CARDIO that TONES YOUR ARMS! 💪 No Equipment! 🌷 April Day 4

– It's April and we've
got cardio arm toning with no equipment needed. – Let's go. (cheerful music) – Alright, Killer Bs. Let's go ahead and get moving and grooving,
and that means that we're going to get started with some arm circles with high knees. Oh my gosh. The first one always
feels so good. Doesn't it? You guys, welcome to the workout. I'm Pahla B. I'm your best
middle-aged fitness friend, and around here, we are
all about making peace with your menopausal body
by finding a healthy weight and moving in ways that
feel like self-love and today, well, you know what? Today might or might
not feel like self-love. I know that you clicked on
this because you're like, "Ooh, arm toning. I definitely
wanna tone up my arms. I have names that I call
my arms," which by the way, is just a whole conversation
in and of itself. You are not going to hear
certain phrases around here about your body parts
because I firmly believe that your beautiful miraculous body is beautiful exactly as it is, but I also know that sometimes we would like to firm and tone, and that's what we're doing today.

While also getting a little
bit of cardio because, I mean, cardio is kind of my jam and I… You guys, you guys. I know that I build this as
something along the lines of, like, easy or simple
or something like that. Let's go ahead and do some arm
crosses with booty kickers. I'm a little nervous about today. I'm a little nervous
about the coordination that we are going to require today. I say we, that I am going
to require of myself. Here's what it looks like. This is really a very very
straightforward workout.

We're not doing a ton
of different exercises, and let me tell you really quickly that the reason for that is that one of the best ways to tone your body, especially without
equipment is really to do a lot of repetition. Today
is a very repetitive day. We're doing the same motions
for a lot of different, in a lot of different
ways. So, here's the deal. I've got the handy-dandy Gymboss set for intervals of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest and
the 10 seconds of rest, we're going to need it because we're really, really, really
focusing on our arms today. We're going to get a lot of reps in. Have I made you nervous
yet? But here's why. Let's go ahead and do some
"Welcome to my homes." My friends, we're working
on something today called muscle endurance and it
is one of the primary skills that we work on just in general. Meaning first, like, not
that it's so important, but it's important enough
that it's something that we start with before we move on to things like building
big muscular strength.

When we work on endurance
first, it gives our muscles the ability to do something
repetitively for a long time. I mean, long is a
relative term, of course. But here's what it looks like. I really only got four exercises and what we're going to be
doing to break things up is to make sure that we're moving our feet in different ways, and this,
this is what I'm nervous about. The coordination of
some of these exercises, I'm a little nervous about you, my friend, you do you. Don't worry
about what I'm doing. You can follow along if
I'm doing it right or not, if I'm not. We're going to get started with some jack movements,
meaning that our hands are doing jumping jacks while
we're doing side tappers. We're going to go 20 seconds
of work, like I said. (timer beeps) So, 20 seconds
of work and 10 seconds of rest. So, we're moving quickly.
I mean, the whole point of today is that we're
moving quickly enough that this is a cardio kind of a day.

We're gonna get our heart rate up, gonna get, you know,
moderately sweaty like we do. It's meant to be a moderate workout, but we're also really gonna focus on feeling the movements
in our arms. (timer beeps) This is the secret sauce.
Here's 10 seconds of rest. What we're doing next.
We're actually gonna keep doing these side
tappers and we're going to do front claps which is
exactly what it sounds like. We're going to clap to
the front, (timer beeps) and then we're going to
open our hands really wide. Now, here's what I want
you thinking about. This is the brain-body connection that we're working on today. We're really squeezing,
squeezing, squeezing from those shoulder blades
in order to get this work. So, we're thinking about
where we feel this motion. I feel it in my biceps, my triceps, the tops and bottoms of
my arms, (timer beeps) but also, here's 10 seconds
of rest, in my chest and my back. Coming up next,
we're gonna do door openers. Now, for door openers, this is literally twisting a doorknob, we're
going to keep our hands kind of low because I know.

(timer beeps) So, here we go with the
side taps, because I know that this one's going to get
kind of burny kind of fast. I called these wrist twists
in a couple of other workouts, and I don't remember who it was. I apologize for not remembering your name, but you told me that I think one of maybe, like, your Pilates
teacher or somebody else called these door openers. (timer beeps) I never
laughed so hard in my life. I thought that was hilarious because it's exactly like opening a door.

