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encourages the eggshell doesn’t turn it up be yeah cool okay this derek is saying there’s nothing up the shelves not even up on the website so everyone’s pretty cool thanks merriments uh uh[ Music] uh so[ Applause][ Music] oh you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you she’s coming in[ Music] chairman of public health thank you for coming again thank you this is my second day in a row but i’m very pleased to be able to say that there are no new cases of covert 19 to report in brand-new zealand today what i do want to do is ply you an update on some investigations that we’ve been undertaking with some other occurrences so there are no new cases of covert 19 to report today that implies our total number of established cases of covert 19 is still at 1 492 which is the number we report to the world health organization there is no one in hospice with covert 19 today 10 previously reported cases are now considered to have recovered producing our total number of active occurrences to 43. Of those 32 are imported clients in miq facilities and 11 are parish actions yesterday our laboratories treated 4403 research producing the total number of tests accomplished to date to 970 641. had pointed out that while our speciman quantities are low the pandemic continues overseas and is particularly active in many countries that new zealanders are returning home from as we will continue to see imported cases of covert 19 it’s timely to highlight our advice to brand-new zealanders currently overseas that there are some things they can do to reduce the risk of wreaking covert back with them in the 14 daytimes prior to departure parties about to return to new zealand should consider avoiding going to gatherings social gatherings or gathered lieu scaping contact with people who have dealt 19 or who have been in contact with cases and staying home as much as possible to limit exposure to other people doing these things will help reduce the risk of being exposed to covert 19 then raising it home with you beings should also be aware of evidences and get a test if any develop i’d now like to update you on investigations into cases combined with returnees in a christ church solitude equipment this is a complicated fib so and bear with me as i go through the details the first case reported was on september the 19 th that person had arrived from delhi on august the 27 th and has now completed 14 periods in managed seclusion in a equipment in christchurch and had returned two negative measures that person then flew together with others from the managed isolation facility on a charter flight from christchurch to auckland on september the eleventh and we reported that case on september the nineteenth while we cannot be definitive we now believe that this person was lightly fouled on that charter flight by person or persons set behind them who had also completed 14 days of organized quarantine and had returned two negative exams that person did not have any manifestations but tested positive for covert 19 on september the 23 rd as part of the contact detecting that we did for the charter plane extensive contact find can not revealed any other bags combined with that contract flight or any of the precede the two movements of these two cases other than their close household contacts investigations at the managed isolation facility are demonstrating that the occurrence who was reported on september the 23 rd was likely exposed to covert 19 near the end of their stay in administered quarantine and was likely incubating the virus at the time of their day 12 test which was negative while we cannot be certain our hypothesis is that the virus may have been transmitted to that person the 23 rd of september decision via the surface of a rubbish bin which was used by another returnee who was likely infectious at the equipment and that was another case that was reported on the 9th of september that returnee tested positive on period 12 of their stay in oversaw isolation but they were likely virulent a few dates before testing positive the government has measured negative on the working day three assessment and they were likely still incubating the virus public health officials and staff at the christchurch facility have conducted an substantial investigate allegations of all of these cases that is include included consider cctv footage and a rubbish bin has been identified as a common factor this is not dissimilar to the case at the crests in auckland which is something we conceive a maintenance worker may have picked the virus up from pulping a button on a heave shortly after person with covert use it it goes to show how tricky this virus can be and that it can be transmitted by its skin-deeps the ministry of health has now revised its inve in fact infection prevention and control guidance for all facilities and all buckets in public arenas is required to be no handle and all rubbish must be securely sealed in plastic bags prior to disposal in the buckets in conjunction with the team at mb responsible for the management of managed equipment we at the ministry of health are constantly working to improve on previously very high standards of hygiene in our finagled facilities we do have a regular examine planned for illnes avoidance domination for our managed lonelines facilities and we will continue to consider how coped isolation is managed with regard to the latest science and research around this sicknes as soon as our initial reported case developed evidences they ran and got a test despite having tested negative twice in the previous 14 epoches and they isolated themselves immediately and their household these actions allowed us to quickly isolate trace and test the contacts of the identified cases and avoided the virus from spreading further in our communities i just want to really thank and commend those individuals for their immediate seeing but it is a timely reminder to to all of us to remain vigilant for covert 19 be informed of the indications stay home if you’re sick seek advice about going experimented and continue to record your actions exerting the covert tracer app thanks for coming happy to make questions what’s the time period between contact so we have um a period of uh likely linked with the bin which would have been around the 5th 6th 7th of september that sort of period that was the period just before the event that were positive in the equipment the working day 12 test um they the working day 12 exam was the 9th of september so it was that interval just beforehand when as i say they were probably infectious at that point and then this other person who then had the working day 12 research on the ninth