Somali Refugee Women: Learn about your Health! Part 1

Welcome to this video on women health, brought to you by the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement. The destination of this video is for you to learn about your torso and your health, so you can shape the choices that are right for you. Dames often put the requirements of others before themselves; but, it was essential to to take time for yourself to stay healthful because if you are not healthy, how are you able take care of your family? Or go to school or direct? In the U.S ., several types of health care professionals can analyse patients, such as physicians, wet-nurse practioners, midwives, and physician helpers. In this video, we just call all health care professionals “doctor for simplicity. Refugees often do not get regular or preventive healthcare in their home countries or in refugee camps. In the U.S ., preventive healthcare is important. We go to the doctor BEFORE we are sick. The doctor can advise us on how to prevent health problems and check us to identify if there is aproblem, even before “were having” manifestations. It is easier to treat health problems if they are spotted early.In addition, many refugee dames should not receive reproductive health education in their home countries or in refugee camps. We are pleased to have Dr. Crista Johnson-Agbakwu, an expert in refugee womens health, usher you through some of these important topics. Hello. My name is Dr. Johnson-Agbakwu. I am a doctor trained in womens health. I also constitutes the Director of the Refugee Womens Health Clinic in Arizona and have discussed countless refugee patients here, including countless Somali females. There are many things about our torsoes we should know about. Ill cover some of these topics in this video, starting with the basics of the reproduction plan. Then, Ill move on to the topics of infections, relationships, fitness, and cancer. After that, Ill talk about pregnancy and birth. Eventually, Ill talk about other female state publishes you should be aware of. First, causes talk about the basics of reproduction, or constituting newborns, so you understand how pregnancy comes and why you get your period. As you know, males and females have different body parts to induce newborns these personas are called the reproductive system.For the woman, the reproductive plan is on the inside of their own bodies and the outside. The portions that are on the inside are below her bellybutton. The segments that are on the outside are between her legs. Every woman has many eggs inside of her she is born with all the eggs she will ever have. Newborns change from these eggs. Her eggs are stored in small-scale sacs, called the ovaries. An person egg is very tiny, which can just see now with precisely our eyes.A baby ripens in a muscular organ called the uterus. It is connected to a thick tube that leads to the outside between her legs, called the vagina. This is where the child comes out of, as well as her periods when she is not pregnant. The process of a girl becoming a woman is called puberty. Every girl is different, but modifies generally first commencing from the senilities of 8 years to 13 times. The first deepen is generally breast progress, followed by growth of pubic hair. This is usually followed by a rapid rise in height and weight. Eventually, the girl will get her first season, frequently between the ages of 9 and 16 times. Now, well talk about a womans monthly repetition. Every woman is different, but a 28 period round is typical. Lets say a womans period starts on period 1. The blood from her season used to be the lining on the inside of her uterus, which was there in preparation for a possible pregnancy.An egg sounded out of her ovary about about two weeks ago. But, as it represented its road into the uterus, the egg did not get fertilized and so did not end up sticking to the lining around the uterus. Therefore, the liner is not needed and it falls off. She will notice blood coming out of her vagina as the lining removes. This is her season, which will last for several days. After the bleeding stops, the uterus starts to grow another lining. At this time, her body is getting another egg ready to be released from one of her ovaries. Several hormones coming from the brain and the ovaries are assuring all of this.About 14 weeks later, the egg becomes grown-up and comes out of the ovary. The egg starts to float down the thin tube that is connected to the uterus. Now, causes talk about the mans character. The thick-witted liquid that comes out of a soul during gender is called semen. It has thousand of his grain, announced sperm. Each sperm is too tiny to see with really our eyes. If a guy gives his semen inside the womans vagina, the sperm will go into the uterus and swim up the thin tubings. As the womans egg stirs its practice down the thin tube and satisfies the three men sperm, one of these countless sperm may go into the egg to fertilize it. The egg from the status of women has half the documents and the sperm from the three men has the other half to make a baby. Together, they combine to make one whole cell, called a cell in English. One cadre is frequently too small to be seen with simply our eyes, but all living things are made of cadres. Humen are made of trillions of cadres, but we all started as one cell. Once the egg is manured, it continues to float down the tube and starts to grow multiplying from one cell into two cells, then four cells, and so on. At around period 21, it arrives in the uterus as a lump of cells. The uterus now has a thick lining. If the projectile of cells attaches to the lining, the liner will nourish it and wont fall off; so, there will be no date. That is usually the womans first clue that she may be pregnant. The bullet of cells may then grow into a newborn. However, if the egg does not get fertilized, the liner of the uterus will fall off at around daytime 28, and the status of women will get her season; the repetition will start again. Women’s health education is important for their lives, so that they can be aware of their health ..

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