Schools in France to close under third lockdown – BBC News

because president macron france has announced a fresh national lockdown with most shops and schools closing for four weeks france is dealing with a third wave of the coronavirus with as many as 40 000 new cases being reported per day in recent days hospitals are struggling with a huge increase in patients needing intensive care let's hear president macron making the announcement the objective that we have set will be pursued relentlessly by the end of the summer in other words all french citizens aged 18 and over will have to be vaccinated because that's the absolute key for us to reopen our country and resume our normal lives dear compatriots the efforts we have made in april and the deployment of this vaccination campaign is a two-throne approach which will uh allow us to take control over the virus and from mid-may we can hope we can reopen our country gradually president macron also emphasized that over the coming religious holidays people would need to be viligant i know that i also [Music] can rely on all of you to avoid private gatherings celebrations that involve family acquaintances and i insist on this because it's those parties those events that com contamination happens the most so we all need to make this effort to protect ourselves and others

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