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terrebonne General Medical Center is leading the action in wellness and prevention as a level one well spot hospital today we’re going to discuss some of the top health concerns for men and steps they can take to achieve good health and wellness and general souls are more contemptuous about their health than maidens leading to some severe consequences humankinds die at higher frequencies and women for all of the top 10 causes of death jeje mcs dr.Nicholas rao a family medicine physician is meeting us to discuss how followers can achieve healthy lifestyles and how to GMC provides the compassionate quality care that can help boys deepen their lifestyles and welcome back to the show very very glad to have with us as it was mentioned dr. nicholas street doc welcome thanks good to be here alright we appreciate Willis let’s prance right in let’s talk a little about men’s health and men typically die at a higher rate than maids do at for all top 10 causes of death so exactly what we those and we’re going to show that to the to the public as well well it’s 10 the most common causes of death coronary thrombosis cancer apoplexy chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are better known as COPD liberty accidents pneumonia and influenza diabetes suicide kidney disease and then chronic liver disease and cirrhosis which go together Wow and so up that top 10 you know the men are on top of that inventory and we don’t always deal with stress as well as ladies do and there’s some other determining factor I know but what are the two top two health concerns for men well the two heart disease and stroke right you know and the big thing we’re going to talk about here is this is all avoidance and catching a lot of this on the front end sure a lot of this is at least preventing and declining the chances of having a lot of this heart disease producing gunman in both men and women right now that being said more twice as much occurrence so a big thing where you got to get on that insight at least one in three gentlemen will have cardiovascular disease of some sort in their lifetime and going with that I make the other one is african-american man also more prior traveling plane correct remedy so that’s where it comes into that the other one motion that we talked about again it’s all about the prevention guys it’s the third number one is the third passing cause of death in this country incidence 1.25 times more likely and men than maids big determining factor for stroke high-pitched blood pressure hypertension and that’s a big one that would kind of get you know seeing your doctor regularly accompanying it down ascertaining your blood pressure decrease in that risk factor and that goes to mean boys can have blood pressure at young ages but it’s about you know decreasing control and it seeing your doctor get that all under control right to be able to get you there and so that’s kind of the large-hearted thing here if anything we’re going to hit on this whole thing is avoidance saying the doctor catching things before it’s too late or it’s their right and knowing what to do and how to manage that right and you gotta scoot doctor and follow your doctor wreck well enough to direct and if you recognize something address it remedy absolutely came chilly now what can subjects do are talking here about that continue to reduce their risk for heart disease and stroke and I think we have a something on the screen as well for the public yeah you know kind of what we just talked about you know regular doctor’s visits biding on top of it and that goes with monitoring your cholesterol and your blood pressure smokers stop smoking gobbling right exercising more tea GMC has the health life core which is good at keeping you on track and increases you know your wellness and that goes with diet exercise everything the kitchen again abridging the risk factors impeding you healthier to prevent all the things of heart disease stroke and all that and we are so much better nowadays of being able to reverse some of those chastises redress you know and some of the CIS physicians forewarned you’re talking about you know if it’s smoking you can reverse some of those changes immediately when you stop smoking correct dress stop in that you don’t want to say aw been inhaling forever there’s no difference correct you can make a difference you have to say make a difference absolutely it’s never it’s never too late those people haven’t spoken for 20 years 30 times 40 years whatever it’s no reason to stop that’s that’s that’s dusk soon yeah it’s the person in my family that inhale the longest just so you know I’m trying to know trying to champion the motive now yeah I’ll cause him is a well-known fact that I didn’t know that that is something so I learned some pass it on am so hopefully we get someone else in there what are some of the other very important health concerns for men well to with men and again these the ones that nobody wants to talk about is that’s the big thing we kind of going to hit on now okay pression suicide you know men they they’re weird a bit different than females yeah they tend to kind of put up a false front to where you don’t see it they tend so parties don’t recognize it you know typically chilled and beings own family members friends and all can see that and find well then kind of put up