Secrets of beauty: Face fitness 1

hello my name is Adina Buena and I would like to present you ten exercises which I call face energy program face it's the part of the body which is open almost all of the time that is why our face after some time start to be changing with the edge start to be a little bit more soft and not so energetic is when you you was born but still you can change these symptoms it means that you can change your face and face will be full of energy and I will present you these ten exercises we start with number one very very nice and very simple exercise it called kissing sit in your chair convenient and good and straight you big smile a little bit and imagine that you are together with you loved one with your son with your daughter with your husband with your boyfriend and you give them the kiss and we will do this with the sounds also it's like this do this together with me please and once again very nice in this exercise we activate our lips our Chin's and the muscles around the mouth exercise number two imagine that you have big chewing gum in your mouth and you start chewing with all of your face like this very nice and make the sound don't be shy if you look at yourself and you making the sound so involve you involve much more muscles exercise number three I call this boring monkey imagine that your monkey in the zoo and you are very bored and you start to Yavin you say ah ah ah ah ah boiling yeah very nice you lo job open totally totally down and you make the sound if you can if you of course will be in the office and a lot of people around you can do this without sound like this very very nice next exercise which I call the monkey will drink the bottom imagine you are monkey and you end the desert and suddenly it comes some clouds and start to be a little bit rain and you would like to collect this rain in your mouth you LoJack I mean coming in front and you start to collect the water all of the muscles in your in your neck start to be also be activated in this exercise very nice then we go to the next exercise next exercise it's called monkey which avoid rain it's the same exercise but our upper lip start to come up and block the mouse it look like this oh oh oh very nice you if you can make with the sound effect will be even stronger because this vendee activate the sound our our face that should be more visible we use more muscles if you do this program together with me you already notice that you face that to be pink and skin is very warm and because of this exercises it's a lot of blood go to not only to the face also for the for the whole you head so you start to be more relaxed and maybe in new socks coming you and you hit maybe you start to be more creative and in you afternoon if you do this during the lunch time so maybe new idea come to you energy for life you everyday partner with small energy tips thank you for your attention

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