Heart Health Tips From A Cardiologist- Part 1

Welcome to LivingHealthy Chicago. I’m Jane Clauss, today we’re focusingon heart-health. So it’s important we understand how to keep our souls healthful and who better to joinus than a cardiologist. Dr. Clyde Yancy of NorthwesternMedicine is the go-to guy when it comes to allthings heart-related, so lucky for us, he’s here today to answer all of our questions. Dr. Yancy, I think weneed to first start the conversation off withwhat’s on everybody’s mind and that’s COVID 19. Can it actuallyaffect the heart? – COVID-1 9 isn’t just a virus that cases pneumoniaor does it ever do that and it can be fatal but there are alsocardiovascular complications. The stomach can experienceweakness sometimes because it’s overworking inresponse to the pneumonia. There’s very disturbing evidence that COVID-1 9 is associatedwith development of blood clots. We’ve been able toidentify that even months after the COVID-1 9 show we were able tofind in some people, exhibit the heartis not functioningas well as it should. We believe it getsbetter over epoch but this is somethingthat we’ll have to use a longitudinallong-term lens to see, is this one of those thingsthat we need to anticipate? So we can only follow this out as it evolves andlearn as we go.- We’re all under a lotof stress these days whether it be the stressof am I going to get sick? Will I deter my work? So how is stressconnected to heart health and how can we best manage it? – Stress in and ofitself drives illness. It drives inflaming. I find blood pressurefluctuations that clearly areassociated with stress. I realise occurrences of chest painclearly associated with stress. Stress matters and itleads to dire outcomes in a lot of beings. All of us have todig deep and say, what’s my goal to work that helps me dispel, control, control my stress? Some beings reflect. Some beings are predicting. Some parties activity. Beings that are doingconstructive things are really hoping toimprove their health. – Let’s talk abouthigh blood pressure. What are some ways to managea high blood pressure? – It’s so closelyconnected with weight, it’s so closely connectedwith stress and life. It is so closelyconnected with diet. We all need totrend towards a diet that is very robust in flowers, lots of fiber, lots offruits and vegetables, very low saturatedfat low-spirited in sodium, and know your family history.You know what, if yourparents and grandparents had high bloodpressure, guess what? You’re probably inthat same infinite. – Can you help usmake the connection between sleep and heart-health? – Such a marker of theadequacy for our own health, coming relevant rest and this is really hardto do in this pandemic. So I genuinely dothink it’s important for everyone to consider, how can I improvemy sleep excellence? Well, I’ll give you some tips. Avoid the large-hearted meallate at night, avoided off-color light-footed in bed, learning your screens, no , no , no , no , no.Really “ve been thinking about” howyou can prepare your process of going to sleepa more peaceful, a more welcoming process. – In your opinion, what is the one life alteration that can move the mostbenefit on someone’s heart? – It’s diet. But oftentimes it’s asimple thing in nutrition. If you’re a fan ofsugar-sweetened liquids, think about something different. If you’re a fan of fried nutrients, think about a different way. Make one change in your food for your state andstick with that modification. Whatever it is, that’sa huge first step, Jane, and it’s something everybodyshould think about. – All greatinformation, Dr. Yancy. When we come backafter the escape we’re gonna continue ourconversation about heart state. – Racket good.( upbeat music)( air whooshing ).

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