“Simple Ab Work Out” – Mark Long for Nakid Fitness – The SLS Hotel Executive Ab Workout.

hey guys I get asked a lot like what do I do for my abs so I'm going to show you some quick ab routine exercises that you can do anywhere you don't even need a gym all you need is a towel first is rotating with knees so get a mat also use a mat hands behind the head and it's me me hello elbow just keep the constant crank do as many reps as you can take the beat pause do about three sets of those the next exercise I call them reach for the sky hands behind the head come up and reach come up and reach come up and reach this works the upper abs it's really good make sure you keep your feet flat on the ground like that you instantly jump over to what I call the plank the plank position is great it's for your core and also kind of stabilizes your stomach so once you're the plank position you raise your right knee to your right elbow and you do reps so watch this one two three or continue to act and do as many as you can switch it and do the left side so left knee to left elbow one two three do that again do that for three cents then after that go down the plank position these are called Russian and plank twists you notice to start rotating one after you're done hold it lock it backed up deep breath so if you hit those three or four exercises perhaps you don't need any machines you don't need a gym you need a mat fresh air some good music

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