throughsupplements if need be. Identify your personal qualities, create a morning routine around that, get your active lifestyle that’sin line with your personal prices, meditate on a consistent basis or do something thatrelaxes you or de-stress you, read a book, you don’t have to sit thereand meditate with your legs intersected but do something that is a form ofmeditation, that is a de-stressor. The silent musing is what works for me. Then identify your top three fears, start to work through them and once you’ve stepped into one all you do is expand on thatand step into it even more.The second one once again, expand on it even moreand step into it again. Number 1, expand on it evenmore and step into it again. And now you’ve got this complete plan, this beautiful life, that’s your life adapted to what you really wantand where you’re going, the channel you appreciate the world Chasing your end in thought Now you’re seeing what’spossible for yourself , now you’re seeing what’s possiblein order to have an impact on the world countries. My name is Adam Phillips I’m the founder of Life Grip and my duty explanation is improve mental healthand prevent disease through nutrition, meditationand active lifestyles.I hope I’ve inspired youto do something similar create your own mission statement step into your dreads and have an impact on the world ..

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