that frost figurehead and make it just save stacking until it gets so far exiting that’s where it leads to suicide you men are four times more likely to commit suicide than women and that’s probably mainly due to what we’re talking about not attempting the help leading you know go to your doctor you haven’t self you feeling some different go to you physician because what happens is they just kind of put up that front and doesn’t come across as precisely being sad like you naturally consider with dimple is they you know they’ll show it in a sense of sometimes anger depression type stuff burnout at work that you know they just it’s all of a sudden they can’t take it at work other things you know the midlife crisis type stuff where they go through our substance abuse they start imbibing and doing nonsense it’s just our reputation and that’s kind of little warning signs things that you got to kind of look at and find there the biggest thing they do is ignore it right and and rejecting it again allows it to stack on and leads to you know where again this is preventable you can depression is treatable it’s just such matters of going to doctor and actually it’s make it and and very often it’s something very low knows where our positions are so good at being able to manage that absolute with some may be low dose antidepressant some people don’t even need to do the therapeutic alternative with that correct correct and a lot of parties are very hesitant because they think something’s you know wrong when they’re there you know I they don’t want to go to doctor don’t talk to anybody they gotta got something no that’s not it it’s treatable it’s real yeah and that’s the big thing a lot of people got two c’s dimple jury’ll it but it’s treatable and then you got to do it yeah and interestingly enough it’s just a disease state like just like diabetes like Maria vascular illnes like like a movement is likely to be but what happens is you can lead into those things because like you mentioned I enjoy the fact that you mentioned that very often their sadness comes across like feeling yeah because they get they have a difficult time dealing with stuff that can cause an increase in blood pressure that can cause so many other absolute REO vascular problems which can lead to stroke my heart attacks exactly precisely so it’s really important to be able to get those things address and so I acknowledge talking about all of that beings don’t like to do fairly nothing but if somebody’s listening please be aware that you can do something about that well dr.Al I appreciate that first half we’re going to take a very short break when we come back more on men’s health with dr. Nicholas Ralph even after six decades terrebonne General Medical Center has never lost the genuine compassion that arouses our exceptional upkeep we share in the rapture of your new arrivals and their own families second risks after all our dedicated medical doctors and nannies and staff are proud to call up this community home ggm see new innovations of today had get brand-new live tomorrow and welcome back to the show very glad to be joined here by dr. Nicholas Rao medical doctor we’re talking about men’s health and we couldn’t talk about it without talking about the big set what about cancers for what cancers are males at most risk well the the number one the ins this one’s both men and women lung cancer right you know lung cancer by itself takes more lives in breast prostate colon cancer all blended it is therefore takes that are currently again avoidance what can we do to prevent this crowd ninety percent of lung cancers compelled from smoking which we have already kind of touched on now right never too late to various kinds of so quit smoking it’s a very important thing of reducing your risk of possible lung cancer the other thing there is decrease in secondhand smoke right a lot of beings are living in houses around smoking places where it’s so decrease in that that’s but that being said a lot of the can’t lung cancers or at least kind of decreasing due to people the rates if and who how amount of me people are actually smoking is going down so unless we have something kind of going that’s great now the big one for men since we’re going all men’s health lung cancer prostate cancer shouldn’t have the highest rate of cancer in gentlemen but second producing cancer cause of death in boys okay now this is something where it’s preventable treatable it’s catch it it’s about one of those regular doctor’s visits right it’s you know it’s not specially and people who had high risks parties with family history of prostate cancer right and again it’s kind of one of those working in husbands don’t want to go to the doctor because they don’t want to know anything’s wrong privilege but again this is something that’s slow growing it’s something that if you catch it in the front end we feed you’re good you can you can stop it the role is when you start control indications from prostate cancer it’s more like it’s now spread now we now we got a problem that that’s hard to catch but catch on the front end prevent it typically you’re good there yeah and simply just go see you dr.Carai spawned self-correct jesica cirio correct so let’s talk about a few general steps that soldiers can take to achieve a health life and to avoid some of these state concerns that we’ve been talking about and again the