Cuban doctors file lawsuit against United Nations health agency

now a human rights organization is taking legal action for thousands of Cuban doctors yeah neighbourhood 10 News reporter Madeline Wright has more detailed information from Doral there’s a shortage of doctors in Brazil so for years Cuba was moving tens of thousands of its physicians to the South American country to help provide medical services for underserved societies some of those doctors came here to Doral City Hall earlier this morning to say they scarcely got to keep any of their salary in fact they even claim they were treated like slaves that’s why we’re going to take them to law the civil rights organization Cuban physicians subject of human rights team registered a federal litigation Friday morning searching detriments on behalf of Cuban physicians who say they were forced to provide health care in Brazil the target of the lawsuit an organization affiliated with the United Nation announced paho of each dollar that Brazil pays for their services Paulo the Pan American Health Organization transmits 85% of that fund back to Cuba the doctors get less than 10 percentage and the Pan American Health Organization itself remains 5 percent of that coin from Brazil as a reward advocates say it was all part of a contentious program called mice mdicos or more physicians the initiative allowed foreign physicians to work in brazil’s vulnerable rural communities from 2013 to 2018 so force on otrio we are a monetary instruments as this doctor who defected from the programme physicians say they couldn’t introducing the families of such with them to Brazil and were forced to follow a daily curfew under Cuban government surveillance the government of Cuba receives more fund from this human trafficking from this program than it does from tourism remittances from the Cuban community outside of Cuba and mining combined so these are some pretty serious violations of international strive law that these solicitors are alleging I called an email the Pan American Health Organization for observe but so far I has not been able to heard back in Doral Madeline right neighbourhood 10 News

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