measured negative so it was still it would have been incubating had been exposed for incubating but you don’t know kind of the cc tv footage doesn’t demonstrate like when that person had contact with the bucket and then the subsequently altered person had contact with abandonment the cctv footage has been reviewed for that entire stage there are definitely periods during that point when they both um had linked with the bucket and so um that we can’t be precise it wasn’t a one-off event we can’t be precise but certainly we have evidence from the footage that um the the lawsuit who traveled on the plane certainly had touched the bin after the other case had touched the bin we’re just not employing significant benefits during that period can you demonstrate some strategy as to whether the ministry is satisfied with cleanliness and protection measures that are in place at these district isolation equipment given that we’ve now had um the bridges hotel button on the elevator and also now this case where there’s been um common touching of something in the common area yeah well we definitely do have um a high standard of infection prevention and control procedures in these facilities these kinds of samples only um reiterate how important it is to be completely vigilant all the time um so there are in this particular situation um bins are equipped bins are emptied regularly entrust sanitizer is available for people and advice given that “when its” abusing the buckets to use the hand sanitizer before and after using the bins it time re-emphasizes how we need to be completely vigilant at all ages however do have very high standards already in place and these sorts of situations uh what that initiations is us for to go back and examine our the mechanisms and exactly make sure that they are constantly um the best that they can be and that’s what’s happened in this situation would you be um looking to potentially bring in mitts and make it if someone is in a common neighbourhood so that that potential is rubbed out there’s a number of different ways in which the illnes avoidance um can be prevented um it does involve employing gloves it’s ensuring that we don’t have common touch provinces a regular scavenge of any sits that are common touch areas with the bins what we’ve done is as an additional gradation is actually not have bins that require you to touch in order to positioned the rubbish in so that’s an extra level of protection but what we already had in place was regular cleansing of bins and the capabilities needed for pas sanitizer for people working the bucket so we’ve just taken it to that that next position yeah so the person that um initially touched the bucket did they arrive later on than the person who later developed no they all arrived on the same flight which had come in from delhi but the person who tested positive on date 12 with that individual we from the genomic testing that we’ve done and actually this is an example where the genomic testing should certainly allowed us to work out the communication chains what we um our hypothesis with that person is that they were lightly infected on the plane from delhi which was why they didn’t test their test negative on their day three “theyve been” uncovered on the flight they were incubating and that’s why we time a era 12 tests so they were picked up at daytime 12 that shows the system is working um but of course they would have been infectious a few eras beforehand and then it’s with the genomic testing that we’ve been able to association these cases uh to each other your pre-departure advice to museum bridges earlier you were saying that they shouldn’t go to defendants uh before coming to the country that seems like very specific advice has there been any epidemiological direct maybe on those 12 instances that they are able to show that parties “re gonna have to” defendants no no that’s just general um sensible admonition you know it’s opinion that we we know how covert is generally spread uh we’re it’s becoming more and more clear that it’s in these close gleans it’s a more sort of social gatherings so if you’re in a country with already high levels of covert 19 and many of those countries as we know have a number of restrictions in place already so they probably shouldn’t be at parties in in some of those countries but it is does is dependent upon which country you’ve come from it’s really based on on that sensible advice judge onward if you are coming to new zealand um it will help us if you reduce your show to covert if you’re in a country where there is a lot of covert around and most of the rest of the world has has high rates of covert has there been any clarity on those 10 events from yesterday whether they came from a plane or whether they had it before their retirement we haven’t yet got the genomic sequencing from the cases yesterday what i have been informed is that all of those cases yesterday are asymptomatic so that suggests that they may well be historic disputes they certainly are not symptomatic so that abates the infectiousness of them themselves what kind of interests have there been in downloading or the sheathe find folder the booklet i’m sorry i don’t have any details on that but we can get back to you with that i’ll get the comms team to respond to that like a common neighbourhood common touch area was on-site then and can you tell us if they needed to open it to so it was a bin in the facility it was a bin in the corridor so it was a it wasn’t a populace uh bucket for everyone in the facility it was very specific for that floor and my understanding is that there are a number of bins and those bins um are shared by uh some of the residents the the idea there is that the rooms are not being serviced by the hotel staff so the person or persons in the areas are collecting the rubbish themselves and they set it in the bins there’s information and signage for them to use hand sanitizers and before and after using the buckets this particular bin had a lid that required you to lift the lid there was information that said expend hand sanitizer before and after you expending the lid the proposals the lids are right the buckets are regularly cleaned so what we’ve done is the next step is we’ve said uh we shouldn’t have buckets with eyelids because it accommodates an extra opportunity for potential contamination i think what we’re regard more and more of is that surface contamination can be a cause of culvert transmission i think we’re encountering we’ve got a couple of very specific specimen now in new zealand and we’re seeing that um across the world i think one of the comforts that we do have in brand-new zealand is that we can do this sort of in-depth investigation because our