Health Screening at Raffles Health Screeners (Part 1 of 2): Preparing for Your Screening

as we all know prevention is better than medicine our health is our wealth how do we know that we are in good shape well one of the mode is to go for regular state screening hats so when’s the good time for that and how should one go about doing it let’s find out more a breakfast home rhiness our dedicated units of healthcare professionals aims to enhance your well-being and helps you to better understand your current state of health here’s what you need to take no off for your health screening choosing your health screening bundle a common question that’s often asked to provide our case is which parcel should they go for based on your health status and healthcare needs you can select from our wide range of topics of containers preparation of your health screening in order to ensure the accuracy of your screening decisions you are required fast for at least eight hours this means that you have to refrain from consuming food and beverages the nighttime before your appointment drinking water is permissible postpone your programme morning remedy until your blood sample is taken refrain from wearing any deodorant perfume powder or ointment under your arms or chest area as it may interfere with the quality of the mammogram bring along an additional change of robes and appropriate Footwear if you are taking the treadmill test medication such as beta blocker for example four-panel law or everlasting law should be stopped three days before the tests nonetheless prior to stopping the medication before the screening please consult your doctor who has been giving you the drug involving safety of stopping the medication and possible temporary equivalent medication for damsels Pass male urine and stool evaluation should be used five days after the last day of menstruation if you are menstruating on the day of your appointment you may wish to consider rescheduling the state screening year as Care Administration may affect the accuracy of tests for those undergoing a pelvic ultrasound you will be required to drink several glasses of sea and to avoid urinating for about one hour prior to the assignation time this is to allow clear and accurate scanning to be done fasting is also required for those undergoing ultrasound abdomen so now you are done with the grooming what should be used creating under the screaming what to bring for your health screening for corporate purchasers you have to bring along your corporation symbol approval note of staff pass NR IC passport or any identification documents if you are a private patient you may be required to bring along any of the following for proof and registration purposes NR IC passport employment pass or work permit letter of guarantee from your insurance company if be applied to the next chapter we will explain more on the various measures done during your health screening see you soon you

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