I love it. 10 seconds of rest. Coming up next, we're still
doing these side tappers. I'm just going to keep doing this. We're doing chicken wings. (chuckles) (timer beeps) So, our hands are right
here underneath our chin. Our arms, our elbows, are
flapping like chicken wings. Where do you notice this? Oh,
this is triceps, my friends. This is that body part that I know you love to complain about
and you love to call names and I'm not gonna call them names. We're calling them chicken wings today because we're flapping our arms
like chickens. (timer beeps) Here's 10 seconds of rest.

Okay. So, coming up next we're going to do those four things again.
The jumping jack arms, the front claps, the door
openers, and the chicken wings, but we're doing heel digs
this time. (timer beeps) So, okay. So, we're doing heel digs while we're doing jumping jack arms. We're gonna do heel digs for all four of those arm movements. This is the magic of the day that our feet are doing something
different with each little, they're kind of mini-circuits, honestly, but this is where the brain-body
connection (timer beeps) really starts to kick in, is when my brain has to
do this brain-body thing. So next up, we're doing front
claps with the heel digs.

(timer beeps) So, we're
gonna have hand forward while we're tapping that heel. Oh, golly. Really be thinking about
where you feel this. We're moving quickly
but we're also thinking, and therefore moving a little bit slower because of all the thinking
but notice your arms, notice your shoulders, notice
your chest and your back feeling this work. (timer beeps) Excellent. 10 seconds
of rest. Coming up next. We're gonna do door openers, and again, you can keep them low,
you can keep them high. You can keep them wherever you
want to with those heel digs. So, thinking about (timer beeps) twisting your wrists while
we're doing the heel digs. Now, this one is a little bit
harder to coordinate for me because the twisting is kind of fast. So, help yourself to
whatever kind of rhythm feels really good for
you. I know none of it feels really good right now.

I'm gonna lower my arms a little bit because that got real burny
real fast. (timer beeps) And that's why we get 10 seconds of rest. I don't ordinarily give us
rests on most of our workouts. Coming up next. We're gonna do chicken
wings with those heel digs. So, hands are just right here (timer beeps) underneath your chin. You're flapping your wings like a chicken with those heel digs. You
are doing such a good job. And this was not the part
that I was worried about just yet. Coming up next, though. We're gonna get 10 seconds of rest, but then, for our next
little mini-circuit, we're gonna be doing side kicks. And I'm already trying
to think (timer beeps) of exactly what that's going to look like.

I think for the jumping jack arms, I'm going to start with
my hands up overhead. Yeah, that feels good. Okay. So, we're gonna start
with hands up overhead (timer beeps) for side kick. First of all, jumping jack arms. Oh, and all of a sudden, some of that work moved into the lower
body to those side kicks, really feeling some activation in your glutes and inner and outer thighs. This is the magic, my friends. We only have to use our body weight (timer beeps) to get all
kinds of toning effect. Okay. Coming up next.
We're doing front claps also with those side kicks.
I think I'm going to start with my hands in the clapped
position. (timer beeps) Yes. There we go. Because this is like wide open side kicks. How do I not know that? (chuckles) You would think that I
would practice this stuff. (chuckles) I practice it in
my mind, but not with my body.

Therefore, I didn't really know
what this was going to look or feel like. This is the
fun of being me, you guys. (timer beeps) I just get on
camera and I do fun stuff. Coming up next, we're
doing those door openers with the side kicks. Again, this is where I started thinking we
were gonna have a little, our eye, (timer beeps) was gonna have a little bit of trouble with coordinate… Oh, yeah. This feels
so awkward.

(chuckles) Okay, but here's what I
want you to think about. Think about your arms
even more than your legs. Think about keeping your
elbows soft but strong, but extended fully and really focus on twisting those wrists.
Opening those door knobs. (timer beeps) Don't worry about how many
side kicks you're getting it. Okay. Coming up next, we're
going to do chicken wings. Now, chicken wing side kicks. This one I happened to know we've done in at least one other workout. I couldn't tell you when or where, (timer beeps) but this
one doesn't feel too bad. All right.