counts are so low-pitched and we’ve now got access to genomic testing and we can go into the details we’ve got really good contact retracing so we were able to immediately identify the close contacts the informal contacts assure ourselves that there had been no further spread many other countries aren’t actually able to do that in-depth investigation and as i say our most likely hypothesis here is that this is surface transmission isolation and testing rules for um aircrew that have just come out um can you apply us detailed information on what points are considered high risk and what locales will be included in the weekly surveillance testing that’s going to be happening from later this month i’m not able to give you those specific details but we have worked with air new zealand to identify what those high-risk areas are it is uh the high risk is a mixture of the level of disease in the country where the layovers are the length of time that the layover is happening some layovers crew are not air side they genuinely just go and come back so there’s a number of different factors that have gone into that risk assessment and as you said before most countries have a much higher rate of rates than new zealand done likewise would it not be viable precisely to have a rug power for everyone coming into the country in areas of solitude and testing there are particular again this is about the extent of the nature of the layover that the gang have in those countries and that’s where it’s so it’s not just about “the two countries ” itself it’s actually looking at all those other factors some of the staff are not spending any time in layover they’re really coming straight back others are spending a longer period of meter so like for example in la that is a longer period of layover and and la would be a high risk area so those those items we can get you the specific details but that will um vary as the health risks sketches of the countries vary but it’s not just about “the two countries ” it’s actually about the nature of the state are we ready to have australian guests came to see you new zealand and what needs to change before we’re ready to allow that well our current position is that everyone coming into brand-new zealand is required to go into um quarantine and seclusion facilities for the 14 epoches the complicated narrative yes we’re talking about the case that we have been thought of as represent one that had a very long observation time so you’re now saying the incubation time is not yeah that’s right so we when we reported him on the 19 th of september we were potentially looking at an inc if “hes having” been that person had been infected before they came into new zealand it would have been 20 dates i think as an incubation date which would be bizarre uh what this investigation now leads us to believe that that no this was a person who was then fouled on that chart or flight from christchurch so we’re no longer looking at a long a longer incubation period and in terms of that has that changed or will that modification the way in which you’re providing advice to the um to the various relevant ministries because we a lot of us in the country thought that long cumulation was given that now there’s sort of changing bodies of evidence that surface transmission is still a possibility is that a labouring hypothesis for you in that case as well we’ve never ruled that out but with the indicator subject in auckland the americold event we’ve never been able to demonstrate where the original informant of infection came from are you still currently working on doing i’m trying to do that we still haven’t yeah we haven’t stopped we’ve got no active leads-in at the moment but um we are still any brand-new section of information that we get and we’re incessantly reviewing against the movements that we know uh in those early days with the um the original actions that were notified to us but we still haven’t got a source now what are the adjournments for get into managed isolation now what do you represent by postponements are there any delays um time period before people get into managed isolation well not when they come into the country um from overseas is straight-out into managed isolation um are any uh community um bags uh we’re now recommending that they too be in um administered um withdrawal there’s no retards there they’re they’re just um promptly treated seclusion capability how do you know how many air gangs how many the numbers of aircrews that are going to need to go into managed isolation and whether these capabilities my understanding is there is capacity these are the international breeze gangs so there’s a smaller a smaller number because there’s a smaller number of flights happening across the world but the the particular requirement to go into the managed seclusion facilities for the international located breath crew we’ve already seen that then that happening uh what i reported yesterday from the flight yesterday that breath india crew had already gone into managed isolation so that will be managed as part of the process going forward do you know approximately what the numbers are dozens a era or really to give a sense that would be less than or maybe a dozen a daylight yeah um what were the ministries plans to stress test the contract track contact discovering structure for this current outbreak we had uh we had been thinking about um stress testing certainly that was in that period when we didn’t have any cases and we had been doing work looking at tightening the systems and the best way of um testing your your tightening systems is to do some sort of stress test we then sadly didn’t need to do an artificial stress research “weve had” the auckland outbreak uh which we’re now remembering the replies to that and formerly we’ve reviewed the response to that i think we’ve seen a lot of certainly positives uh that have come out of the response to the auckland outbreak once we we’ve inspected that we will then look to see what further stress testing we would put in place because there’s for this to take place from as early as may which was obviously three months before the august outbreak are you able explains why that took so long to happen and didn’t in fact happen in the end there had been a number of different aspects of the response as a whole that we wanted to stress test and we wanted to particularly for the contact discovering busines we wanted to make sure that that was all in place and if you can recall back then we went out the contact detecting service across our different public health components in a sequenced direction and we wanted to then stress test it when we had everybody online so that when then we could um actually benefit the most