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California is list three in the country when it comes to the high price we pay for health care just behind Texas and Nevada now that’s according to a study released this week CBS News investigator Kristine Lazar spoke with the johns hopkins surgeon who authored that study to get some tips-off on how you can cut down on your healthcare expenses we compensate a good deal for health care here in California and that’s the bad news but the good news is you don’t always have to pay those hefty costs California is one of the most expensive states in the country for hospital prices johns hopkins surgeon dr. marty Macari analyzed hospital rates across the country and found that Californians pay an average markup of six occasions the Medicare allowable amount and if there’s one concern I have right now as a physician it’s that the price gouging in healthcare is threatening that great public trust between medical professionals and communities Macari found that hospital rates vary widely by geographic location at both the city and position level if you’re gonna deliver a baby that expenditure negotiated series from 7,000 to 14,000 to 41,000 depending on the hospital there’s no difference in character studies and research has shown that people need an honest price according to his study which looked at 2018 Medicare claims Riverside in San Bernadino infirmaries blamed slightly more than those in LA and Orange County in his new book the rate we pay dr.McCrory says the brand-new action is to offer clear and honest upfront pricing there are hospices and urgent help cores now that actually roll a menu of expenditures and those are real premiums Macari says cases need to start involving more transparency if we had no costs on cros websites if you shopped for an airline flight and there were no rates and you got statute last-minute we’d say this is crazy in LA County approximately one third of the population is in debt due to medical expenditures having inherited this crazy system of creating artificially high prices and then offering secret discounts based on who’s this is a rich man’s game and the everyday American is sorenes ponderous expenditure Macari reminds patients all greenbacks are negotiable if you don’t get the results that you want in the billing department right your hospitals Board of Directors or the hospital management and always ask for an listed statute Kristine Lazar cbs2 story can – on your slope help you email – on your area at cbs.com you can tell us about your trouble if you choose to you can tweet us use the hashtag though – on your slope and Kristine will see what you can

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