SuperCare Health Guide to Your Nebulizer

hello I’m working guevara and I’m the pharmacist now at super current health I’m here to demonstrate the purpose of applying your compressor nebulizer system and respiratory prescriptions your doctor has prescribed for you to receive nebulizer medication through the purpose of applying a squeezed breath nebulizer arrangement the device is used to provide a constricted air that delivers your nebulizer remedy in a penalty fog sort that are actually reaches your lungs to buy the best treatment possible it’s important to inspect your nebulizer and supplementaries for any discernible shatter or defects before beginning your medicine in your package you’ll find the four following parts a mouthpiece a cover the nebulizer Cup and the compressor you do volunteer pediatric and adult mass that are available separately that can also be attached to the device if you require a mask one can be provided upon request ok let’s get started firstly find a flat hard face to residence the nebulizer and plug the compressor in to an appropriate electric outlet make sure that the breath volcanoes located on the sides are not being blocked for this demonstration we will be using a portable nebula the next step you are to pull out the filter if it seem to be discolored or moisten it’s important to have the filter converted note that the filter cannot be moistened it must be replaced with a new filter most policy intentions will supply you with a brand-new filter and tubing every 2 to three months check with your provider on the frequency of resupply on your nebulizer formerly the filter has been inspected you can now connect the tubing to the compressor ever make sure you wash your hands before each help of the maneuver now make the remedy bowl and pour the nebulizer remedy into the medicine coat make sure to always hold the remedy cup upright so that the medication doesn’t pour out so after pouring the nebulizer prescription into the prescriptions cup make your ceiling and twist it on to the medicine coat then make your mouthpiece and locate it on to the cap to begin treatment switch the invention on by pressing the on/ off button and sit the mouthpiece in your cheek you to breathe through your cavity and not through your snout take two to three slow late sighs in between long late breaths in order to get the best out of your breathing management if you need to stop before the medicine is complete or if you feel light-headed simply sit the mouthpiece onto the holder of the device so that the remedy doesn’t spill the duration of the medication should last anywhere between 8 to 10 minutes at the very end of your breathing management you can flick the bottom of the medicine code when using any medication that has been left over in order to maximize your management after you accomplished your full dosage of medication button the human rights unit off by switching the on/ off button and unplug the push from the electric outlet please note that the device is intended to be used for no more than 30 instants at a time and will require a 30 hour cooldown stage failure to do this may leave the device to function inappropriately or potentially mar the design the cleansing and maintained at your invention is relatively easy when emptying the actual device itself make sure the nebulizer is not plugged in the electrical outlet and use a clean-living damp cloth to clean the outside of the manoeuvre the nebulizer fractions are to be cleaned after each treatment it is also recommended to disinfect the nebulizer characters at least once a week in a container of hot stewing sea by adding got a couple of descents of soap for nearly 10 times clean the parts and water to remove likewise and lay flat on a article towel to air dry retain is not fumigate the tuber that’s all I hope you experienced this video informative you can always contact the supercut health team if you have any questions about your nebulizer or nebulizer medications

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