Understanding Restless Legs Syndrome (Health Guru)

beset by an irresistible suggest to move your legs at nighttime feel like bugs are slithering around your carbs you may have restless leg syndrome restless leg syndrome or RLS is quite common impres 12 million Americans RLS is generally characterized by unpleasant wizards in the muscles of the lower legs following periods of inactivity the condition gets its name from the fomented pacing and leg shaking of sufferers RLS was first described in 1672 by the English physician Sir Thomas Willis he wrote about people who experienced leapings and contractions of the legs the unpleasant wizards of restless legs have been described as a sneak and slithering or a deep-seated burning in the muscles RLS is unique in that people suffering from it can often ease their pain but only by engaging in constant movement when movement ceases so does relief some sufferers know simply periodic contests of tendernes while in severe cases patients can have indications daily the patterns of RLS are fairly predictable generally ache is worse at night particularly during the onset of sleep other periods of an activity that may trigger restless legs include proceeding in a car or airplane sitting in a movie theatre or being immobilized in a cast four out of five people with RLS find that their indications are exacerbated by another condition called periodic appendage movements of sleep or PLMS PLMS is characterized by involuntarily flexing and extending the legs while sleeping without having any knowledge of doing so the combination of RLS and PLMS can sternly disrupt sleep and foreclose sufferers from going the requirement for seven to nine hours nightly for this reason RLS is often referred to as a sleep agitation sleep destitution is a major problem leading to 56,000 vehicle clangs each year in the United State alone it can also result in severe reduction in a person’s ability to concentrate and focus had contributed to impaired action at work or at academy in addition incomplete restful sleep can intensify the indications of other cankers such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s that’s bad news because these conditions often occur in conjunction with RLS there is currently no medicine for RLS however sufferers may find easing from life alters such as smoking cessation or a change in sleep blueprints and with time-honored home relieves like hot bathtubs in addition recently developed medication options like Requip may help severe sufferers find a reprieve some investigates theorize that restless leg syndrome affects 10% of local populations if you feel that you may be among them or have concerns about RLS please make an appointment to speak with your doctor want to learn more check out other videos and sources on this area for more information you

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