public will be able to see this on the screen yeah well one only reforming your wonts becoming more proactive with your health that goes with the employ and eating right uh you are familiar with precisely becoming a health you stop smoking which we’ve hit on a knot now right and secondhand smoke monitoring your state dress I know it’s about you know again losing away the effort becoming a healthier you and again regular doctor’s visits you do doctor if you pull anything away from your doctor will talk about all the specifics right but it’s about going to your doctor and get those regular inspects these cancers again like we just talked about it it’s preventable it’s just a matter of observing it catching it early and taking the steps to become a healthier you and having healthier life and catching this substance regard funny and a hour more enjoyable live I know I mean we want people to really experience their life the one direction to do that is is be honest about what’s happening and travel get it checked out ultimates not that big of a spate no just go and a lot of times it could be a weight hoisted out me I’ve had the individuals who finally come at 50 something sick and it they cleanse everything’s good but like eventually I feel I’ve kind of gave this off for 20 years you know they haven’t been a doctor in 20 -3 0 years claim so it’s something that needs to do in trust me it’s it’s very common in males mortals in are talking here about that I mean you’re talking about followers going to the doctor women are thirty thirty three percent more likely to go to doctor the men again it’s just one of those things if don’t want to know are just reluctant to go there’s some men are slow learners yeah again that’s ok but this segment is helping to change yeah absolutely and that’s unfortunate that’s exactly right now fortunately tell one general has been very involved in about improving people’s health and improving their lifestyle changes and so let’s talk about some of the programme at T GMC has yeah at the lifestyles of the healthy life core that offering subjects looking to be more healthy more active yeah they the healthy life-style midst with the exercising 360 gym the government has the health and sports act set weight management middle diabetes conduct center outpatient rehab and then likewise you can go to their website at d GMC calm and watch things for health lifestyle gratuities recipes things along those lines again it’s about all avoidance and catching a lot of this nonsense on the front end being more proactive yeah earlier in the display we made a comment that a minuscule change today procreates a drastically different tomorrow people can make a difference in their health very slowly they don’t have to constitute these major changes but they should go get checked out and realise more importantly whether baseline is correct so that we can start seeing that beings if they get involved and do that then we are to be able to maintain following with you to see what else needs to be changed yeah and you’re talking about at least yearly at minimum the metal once a year you know right let’s just get a baseline and then check you know every year at least and save you in check and in a healthier you and speaking of now how do they do that it that you are currently taking new cases which is exciting to have a brand-new young doctor taking brand-new cases here in town yeah I’m in the practice with Williams st.Martin we are on 18 Verret street two ways they can get in contact I’m consenting new patients colonists at 85 7800 one or on our website at william h st. Martin com that’s one of the two ways they can set up an appointment very good and again it’s just easier than i thought you know they don’t even have to tell anybody they can move the phone call they can just go online and planned that appointment I’m and see you and so it’s really important for for extremely humen to merely start the call you know we’re not in a day and senility anymore where you’re just expected to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and precisely shred John you don’t get to time that there’s a much easier way yeah and we want people to make it a much easier way I entail I we’re talking about the value of where we live hunt and fishing is is what a lot of people live for we want subjects to be able to do that well into their retirement is well into their 80 s that’s exactly right like it so where can people find more promotion I know we want to let them know where they can do that will employed that on the screen as well well at d GMC calm and then term the health life-style midst over a awful in general at 95 eight seven three four six one six and again it’s just little steps to start a healthier life you know healthier life very nice well you’ve certainly fixed it easy all they have to do is give a call that’s it and I and you’ll help them and it’s good to go and see a new young physician in municipality so you guys pass dr. I’ll call again that’s 857 8001 or wh st. Martin com yeah and they can go and schedule an appointment come and realize yep dr. rock-and-roll can I thanks for coming fairly for your time and welcome back to the area very glad once you have a thriving practice Thank You splotchy now yes sir alright people don’t go anywhere up next and rawa with sports.

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