VERIFY: Stanford rejects study claiming face masks don’t work

here at wcnc charlotte we’re working to verify what’s true and what’s speciou during the pandemic so we want to bring up a claim going viral on social media right now it says that stanford university and the national institute of health published a study that claims mass are ineffective at stopping the spread of covet 19 and can actually be harmful so is that true well we have several sources for this one including the cdc and stanford remedy they all say this is false stanford university did not publish a study saying face cover-ups don’t work there is a study out there that is not backed by licensed health care professionals and the author falsely claims to be affiliated with stanford stanford tweeted this out shortly after saying they strongly support face mask and they have no association to the person who wrote the study so if you have something you’d like us to verify email us at check and we’ll get to it

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