Marvel Studios’ Loki | Official Trailer | Disney+

[Rapid beeping] [Ding] LOKI [Grunts] LOKI I know what this place is. ♪♪ The timekeepers have built quite the circus. And I see the clowns are playing their parts to perfection. MOBIUS Big metaphor guy. I love it.

Makes you sound super smart. LOKI I am smart. MOBIUS I know. LOKI Okay. MOBIUS Okay.

LOKI [Screaming] TVA AGENT Please sign to verify this is everything you’ve ever said. LOKI This is absurd. [Printer prints out a page] TVA AGENT Sign this too. ♪♪ MOBIUS We protect the proper flow of time. You picked up the Tesseract, breaking reality.

I want you to help us fix it. LOKI Why me? MOBIUS I need your unique Loki perspective. LOKI Do I get a weapon? MOBIUS Nah.

♪♪ TVA JUDGE You really believe in this Loki variant? MOBIUS Luckily, he believes in himself enough for the both of us. LOKI Bye. It is adorable, that you think you could possibly..

. …manipulate me.

LOKI I’m ten steps ahead of you. MOBIUS You’re not big on trust, are you? ♪♪ LOKI You can trust me. MOBIUS Loki, I have studied almost every moment of your entire life.

You’ve literally stabbed people in the back like fifty times.

LOKI Well, I’d never do it again! ♪♪.

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