from doing the stress evaluation so that’s just about the contact racing and are there any plans for further stress testing now that there is kind of a lull in cases at the moment no specific contrives simply at the moment but certainly we will be continuing to test our arrangement i want i think what we’ve seen with both the auckland eruption and also the response to this cluster is uh we’ve got a very good system at the moment we have got a fast and effective contact racing we’ve got very proactive isolation procedures happening our response is has benefited from the first wave that we experienced in new zealand and likewise obtained from what we’ve seen in other countries more information about for example if you’re asymptomatic you can be infectious and the possibility of surface transmission so that means that we have uh varied some of our approaches we’ve seen that in action with both the auckland outbreak and then too the these um this most recent cluster but of course there’s always more that we can do better and so yes we will continue to test the system for sure through the 48 hour the reasons for the kiwi crew coming back from overseas from high-risk orientations we’re only 48 hours the the understanding there is that the um the layover that those individuals are doing um in the high-risk countries that that they are effectively in quarantine during that age um over there so and there’s very strict requirements that we’ve put in place for crew to comply with those requirements um we have said that if there is any breach of those requirements then crew will be required to have 14 days of isolation when they come back but it’s in recognition of actually what’s happening over there the um the additional assurance of them 48 hours when they come back test negative and then get back to work can you say likewise how long it’s been since the last time we had a case polluted in local communities as to report to a close contact who was infected and it was in isolation when their client was reported so a um unknown informant society transfer in local communities like for example the the wet-nurse at the gym at the common i’ll i’ll get back to you on the specific details there because i don’t want to give you the wrong year and then that to be reported but we um with the cases that we’ve got the most recent society case that was reported was the 24 th of september but that was a contingency who was in isolation that was a household contact they were already being isolated so it depends on specific what you’re asking there’s another measure that we do look at which is the la the date of a uncharted lineage society client and for us that is back at the end of august but i’ll get you the specific date on that that’s genomically one of the purposes of our auckland outbreak but wasn’t epidemiologically linked and so that’s a key uh issue for us to look at in terms of testing it’s tracking downward facing daily and clearly weekly is your concerned about that we want to keep the testing titles up testing is undoubtedly one of our fundamental pillar uh the what we’ve seen with all of our recent um responses is the sooner you know about a example the very best it allows you to then respond quickly but also it restraints any spread of that special individual so just like to you know reiterate anyone with symptoms delight get researched and please contact healthline around going experimented find out the arrangements and to be tested if as i said yesterday if you’re if you’re on holiday that’s doesn’t mean to say you can’t get measured we really want people uh to continue to get experimented it’s important and time in terms of that there was going to be targeted testing of transport tourism and the other workforce during the school holidays how has that exit where has it been went out what’s happened well the details of what’s happening in each of the our territory state council says is um planned by the district state timbers certainly that’s my understanding is that in our high tourism localities there’s a significant amount of testing happening and that’s as i said it’s one of our um self-assurances that uh if there is any covert out there in the community that will be able to detect it so last-place couple of questions cruise working airplay which is a significant part of our question i think um we’re going to have to get back to you on that because i think the the rules are actually relatively it does depend on it’s not just flying the plane it’s about the stay over in those countries so we’ll get back to you bearing in mind that that was just an answer today what’s the ministry’s advice to physicians who may be seeing cases of long encompassed displaying in terms of what sort of advice are they uh required to alert the ministry um have you got any advice to them about how to treat people who are with this so the um so i’m assuming uh your question is about people who who we know have had covert in the past but they’re continuing to be affected by that and um that’s something that our um clinical advisory groups are looking at what sort of advice and support we can provide our clinicians um for that there’s certainly been a lot recently of international literature about the facts of the case that indications can persist that people can have ongoing sequila from covert 19 that’s not something that normally the the ministry of health tells clinicians how to do things but we’re here to support clinicians through sharing um the very best suggestion and best practise so last-place question some of these crew requirements seem somewhat basic like ppe being wearing ppe and airports and on planes for example have we just been two lakhs on aircrew requirements up until this quality and has that leant new zealand at an useless gamble no we certainly haven’t been likes with our requirements for air new zealand we’ve had very frequent the consultations with both brand-new zealand and also international crew since covert began what the breath margin degree does is that throws it into an seek so some of those parts that you’ve seen um have already been in place it’s just that we haven’t had a mechanism for request to be or mandating them but they’ve actually been many of them have been in practice and we’ve seen from the um non-existence of cases from our our gang i actually cannot recall the last date of a uh flight crew who had covert 19 it was certainly back in the first ripple and yet our our air gangs are continuing to fly so we’ve already come really gone standards in place what this does is introduced it into an say so i think if that’s all right i’ll left open there for today thank you very much thank you

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