DON’T BE AFRAID TO FAIL – Study Motivation 2017

You are here, right now, and in this moment Because you want to be someone tomorrow Better than the person you are today. You see yourself successful, you have a vision, You have a dream. I congratulate you. You're already ten steps away from Ninety-five percent of what the world imagines Imagine if Michael Jordan was afraid Whoever misses the points, he never gets paid Imagine if Steve Jobs was afraid People hate their products, so the iPhone will not be released So ask yourself: Do you want to be Someone who is afraid of failure or Someone who loves success Which one would you like Pick it up today and I'll tell you something Once it will fail And once you will succeed, and if you want to succeed Nothing can stop you All these negative things that people say mean nothing They will talk about how That one percent reach their endeavors And how one percent They keep going to the club to pray To the desired results, only one percent of nerds With video games, they stick to playing until they reach professionalism Only one percent of relationships Remain to the end, that does not mean That you have a one percent chance It means you cannot act Like ninety-nine percent, you have to do a job Something better than giving up, a month from now They are only numbers, if you want to talk about numbers Look over Take a good look around you Are you like the ninety-nine percent of the people around you? If you are, then you are You see the wrong video, my friend You have to love success very much Because it will allow you to get up and do whatever you want Being afraid of failure It won't make you progress, but rather when you love success And you start to pursue it, what do you expect to happen? Will fail You will fail hundreds of dozens of times And maybe even thousands of times, but you don't Failure will not last forever Failure isn't permanent, get back on your feet again Continue this time You will be stronger and wiser And more motivated than before, and for all ten times of failure You will have success You have to love success so much, you have to be Willing to fail dozens of times before you're able On success, so do winners I want to clarify the legend that says Thinking leads most people to success Here's the legend you might believe: If you are afraid of failure, you will not fail The biggest myth ever lied, and I believed it See, I always thought fearful From failure in life It will prevent me from falling, I want to look at the losers Around me and tell them shhhhh I never wanted to be like them I totally believed this chain of thoughts You will help me be successful, until that day I was walking on the street and saw Old man wearing suspenders with trouser pants and a hat And a crutch, aged nearly eighty, He can barely walk, he is easy going but Leaning on his cane a lot, he was struggling He was walking in any case across the street And he ended up falling, I hurried to help him Then he got up and said thank you We introduced ourselves, we talked Tell me his name I imagined his name was Robert Anyway, while he was about to walk I told him: As I told you, Robert You have to stay in a safe place my friend Robert turned around and told me: I like to walk I like walking more than I'm afraid of falling So I asked him, and what about your safety? Don't want to live? tell me Tell me these exact words He said: It is one life So do what you love, and if you just fall right here I would have done what I wanted to do in this life Let it happen, then walk away I did not see him after that, This position got me thinking And I think deeply Because I learned that day When I discovered the real key to success You will find that I always think am I afraid of failure If you are very afraid I will succeed Because I thought that fear It will stimulate me in a charming way to get up And I start working, but then today I discovered something, I discovered that the love of success would lead me To success, so imagine with me If Robert fears falling, will he be able to walk at all? Of course not, he would never Whoever did the thing he loved, he would have sat In his house and he wouldn't do any work, but he loved walking He was not afraid of falling off This command gave him life, it allowed him To get up and work.

I like walking a lot He was ready to fall dozens of times a day Just for him to do what he loves, so you should do likewise So the next time someone tells you You will fail, learn what you tell them Tell them they are right You are not afraid of failure I'm not afraid to start, I'm not afraid to jump You will fail dozens of times But you know that there is nothing wrong with that Because on the eleventh you will succeed, oh You'll succeed well, and you'll feel good While living with great happiness Your dream life Guess where they might be That's right, they'll be losers The real failure is in the safe zone there Where the fear of failure is ironic, isn't it.


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