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do you know that this comes from school or the university has actually come home I don’t feel like doing it anymore but still have to do homework on the Continue to write homework or study for an exam so it searches recreation emphatically different from what must that must fortunately be there youtube a lot of videos with learning and motivation tips-off no chewing gum then are you able center them better turn on music in all such cases it doesn’t get so carrying while studying or doing homework table be sure to set goals and are writing about your understand strategy and compres In all such cases, a cell phone is a long way away and simply looks at it during the disintegrates ok ok phones workable at first or the question is just something that helps like chewing gum or listening to music, or is it just more total[ __] that somebody believed up and how about mounted goals what do you have to pay attention to i did mine picked out a few of these learning and motivation gratuities and me looked at what science says of determining whether these gratuities are truly something drawing the experience you can now learn while studying or doing homework listen to music or distract you and me precisely from I still retain there were always a lot of people with headphones on in the university library Sometimes beings even have ears like that the vanquish of the music rocked really funny, but to be honest, I never have it understood how to learn effectively with music or write homework numerous studies have shown that music is actually more disconcerting than that it helps you with learning or doing homework achievement of introverts have suffered from background music Because it’s so background music you can’t simply ignore it it will be exactly like what you are learning what he is doing in the psyche treated now music is not the same as music classical music so this one typical concentration music that “youve been” can find everywhere on the internet of course it is less confuse than music with lyrics, you just have to music and not additionally process what is sing in this way there are really positive impacts with concentrated music, but neither is noted so if you can then learn or works without music but if you really want to listen to music now then frolic you a playlist with concentrated musicians there are really many on youtube but now i have one more good news for you if you listen to your favorite music before you do learns or does homework then that can actually help you from the Favorite music often gives you in a really good mood and this level of excitation, also known in the home, rises and this then has an effect again positive for your recital but remember your favorite music learn or rather make it out with your homework and first to take another break from learning and if you feel like dancing then dance really moving instantly to your favorite song is always good[ Music] specially when you’ve learned a great deal a disruption where you can really go out without a cell phone and the like truly important it demonstrates that with such break-dances and likewise The same areas in the ability are active when sleeping, “its also” active when learning to be active was probably so that are able to what we do have learned solidified again we are currently seldom got something even if we are see to take proper respite transgresses typically somehow still is intended to do another round eat something or do something else on the cell phone rome r is fun for look at psychology as an example, a study has shown her that but it is rather a bad idea is the break somewhere between enn’s tactics talk and youtube to spend if you can still be effective afterwards would like to continue working, for example, it is better if you go offline for a while chatting to someone or going for a walk in nature why time in nature or just looking at yourself photographs of mood are now working so well for you in a video shows the link to find it in the video description how often should be used take a break or how long should these disruptions be so there is really study on it regrettably have still not been there but information and communication technologies that numerous swear by and the commodore that really cured me during my studies As I said, engineering has not been well researched but because it genuinely wants to help many I will explain it to you very briefly so you parcel your cell phone and everything you have otherwise agitate you so far away from you and start a part with 25 times if you dont have a kitchen or something at home then its necessary your cell phone more, but be sure to leave your cell phone in flight mode then manipulates or learns for 25 times until then the alarm clock or cell phone hoops after these 25 minutes, then paused for five minutes and then the whole thing starts all over again and after four sessions so companionship this 25 th minutes plus a 5-minute transgres, he took a longer break from 15 to 30 instants and that was actually it The theory behind this is that everyone can concentrate for these 25 times and that you can then recover in this short break, the workflow and the accumulation was not fully interrupted I have clocked school teachers epoches accordingly and have for every 25 th times time so coated a carton which I could then tick off when the hearing over were cool feeling in the end extremely be seen to what extent much you’ve really achieved, try it out and Then write to me if that helped you just as much as Vienna located your goals “Theres been” a cry to wise motivational gratuities in almost every video The aim is rightly mentioned.I want to finish studying on the day of the exam or the housework has to be finished by the deadline, yes it directs It’s not easier than i thought after all according to the goal designate ideology one should select very specific ones positioned a specific goal, for example, by 6 p. m. I would like to be 50 vocabulary or ten sheets of ikram by middle “theres a lot” Research that demonstrates that such specific goals drive rendition while such and specific goals making little to good-for-nothing this goal-setting hypothesi then became the so-called smart purposes extracted so that your goals certainly help you can stay on the ball and make everything that you have meant your goals must be smart that intends it must be specific to you So we still have to define what we wanted to achieve, for example the Learn 50 vocabulary or even the ten pages for which the university has to be your goal be perceptible how do you know when you contact your goal In our precedent, you have reached 50 paroles or ten sheets uni trash can really memorize your goal must be attainable do you even have the time today to learn ten pages or 50 vocabulary Your goal must be realistic.I can even read the sheets or 50 utterances in The time to learn is possible at all without yourself somehow need a super ability your goal must have a clear end time, for example by 6 p. m. I want to have said and done, the best thing to do is press me right now delay got a piece of paper and write your goal for today directly to yourself Setting smart goals actually helps and motivates you to stay carolled you can also connect it directly to the promo doro technology and Think about how many of these 25 minute sessions “youre supposed to” get your objective for today to achieve okay beings one i still got how cool would it be if chewing gum genuinely increased concentration could you could then simply all asia chewing gum if you were in one of them, for example quiz sits there are really studies that show that chewing gum can increase accumulation or, in general, attention But there is still studies that say that chewing gum is not apart or even have negative effects on yourself So by chewing it is harder to concentrate what is now one consideration is that the musics are how long you’ve been chewing gum Could are very important now and in the studies the person or persons simply shut up different times were measured and the x has changed in a further A closer look at the study in the study, the Exam participant in twice pinning an scrutiny once during you ruminate chewing gum and then again without chewing gum in your speak It has been proved that in the first ten minutes your conduct in this exam better true-blue if they haven’t chewed gum after these ten hours, your achievement was unexpectedly better with chewing gum in your cavity how can this be explained by chewing certain areas in the better blood render to the brain this could have these positive impacts come one assumes that there is no at the start but rather disconcerts and you therefore, without chewing gum, it first acts better only when a certain one significance surpassed, for example, a certain amount of extra in the blood Once you have reached the areas in the ability, there is then this positive effect and you can concentrate better so it’s definitely worth it Keep chewing gum in your speak for more than a few minutes, even if it is chiefly nothing smells like chewing gum or actually it doesn’t matter what the most important thing is, the concentration munches is encouraging true so you really have some more gratuities in store best is contributing to with learning or with things for institution or for uni do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments i am me sure that everyone will be happy about it In any case, I wish you a lot of motivation and success for them institution, the training in the studio or for the job, it’s so nice that you are all there feels as always practically pressed by me and up next week at on toilet there are a few tips-off for the better unionize this action, stop by and if you want to know something with me kang yue absolutely then check out my last one video on

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