(chuckles) This is what I think about when I'm putting together workouts, you guys. I'm like, "Okay, what kind of a benefit are we going to get out of this? Oh, well we're definitely
going to get some arm toning. And then, how can I make this fun and also really difficult for myself?" Okay, you guys. We are
almost done. (timer beeps) And now we are done with
the side kicks mini-circuit. Coming up next, we're
going to do front kicks which, this first one's nice and easy. We do kick jacks. Not all
the time, (timer beeps) but kind of all the
time. So, nice and easy. It's a front kick while we're
doing jumping jack arms, really thinking about pulling
from your shoulder blades, keeping your arms nice and
wide, getting your hands up over your head so your biceps
are right next to your ear.

Having that full range
of motion is how we get some good toning, and I know
you're thinking about this now, (timer beeps) Okay. 10
seconds of rest. You're like, "Oh my gosh. Do you mean
that every time we've been doing kick jacks I've
have been toning my arms?" (whispers) Yes, you have. Okay. Front kicks with
front claps. (timer beeps) So, I knew this was going to feel awkward. They all do. They all do, my friends. Here we go, though. Really thinking about
getting that full range of front and back motion
all the way forward and back as far as you can go. really pulling those back
muscles together. (timer beeps) Ha. Okay. 10 seconds of rest. Okay, front kicks with door openers. Again, I think the door openers
are just awkward, right? Like, that's just, (timer beeps) that's just, what's going on here is that the door openers
themselves feel so awkward and so kind of unnatural, even though it's a motion that we do all the time, but for some reason,
trying to do anything else with my feet makes my hands both feel like they don't know how to open
up a door.

(timer beeps) But we lived through it. Okay. Here we come with the last one. Chicken wings with those front kicks and you guys, you guys, (timer beeps) this was the
whole circuit. So, here we go with those chicken wings.
(makes chicken noise) (laughs) I can't wait to see what the
captioner makes of that noise. It's a chicken noise. Go
ahead and just call it, "Pahla makes a chicken noise." (chuckles) But you guys, this was the whole thing. This is everything that we're
doing today. (timer beeps) (sighs) So, here's 10 seconds of rest, and now we get to do it all again. So, we're starting again
with those side tappers and thank goodness, because
that one wasn't too bad, right? Like, the side tappers round (timer beeps) was a good place to start. So, here we go with the side tappers and we're thinking, I mean, I know I've been telling you, "Okay, you're thinking about your arms. You're thinking about
toning. You're thinking about getting some good reps in." Now, at this point in the workout, I know you can hear it in me, let's be thinking about
your heart rate, too.

We're keeping this nice
and moderate (timer beeps) no matter what your goal is.
Here's 10 seconds of rest. No matter what your goal
is, weight loss, toning, body shaping, whatever
it is, general fitness, all kinds of things. (timer beeps) We still want to make sure,
here we go with front claps. We still want to make sure that we're not doing too much today.

Today is still meant to be moderate. Even when we are toning, even when we are working on endurance kind of work, where we get our heart
rate up, we keep it up, we keep doing the same
thing, we do get a nice burn, (timer beeps) We do want to make sure that
we're not going overboard. If you are feeling like this
is too much, by the way, this is 10 seconds of rest and then we're going to do those door openers. If you are feeling like this
is too much work, (timer beeps) like, "Oh my gosh, my shoulders
are just absolutely aching. This is too much for me." Take it down.

Take it down
several notches or be done. Totally okay. Moderation, Moderation comes in many forms. One of the ways that you can
moderate is by modifying, like, literally doing something different. The other way that you can moderate is by doing a different
duration. (timer beeps) If this was enough work,
then this was enough work. Here's 10 seconds of rest.
So, it really was enough work. We're doing those chicken wings with the side tappers
next and then, sad face, (timer beeps) we're gonna
done with the side tappers. I definitely would prefer the side tappers with my feet because it is something that I do very naturally. Like, do you find yourself doing that? Like in the grocery store or something when you're standing in line, just kind of swaying back and forth. (chuckles) I think it comes, even though my babies are fully grown adults, I do
think there's something about (timer beeps) having held
onto babies for so many years that I just naturally kind of do this.

