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hey I’m so excited about being here today in our partnership with the Seton family of infirmaries Dale’s children’s medical middle and the children’s optimal health they’re all helping us improve the health of our boys and houses every day in a is d so I merely want to say thank you to your you know incredible team of tribes peculiarly the harbours who work with our institutions in in the district and you’ve been doing that for a number of years so thanks for coming so much Charles so clearly one of the biggest health challenges facing our kids today is childhood obesity and we know that with message like this and our ability to target where we need to focus our efforts will start our attempts to address this plaguing problem much more successful over the long term and I merely want to speak to you a little bit specially our students you are aware of you are familiar with our culture and what it is that we bring to school and into our lives that’s so much bigger than what happens day-to-day in the school and I agree we do we are with you a lot of the time you know we spend a lot of time with you but you know there’s only 24 hours in a era and we only get a tiny slice of that we are therefore often find that our culture immensely affects you know what we do what we eat how we think about things and as we learn more and be independent adults “were starting to” preparing more and more independent selects about what we’re going to keep and retain in our culture’s and what we’re going to perhaps determine and realise into our own to start our brand-new little independent lifetimes right you know so I think we’ve talked a good deal about collaborations and synergy and that’s really what children’s optimal state is a great example of the community coming together multiple huge influential roots working with ASD to see how we can all come together to affect student state and child health and cure everyone to be as health as is practicable another enormous collaboration that we have is through the Student Health Services with children’s Austin Student Health Work and that’s a really unique pattern of the collaboration that’s quite respected and envied nationally in that all of our academy harbours and clas state assistance and administrative staff are all hired through Dell Children’s Hospital which really allows us to have a unique ability to collaborate and coordinate across the district we understood a perfect illustration of that a couple times back with the h1n1 epidemic but we’re likewise working day to daylight on more insidious and more deceitful things like infancy obesity that’s still around us another enormous collaborative speciman is with our newly established Texas Center for the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity at Dell Children’s Hospital we’re at with our programs there “were having” clinical platforms for minors and their families and group programs we’re likewise improving the next generation of practitioners but a key added orbit that we’re committed to is working with communities at the local and state national level to really help to impact our environment so that our the healthful option can be an easier easier one for us all to make one important range for that are these data sets that we obtain and then are able to put together in these maps a few examples of which you attend behind us now and then there’s more delineates showing some of the other data sets and the containers that you all can take with you as you head out but as we see here the first important step is to know what is the challenge that we face and moving it over time to see if things that we’re doing are really having a positive impact things like dr.Carstarphen mentioned we know that the imagination their own bodies and the tone are all integrated together and in order for our students to be as successful as possible we really need to make sure that they’re as healthy as possible as well so we look very much to the future and we’re very competent and and hopeful and what we can obtain and implementing these planneds and showing them at the community level what can we do in our communities personally and collaboratively and with our policymakers to really help our communities to be as healthful as possible.

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