AGING 101: Pt 2 Physical Health Normal Aging

physical health most older adults think their help is good this is true if you were to ask older adults to rate their help the majority of them rate their assistance anywhere from good to excellent their self-perception may be relative and feel others are worse off half of older adults aged 65 years and older say they are in the best years of their life normal aging all five abilities tend to decline with age this is true in fact as we age we often begin to notice a loss in hearing particularly at high frequencies approximately one third of those over age 70 and approximately half of those above senility 85 have some examining loss the highest rates are among white males tinnitus which is hearing noises like a seethe or chattering inside the ear is very common almost everyone knows it seldom and briefly as for seeing you’ve probably all noticed an older person who has to hold something further away to be able to read it perhaps you’ve even known this yourself this is one of the normal conversions that often occurs with age it is called presbyopia and it conveys a difficulty in focusing on things that are closed up the lens in the eye becomes less elastic older people may also need as much as three times more light-colored as younger people to see well so attention to proper illuminate in the home is important for example exerting night light-footeds in the bathroom and hallways or increasing the wattage and your lamps will be helpful of course there are other conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma which are not ordinary with age and should be treated what you may not know is that aging can also affect the smells of odor and perceive which can affect your appetite as a result you may need to add extra spice to your meat but don’t forget to limit your salt intake the great thing about coming older is that you don’t lose all the other senilities you’ve been as your mas ages you can expect other gradual reforms as well overall the body will slow down nonetheless we all age differently so what’s normal for others may not be regular for you for example by senility 80 you are able to lose as much as two inches in elevation due to normal the changing nature of your posture and the constriction of braces some older adults have indicated that taking a safe driving course can help in adjusting driving garbs to age-related changes you may also be able to save hundreds on your automobile assurance another thing to be aware of is you may lose your sensitivity to the temperature and the ability to regulate your own body temperature slow down this may put you at risk for hypothermia when you get too cold and hyperthermia when you get too hot which leans you at risk for heatstroke do you think you have control of how fast you age how does gene and your environment contribute to your longevity and there’s a very popular question and it’s not an easy question to to answer and because we we know so little about longevity and but because it’s a very popular question we did an analysis of all this Studies on the effects of genetics on longevity and our best guess is the impact is about 30% that’s our best guess but because we don’t know that much about it that crowd could change but for now we could say perhaps 30% of longevity could be influenced by genetics and then the other what’s left the 70% could be due to environmental lifestyle character affects there really isn’t one secret that there are many factors that influence longevity and there’s a lot of individual variability is important to have a good social funding network your environmental support genuinely ad eras to their own lives all centenarians are fairly thin none of them are obese and but I think what they eat and their lifestyle becomes very important what we noted was all centenarians tend to eat breakfast more regularly so it’s a combinations of many things that add to you know how long we live that again is really recognizing the uniqueness of each one of us and of our genes and of the nature we’ve lived our lives and the way we’ve taken care of ourselves and all of those things go into how well we role as the years go along plus the whole issue of good luck or bad luck because here in 86 so many of my friends are dead or they may be incapacitated in some way I am very lucky with my genes and I’ve worked hard to trying to stay fit so what can you do give up smoking discontinuing smoking is the single best thing you can do for your state tobacco is still the nation’s chief cause of lung cancer giving up tobacco use has advantages at any age even among older adults who already have tobacco-related cancers state progress from ceasing smoking include lower death rates overruled respiratory manifestations and improved quality of life it is never too late to quit

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