Okay. Coming up next. We're starting with the jumping jack arms again and we're doing heel digs. (timer beeps) So, we're going to start
with our hands up overhead. Here we go. Here we go. This one doesn't feel bad. I
like the jumping jack arms. You know, we do a lot
of jumping jack arms. This is something that
I want you to notice in our other workouts.

Every time you have
your hands up overhead, I know you're always
thinking, generally speaking, we're thinking about cardio. (timer beeps) Here's 10 seconds of rest. But notice that when you're
really focusing on your arms and focusing on your back
and shoulders and everything, that you can feel your
muscles working. (timer beeps) Here we go with front
claps with those heel digs. Nice job. When you are thinking about it, when you are paying attention to it, you will notice that we are
toning every time we move. When you get up and walk across the room to go get a snack, notice
that you could feel your legs. You could feel your glutes.
You could feel your core (timer beeps) if you pull your core in. You can feel your muscles
when you want to feel them, and when you feel them, you're using them. When it beeps again, we're doing the door
openers with the heel digs.

(timer beeps) Awkward,
no matter how you… I think I'm just going to call
these awkwarders. (chuckles) Because no matter what
I'm doing with my feet, this just feels weird and part
of the reason it feels weird is because it's really
kind of tough, right? Isn't it funny how such a
simple, simple motion can feel (timer beeps) so, so out of my
depths. Okay, coming up next, we're doing chicken wings
with those heel digs for the second and final time. So, hands right underneath
your chin (timer beeps) and up and down they go.
(makes a chicken noise) Pahla makes a chicken noise. Really thinking about
feeling this in your triceps. The triceps is the lower part of your arm, the part of your arm
that I hear about a lot.

The gravity affects that
sometimes we see skin there, and this is what happens (timer beeps) with our menopausal bodies, my friends. Here's 10 seconds of rest. Okay. Now, we're moving into side kicks. Side kicks with the jumping jack arms. And here's what I want
you to know (timer beeps) about your body and the way it looks. Here we go with those
jumping jack side kicks, even though there's no jumping today. Your body is a miracle.
Your body is amazing. Your body is going to do what
your body is going to do, no matter what we want, and I mean that nicely because
what I hope that offers you (timer beeps) is a little bit
of freedom in your thinking. Here's 10 seconds of rest.
and then we're going to do front claps with side kicks. When you are focused on, (timer beeps) "I wish my body looked a certain way," or "I wished my body
behaved a certain way." Like, "I wish the scale would go down because I was losing weight faster," or "I wish I would really
specifically lose weight from one part of my body and never lose it from another part," or "I wish my skin was as
elastic as it used to be when I was a young child." (timer beeps) Those kinds of thoughts, here's 10 seconds of rest and then we're going to do door openers with awkward errors with side kicks.

(chuckles) Oh, my gosh. (timer beeps) Okay. Okay, think about it. (chuckles) That's my thinking face, you guys. Oh, my gosh. Speaking of things I wish my body would do better, I wish my thinking face didn't look like such a thinking face,
but here it is, anyways. When we spend time thinking about what our body is not doing, thinking about what we wish it would do, (timer beeps) rather
than what it is doing, oh, thank goodness. We lived through that. Okay. Sidekicks with chicken wings. We're not noticing all the
things that our body is doing. I want you to take some
time today (timer beeps) and really notice what
you're capable of doing.

Notice that you could pull in your core. I'm gonna tell you to pull in your core. Notice that you've been able to at least kind of do some of the
things that I'm sort of doing here on screen no matter how
awkward or weird they feel. Your body is capable (timer beeps) of all this stuff. You
guys, oh my gosh. Okay. So, now we're onto the front kicks. That was the last of our side kicks, and this is our last little mini-circuit. Starting again with jumping
jack arms. (timer beeps) And here we go with front kicks. Oh, this feels so natural. This feels like something I do a lot. This feels like something that
I don't have to think about, and yet here we are thinking about it. The brain-body connection, thinking about what your body can do.
Marveling in it, reveling in it. Being so amazed (timer beeps) that your body has made
it through everything that your body has made it through.

