Health headlines for Sept. 11, 2018

in health headlines the country is going through an opioid crisis and now there’s a new study appearance physicians often present no reasons for prescribing them heartening bulletin though for tribes duelling menu reactions health reporter Haley Hernandez has our health headlines this morning we’re talking about that oh you happy pencils vast yeah so the good news comes in the form of more easily accessible medicine for children with food allergies EpiPen type inventions will be easier to get thanks to a new partnership between two companies Walgreens and drug maker Callie o are teaming up to offer the EpiPen type injectors they will be available at Walgreen pharmacies across the country starting today and at no cost to those with commercial-grade coverage that is a huge relief for many pedigrees never want that cost to be the factor like how serious is this reaction you never want that to play a role but it’s another role that it will for a lot of people according to the Food and Drug Administration the AVI Q injector may come with different dosages from the EpiPen and other makes so it is important to consult with your healthcare systems professional if you’re switching to this device and it turns out more than a part of prescriptions for opioids may be excessive Harvard investigates analyzed over eight million outpatient physician inspects 28% of opioid prescriptions had no documentation of pain or a grief referred necessity in the patient’s medical record experts say this may be due to inappropriate prescribing and lacks documentation patterns

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