When it beeps again,
we're doing front claps with front kicks. (timer beeps) Here we go. Oh, I think I did this
different this time. Oh, this actually feels
a little bit better, where I'm not clapping and
kicking at the exact same time, where my hands are actually
back when my foot is forward, that feels a little bit more natural. Maybe that's why it
felt so weird last time.

I don't know. It doesn't really matter because now we're doing it this way or at least I am. And this, (timer beeps) this is one of the great marvels of your brain and your body. Here's 10 seconds of rest and
then we're doing door openers. We're doing awkward hands. Maybe that's what I'm
gonna call them next time. Awkward hands (timer beeps) with front kicks. (chuckles) When we can just laugh
and have a good time and be so amazed that
our brain and our body sometimes works like a well-oiled machine, sometimes works, like, smarter than the smartest supercomputer
that's ever been invented, (timer beeps) and sometimes like the most
awkward thing on the planet.

When it beeps again,
we're doing front kicks with chicken wings. Oh my gosh. For the last time, this is so exciting. (timer beeps) Here we go. Now, I know that you are super excited that we're about to be
done with this workout. Therefore, I'm going to
tell you that we are, of course, done. Oh, we're not quite finished. I know. I've got one more final
thing for us to do. We're gonna do our arms the same way we've been doing. (timer beeps) It's a little bit longer
of a finisher than normal. So, we're gonna do our arms
the same way we've been doing and I've got one more
thing to do with our feet. Just gonna go through this round once. We're going to do a step back. So, we're starting with
jumping jack arms (timer beeps) where we step back. Oh, and
that feels a lot more awkward. Oh, and that's a little bit of balance. That's why I brought it up.

When you're stepping back, really think all 10 toes
pointed the same direction. We're barely stepping those toes back, just enough to throw you off balance, but not so much that we're completely (timer beeps) out of the cardio thinking. Okay. Front claps with the back step. Okay. I think I'm going to
actually move my arms back (timer beeps) as I'm stepping back. So, starting forward, here we go. Yeah, that feels good. Step back while squeezing your back. Awesome job. It's actually
more like a tap back. I called it a step back. It's not a lunge. It's very much just tapping
and throwing yourself off balance which means that
you have to have your core pulled in, which means
that you're really thinking (timer beeps) about where your body is. Okay. There's no way
this is going to go well. So, here we go. Door
openers with step backs.

We're just gonna get through it, okay? It's only 20 seconds. You can do anything (timer beeps) for 20 seconds. Oh, and so can I, even
on camera. (chuckles) Thank goodness the door opener police are not coming to get us today for "That doesn't look quite right, Pahla. It just looks awkward when
you do it." (chuckles) Oh, well. We're doing it anyways, and we're getting all the
benefit of this exercise, (timer beeps) honestly, no matter what
weirdness it looks like.

When it beeps again, okay. Here's the 10 seconds of rest. When it beeps again, this
is the very final thing. I don't have any more surprises for us. We're doing the step backs (timer beeps) with the chicken wings, and yes, apparently I have to say it like that. Thank you, captioner, for knowing that I'm still saying chicken wings.

(chuckles) But the next time it beeps, you guys, is the very last time that it's
going to beep for us today. This, oh my gosh, has been so much fun (timer beeps) and weirdness, and a little bit different, right? I know, next time we'll
just pick up dumbbells. Let's go ahead and do some arms circles and cool it down. Doesn't
it feel nice, though? To know that you are capable of getting through a workout like that, with that many repetitions,
that much of difficulty, that much brain-body thought work, and then here we are.
A little bit stronger, a little bit more toned,
a little bit tighter, a little bit feeling
like, "Hey, you know what? maybe I can do anything." And that, that is my favorite part of the brain-body connection.
Let's go ahead and open it up.

Nice and wide. (sighs) Every single workout we
do is one more reminder that you and your body are amazing. Give yourself a hug
and a pat on your back. You did a fantastic job no
matter how awkward it was. No matter how much or how
little you followed along, no matter how much or how
little we laughed about it, this was good work today. And, you guys, here on screen, I do have a little bit more of a cool down because I know that that was more of a cardio finisher than normally. So, I have a little bit
longer cool down for you If you'd like it. I've also got your daily
reminder of the five O method. Everything you need to know about losing weight at 50 and beyond, and, you guys, click that subscribe button before you go and I'll see you tomorrow..

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